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Love Many: My Personal VIP List March 9, 2013

There is this quote I’ve seen in my forever home that I’ve always wondered about. It reads “love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe.” It is sewed onto a little pillow in one of the bedrooms and written onto a teeny homemade canoe on the bookcase in the living room. I can’t say I was a believer in its theory until I learned its history.

It was something my adoptive mom’s grandpa (my great-grandpa) used to say. He went to heaven a long time before I would have had the opportunity to meet him, but I have to say he sounds like a pretty stand-up guy. My adoptive dad never met him either, so we have in common that we wish we could have met him before it was too late. Instead we have his stories and theories to hold onto, including (but not limited to) his quote about the canoe.Paddling Life's Canoe

I will admit: I do love my fair share of people. Good, bad, or ugly people are pretty important in a dog’s life regardless of the role they play. People have the power to pretty much control a dog’s environment at all times to reflect whatever they desire. Unfortunately, what they desire isn’t always a happy place in a dog’s life. I myself have had my fair share of negative experiences with people choices that impact a dog’s life. But as I am making it my goal to find good and happiness in all people and things, I will focus my attention on the very important people in my life:

1) Momma Schmidt – I love you more than words can say. You know that. If home is where the heart is, you are home to me.

2) Dad Schmidt – I’ve heard you say more than once that you will never admit to loving “a dog,” but your actions speak otherwise. I know you love me without you ever having to say so, which (in my opinion) is perhaps even more affective and meaningful than if you said it all the time.

3) Grandma and Auntie Finke – My momma’s momma and sister. How I love you both simply for who you are.

4) Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt – You buy special treats and toys for me when you know I’m coming over. What more could I ask for?

5) Little Schmidts – You are the little people in my lives, from whom I gain more wisdom than anyone else. Thank you.

6) Schmidt family friends – You know who you are. If you have ever left the Schmidt house with my fur all over you, consider yourself loved.

7) My blogosphere – Especially, Amba, Seeker, Hope, Leisa, Rachel, Misifusa, Putney, Cheyne and Popper’s momTrompie’s mom , Trev’s mom and all else. You are some of my most favorite people who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. I am grateful for you all.

Love ManyAs a former stray who was adopted into the wrong families before I found my forever home, I understand the “trust few” portion of the quote more than I would like to admit. Yesterday my own adoptive dad (who I love and trust) took his belt off and I cowered like I always do. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust him, but my instinct for leather belts is negative and that stays with me forever. Especially after being beaten and abandoned, experience has reinforced the importance of earning trust. My doggie circle of trust is known only to me.

That said, I can say with honesty that I would prefer to never paddle my own canoe. Like my perspective on joy, my time on boats has taught me these are moments best enjoyed when shared with loved ones in spite of how plentiful that list may be.

People are pretty important in a dog’s life. Good, bad and ugly, it doesn’t matter. And so it is. I love many, trust few, and choose to paddle my joy canoe with the help of whomever wants to join me. Fortunately for me those negative days are in my past now, and I have nothing but very important positive people to celebrate.


24 Responses to “Love Many: My Personal VIP List”

  1. Amba Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful mention in your group of trusted and loved people. I am honored 🙂
    It breaks my heart, as always, when you write about how your past experiences with your previous family have led you to fear some things in your present.
    But I hope that the love your family showers upon you daily, helps you forget the past and live without fear, in the lovely present. Thank you for being a friend, an inspiration and a source of positivity! Lots of love and hugs Wiles!

    • My dear friend,

      Thank YOU for being a pal. You should know that your mention of me and my positivity on your blog resulted in one of the best days of traffic my blog has ever had! What an inspiration that was to me to see so many people caring to see what little ole me has to say about things. How is your gratitude journey going? Like I know you do for me, I wish all positive and happy things for you. 🙂

      With love, Wiles.

      • Amba Says:

        Wiles, I wish I could tell you just what a difference that post of yours has made.
        I now make sure to give thanks every single day, without fail. This helps me feel more at peace with both, myself and my situation-however good or bad it may be. 🙂
        I am so truly happy that my post resulted in some well deserved traffic to your blog! 🙂

      • While I am thankful for the blog traffic, I am more thankful for you and the perspective in your life. It makes my day to hear how adding gratitude to your days brings a smile to your face. Sincerely and seriously I am so happy to hear you are happy. Hugs to you, one of my most favorite blogosphere VIPs. 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much for mentioning me too, Wiles. You are a very special soul, and it shines through on all your posts.

  3. ashadeofpen Says:

    aww man..I am getting all mushy mushy reading the post 🙂

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  5. dogear6 Says:

    Don’t worry about the belt. My Vizsla cowers simply because he wants to be the good boy and can’t stand it when he gets in trouble for using the garbage can for target practice. Some dogs are just nervous.


    • Dear Nancy,

      Vizsla sounds like a great dog. 🙂 I too struggle with the garbage can issue…it just smells so good!!! Thanks for visiting me and sharing your stories!

  6. yinyin Says:

    “Momma Schmidt – I love you more than words can say. You know that. If home is where the heart is, you are home to me” —– how warm > v < ! your momma is so lucky to have a little sweet child like you,Wiley ! Wish you , your family and all your beloved people well ! 🙂

    • Warmth is one of my most favorite things! I passed along your sentiments to my momma and I think it made her day, so thank you so much for being so kind. Come back and visit me again soon!

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  9. Just Patty Says:

    New paws coming up! 😉
    Lovely story! I enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing!
    Take care,

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    Love Many, Trust Few, Always Paddle Your Own Canoe

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