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Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty March 18, 2013

I believe in fairy tales. There, I said it. I know it’s not a very manly thing to say, but I don’t care. Fairy tales inspire imagination, cultivate creativity and (perhaps most importantly) spark a sense of hope in ways that appeal to our inner child. And hope is a mighty powerful thing when it comes to imagination.

“The world is but a canvas to our imaginations,” said one of my favorite transcendentalist thinkers Henry David Thoreau. “Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” In my four people years of life, I have noticed a general laziness in the change department. It scares people. More importantly, it shuts down the hope that breathes life into imagination. Without imagination we can’t be the heroes of our own stories, American author Mary McCarthy once said.

I do believe in being the change we want to see in the world, so this is a thought worth pondering. There is usually no shortage of aspiring heroes in any fairy tale, but the ones I find most impactful are those who look within for strength.Dreaming in Fairy Tales

“In every one of us there lies a sleeping beauty waiting to be awakened through love,” Sarah Ban Breathnach writes in Simple Abundance. “Your creativity, imagination, and authentic sense of style are far superior to any sorcerer’s spell, no matter how strong.”

So today I take a stand for creativity by looking within and embracing my imagination, no matter how embarrassing that might turn out for me. I dare to tell the truth about my possibly impossible hopes, dreams, and aspirations because belief in these things brings me the hope I need to imagine.

I believe all dogs go to doggie heaven. From what I understand about heaven, it is a place of perfection for believers. I am a believer who believes that if a person’s perfect world includes an animal, we have a place in heaven.

I will drive a car someday. I am a living, breathing testament that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I want to learn to drive a car. Plus, I score a few manly points back for my fairy tale comment before. (Right?)

The animals on the television are real. My parents don’t understand why I always bark at animals on the moving picture windows in our house. Well, I’m sorry, from my perspective it looks and sounds like they are intruding into my forever home, and I have a problem with that.

I understand people conversations. Often I wish I could join in, but instead I listen. I value these moments.

I will write a book called 365 Days of Joy: From the Ground Up.  I have joy to share with the world and the impossible will not stop me. I need to believe it is possible to make it happen.

After all, I believe in fairy tales and their portrayal of life-changing unconditional love. Fairy tales inspire imagination, cultivate creativity and (perhaps most importantly) spark a sense of hope in ways that appeals to my inner puppy. And hope is a mighty powerful thing when it comes to imagination.

It’s time to wake up, sleeping beauties. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing. What do you see?


42 Responses to “Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty”

  1. The Red Man loves a fairy tale, too. You go, Dude!

  2. Lyn Says:

    Oh my goodness yes! Fairy tales rock!
    (and so do you Wiley)

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  4. Awwww….. You are my virtual puppy.

  5. Yeah, we believe in all that too, I’m a Sleeping Beauty myself, but now I woke up, I think I have to take drivers lessons too, maybe we can ride together sometimes 🙂

  6. scrapydo Says:

    I also love fairy tales, they are so special. When you look at kiddies faces while listening to the tales you can just love them and hug them. Hugs to you from Trompie

  7. Did you see this dog driving a car Wiley? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20614593 Putney says when he gets his licence (and Mr. B and I win the lottery!!) he want to take all his chums for a spin in his new swanky Aston Martin 😀

    • I did see that! I did a blog entry about it a while back actually: https://wileyschmidt.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/life-in-the-drivers-seat/. So cool! I’m in for a drive with Putney as soon as he gets his license (assuming the winning of the lottery also occurs). My parents are a big fan of the British show “Top Gear” so I fancy a drive in an Aston Martin as much as the next pooch. 🙂 Please tell Putney I will do the same for him when I get my license (and my parents win the lottery)! I’ll take him for a ride in my new swanky Shelby GT500! 🙂

      • Oops, sorry Wiley, I didn’t read that post – I’ve read it now though 😀 Mr. B and the boys like Top Gear too. Mr. B sees Hammond in passing from time-to-time as he lives in the next (much, much, much posher!) area, only in his Morgan and on his motorbikes so far though. Putney says he’ll be up for that drive for sure when you get your Shelby 😀 Yay!

      • I told my dad about the Hammond sightings and he was very excited! 🙂 Seems like we have lots of driving to do when all those stars finally align. 🙂

  8. I was thinking about these things just yesterday, after watching a movie called ‘A Shine of Rainbows’ on DVD, which featured a little orphan boy’s friendship with a young seal. Animals and humans are all part of the eternal web of life. I love the wisdom of Thoreau and the other transcendentalists, too.

    • I should ask my mom to check out “A Shine of Rainbows.” It sounds like something we might enjoy together! I concur that animals and humans are linked in a uniquely emotional way. Thank you so much for your commentary and I look forward to your visits again soon!

  9. Joycelyn Says:

    It doesn’t matter if your a man or a lady… fairytales are for everyone 🙂

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  11. The C-Sweet Says:

    Thank you for following me on Twitter Wiley, (you total cutie pie!) xo

  12. Wiley, you are inspiring! I will definitely read that book. I also aspire to drive the car. Mom makes a big deal about getting me a license every year, but then she doesn’t let me drive! What’s up with that??

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake! So nice to see you again! I know what you mean about the license. I wish it was all-encompassing and allowed us to drive. I don’t understand why It doesn’t. Seems like a waste of money without being able to get behind the wheel, no? 🙂

  13. writetowag Says:

    Dear friend, I am writing to ask you for prayers…Trev will be having his teeth cleaned Wednesday and will be put under anesthesia…I am so worried, please pray all goes smoothly and well…It would be so appreciated…Fairly tales…yes…if you quit dreaming, you quit living…Hugs–

    • Dear friend, I will most definitely say a prayer for my pal Trev. I hate to hear he’s undergoing such a serious ordeal being put under anesthesia. I remember when they did that to my mom when she had her wisdom teeth taken out and it was scary for me! I’ll say a little prayer for you! Loves, Wiles.

      • writetowag Says:

        Thank you beyond words my friend!!!!

      • Let me know how it goes!

      • So??? I’m anxious and hopeful everything went okay.

      • writetowag Says:

        Wiley!!!! Today has been sooooo LONG…Trev is now home with us 🙂 and resting and recovering…We hardly slept last night and we were beside ourselves with worry the whole day long (just as you were when your mommy had her dental surgery)! It was very late today before Trev got the green light to come home to us. I bathed him, fed and treated him and now we are longing to all cuddle up and get some much needed rest. I must apologize for my late response, please forgive, it’s been so hectic…My heart wishes to thank you immensely for your care, prayers and concerns…Your love has helped make today a success…Whenever you are having a bad day and doubt your worth…please know you made a difference in me and my family’s day today!!!! Hugs, love and thankfulness!!!! I will be posting about our experience soon!!!! Sleep well dear friend!!!!

      • My heart soars with gratitude that Trev is okay! I do know what it’s like to worry so much, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thank goodness all is well, Trev is home and happy, and the family is together and happy again. Best of sleep to you and the whole family, who should all know you made my day in two ways: Trev is okay and by saying I made a difference. That is all I aspire to do. 🙂

  14. coastalmom Says:

    I loved this. Believing in happy endings is like squeezing lemons and adding sugar in water!

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    Be the change.

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