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A Wiley By Any Other Name March 23, 2013

I was called Zorro once. The family that adopted me for a short time tried calling me that and it was honestly the strangest couple weeks of my life. The name simply didn’t fit. It was dark and mysterious whereas I am sunny and somewhat of an open book. Wiley fits my personality perfectly. Spontaneous, outgoing and a little bit crazy? Yep, that’s me.

But now that I am set in my ways as  Wiley, I sometimes wonder what I would look like in someone else’s paws. What if I were more pensive, agile or mysterious? Would life be different? Would life by any other name be as sweet? But my past has taught me I can’t live without embracing my personality. And one of the best ways I’ve found to embrace my personality is to explore my space. Most dogs would agree that defining one’s territory is obviously very important, so I find it necessary to do so today as I explore who I am in this life.

I have always and continue to live near the beauty that is Lake Michigan. While I would prefer not explore too much due to the busy nature of the surrounding downtown area, the area near the lake is beautiful. My mom has taken me there a couple of times over the summer months and we’ve gotten into disagreements about how to spend our time there. While she would prefer to find the perfect spot and stay there with a good book, I would prefer to explore every inch of beach.

I know my mom would occasionally prefer me to be more static. Especially when she’s trying to relax on the beach and she already has the company of the sunshine. She doesn’t need me being me in those moments, regardless of the many perks of my unique personality. It reminds me a bit of a song I heard the other night while mom was cooking dinner. “But I’ll see better when the smoke clears (when the smoke clears) inside my head,” Toby Lightman sings. “And I find myself in need of a pause, I’m not sure why, but I think that it’s because  of this desire to be what others want me to be which is nothing close to me.”

I occasionally wonder what I would look like if I was nothing close to me. Would my life by another name be as sweet? Then I am overtaken by the obvious. I know it would be. “You see, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we’re constantly programmed by the world to be other (people) not ourselves,” Sarah Ban Breathnach writes in Simple Abundance. “(But) we should only strive to be first-rate versions of ourselves. And our best is always good enough.”

So I argue that a life by any other name would be as sweet because standing still is simply not part of my personality. While I do enjoy routine, I also embrace adventure. I always have and always will. No suburban life will take that away from me. While I wonder about it, I can honestly say that I don’t really care to be anyone else. I like being me. I would make a terrible Toto, but I sure do make a good Wiley Schmidt. A Wiley by any other name would still be Wiley. And my best is always good enough.


39 Responses to “A Wiley By Any Other Name”

  1. scrapydo Says:

    Why is it that we always come to a stage where we think of being someone else? We are created who we are by our Big Maker. It is humans who always want to be someone else, or who are not happy with what they have or look like. We dogs. accept each other for what we are and who we are. We respect each other also, It is the human influence that wants to change us.! LOL from your friend Trompie

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  3. I think we’re all with you when it comes to exploring; books can always be put on standby – what’s at the beach has to be looked into right away 😀 You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on anything exciting and sniffable!! 🙂

  4. I think you’re good as you are, Wiley. Your name is purrfect 🙂

  5. Being happy in your skin is what life is all about. You’re at a good place Wiley.

  6. Yes, Wiley! You must always be yourself. Toto is overrated. You are the perfect combination of routine and adventure and action and (almost) being still. Mom loves that book Simple Abundance. I wish there was a book called Simple OVERabundance. I think I would like that better.

    Love and licks,

    • Toto is overrated, Cupcake! Thank you for agreeing with me on that. 🙂 You and me both on the overabundance book. That is a dog’s best friend…well, that and our people. 😉

  7. Leisa Says:

    You are completely perfect

  8. I used to be called Griffin before my humans adopted me… I can’t really believe it now! How embarrassing! I think when you find your furever home your humans just know the perfect name for you! I answer to Bailey obviously and my nickname is puppy because I’m like a baby dog! I come when the humans call puppy now too! I kinda like it! I love your name and you’re very handsome! Bisous Bailey

    • Bailey! I’ve been following you for some time now and I have to say I’ve noticed a certain puppy-like quality to your demeanor. You’re so right about the furever people knowing just the right names for us! We are so blessed. 🙂

  9. And I agree; a Wiley by any other name would smell as ….. sweet…!?!
    A wonderful post; to be sure… 🙂

  10. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, you are ~ sorry, mate ~ cute as a button! That picture is one of my favorites. Makes me grin just looking at you and the computer. Your words are still wise! And, I really liked “Everybody Wins.” So great to have so many to choose. Best ~ HuntMode, Claire & Elby

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  13. Basil Says:

    Typists dog sounds a lot like you, he was at the dreaded V place on monday, where he was given a local anesthetic. For the last two days he has been groggy and not himself, and she was worrying about him being back to his old self – this morning he woke her with a squeaky toy at half 6! He is most definately back, and she is thinking she should have spent those two days enjoying the peace not worrying!

    • Ah yes, the dreaded V place. I will admit to not liking it there very much. I am SO happy to hear Typists dog is back to normal today! That anesthetic business is serious stuff! Next time please inform your staff to let me know when this is happening as I will be sure to be thinking of him and wishing him well. 🙂

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    A rose? Nope. Just call me Wiley. 🙂

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