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I Can’t Wait to See the View March 15, 2013

Today was like most Fridays. My parents woke up later than they wished, let me outside, filled my bowls with breakfast and water, rushed around to get ready and left for that place they call work. I slept until mom came home over her lunch break to let me outside and spend a little time with me, then she disappeared again. I slept some more. Then they got home at about the same time, made dinner together, filled my bowls with dinner and water…well you get the idea. I realized today that while I love a sense of adventure as much as the next dog, I do like our routines. They bring stability to my life story.Atop a Mountain

I will admit there are moments in my past I choose not to remember. I know I’ve mentioned it before. And I keep telling myself it’s for my own good. I keep telling myself to live my present with high hopes for the future that look nothing like the past I once knew. But maybe I’m going about things the wrong way. Maybe I’m not doing my life story justice with my emotional autobiographical edits.

A light turned on in one of those dark attics of my past tonight during something referred to in our family as a love fest. I know it as an especially long petting session for me, usually involving both mom and dad telling me they love me in their own unique ways (mom saying it directly, dad implying it with his silly behavior). I realized in that moment that if not for the valleys of my past I wouldn’t know how much to appreciate the view from the mountaintops. I know now from looking down from the mountains that the valleys are where the growth happens. That’s where the life is. I realized in that moment I am indeed doing myself an injustice by not being honest.

“People will tell you most of the story,” writes Nicholas Sparks in his recent novel Safe Haven, “and I’ve learned that the part they neglect to tell you is often the most important part. People hide the truth because they’re afraid.” I am done being afraid. The time has come to embrace the fear that Sarah Ban Breathnach refers to in Simple Abundance as “false evidence appearing real.”

Today was like most Fridays. And I do glory in routines. But I also love adventures: good or bad. Sure, there are moments in my past I would prefer not to remember. But I’m not doing my story justice with my emotional editing. I don’t want to live an emotionally edited life story. Because without spending some time in the valleys, we wouldn’t be able to move forward to the climbing the next mountain. I can’t wait to see the view.


14 Responses to “I Can’t Wait to See the View”

  1. Wiley is the CUTEST!!

  2. Well said, Wiley… 😉
    We are indeed the sum total of all our experiences; so called good and so called bad…!
    As you suggest throughout your writing, Wiley; we would not be the individuals we are if it were not for the valleys and the mountains. And, oh how high the mountains when we have learned to live through the valleys…. 🙂

  3. angloswiss Says:

    for once my three cats (Nera, Tabby and Fluffy) are in agreement with a dog, so treasure it Wiley, it does not often happen. Routine is the essence of a feline life they say. Just the stupid humans that sometimes get things mixed up, but as you say. As long as there is food and water and somewhere to have a sleep (we felines sleep 23 hous a day and spend an hour looking for somewhere to sleep), the the world is ok.

    • Dear friend,

      I’m finding myself to be growing as a lover of deserving felines! It sounds like that is exactly what Nera, Tabby and Fluffy are, judging by your commentary and blog entries. I glory in what we have in common: our love of sleep and sunshine. 🙂

      Good to see you again!

  4. Routines are the best! A break out ads spice to life though.

  5. katecrimmins Says:

    Your comments are so true about all living things, people too. Sometimes you wish to delete a particularly nasty time but in the end you learned a lot from it. It helps you make better decisions going forward. So glad your story has a happy ending. I have three rescue cats that I am sure have stories I will never know. One already had a litter when I adopted her. Another was about 4 months old and crying in a friend’s yard. He obviously hadn’t eaten in a while. Someone must have dropped him off. How cruel. He wasn’t yet a proficient hunter hence the hunger. The third was part of an outdoor litter and wasn’t socialized. She still cringes when I pet her after 5 years.

    • Dear Kate….those who know me know I’m not a cat lover, unless the cat(s) are deserving. It sounds like all three of yours are. Please know what a justice you did by rescuing them! So much so that my mom came home with a shiny new collar for me today that says rescued – and she says it was inspired partially by your response to my blog! Thank you for stopping by! Please come visit me again soon!

  6. Clyde Says:

    Wiley, at our house we know a lot about the stability and safety routines bring: my wife and I have a child (he’s a young adult now) with autism. We also know the joy an ‘occasional’ off-the-beaten-path adventure brings – much more so than folks and furry friends who experience them every day. I hope you will always experience the best of both worlds!

    • My mom studied psychology so she understands about things like autism. So happy to hear about a balance of adventure and routine in your home. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    The future is a beautiful place.

  8. Basil Says:

    I am so pleased your forever family found you!!

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