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Everybody Wins March 24, 2013

If attention-getting were an Olympic sport, I would compete for the gold medal. In literal terms, dogs aren’t that great at playing games. Don’t get me wrong, we love our catch, fetch and agility as much as the next species, but in my humble opinion most of us are too honest to be good at most games. We wear our hearts on our fur and couldn’t tell a lie to save our life. You can see it in our eyes. But emotionally speaking, dogs are exceptionally skillful attentioPlaying in the snown stealers.

While I don’t posses the skills required for most human games, I do have this attention-stealing game I like to play especially with dad, where I sit and stare at him, paw at him and jump at him until he pays me what I consider due attention. Sometimes I even throw a toy at him. I almost always win these battles of the mind, either with a dental bone, or a rawhide, or with my favorite treat: playtime. I bet he doesn’t even know I do it just as much for him as I do for me. You see, I would call myself an attention stealer without hesitation or embarrassment. And I have my reasons.

Today is a day for making your own sunshine. It feels like the millionth dreary Sunday in a row, and this time there’s snow falling in droves. It is also the fourth day of spring, but it feels like the 150th day of winter. The seemingly never-ending dreariness does take its toll on the spirit, so I can only imagine today is a dark day for some people. It’s all too easy to let these days consume us sometimes, but I refuse to let that happen in the Schmidt house. Instead I play one of my most favorite games to bring some sunshine into the lives of my people.

When my little game results in playtime, I have really won a small battle for all of us if you ask me. Dad throws a toy, I fetch it, he throws it again. Sometimes he even throws it back and forth with my mom and I am ultimately the pickle in the middle. And they both laugh. Regardless of what is on the television or what the weather is doing outside, they both laugh. Everybody wins. I’ve said before that joy is best when shared, well, this is one of my most favorite examples of that. DSC00229

“Dark days come to all of us,” Sarah Ban Breathnach writes in Simple Abundance. “Yet discouraging days bring with them golden opportunities when we can be kind to ourselves. Believe it or not, today offers you a hidden gift, if you’re willing to search for it.”

No need to search, because the gift of sunshine is never hidden in my house. After all, dogs are no good at playing games. We are no good at bluffing, scheming and plotting. No sir. Instead we specialize in honesty, loyalty and nonsense. And we have a sense for when our people are having a dark day. I would argue we can tell when something is awry better than people in some situations. Call me annoying or a pest or whatever word you may, but often when I seek attention my goal is to give it back rather than to receive it. Today is a day for making my own sunshine and I am most definitely up to the task.


24 Responses to “Everybody Wins”

  1. momshieb Says:

    Just finished a major league belly rub with my dog, Sadie. I think she was seeing my blue mood today!

  2. I have a whole crew of dogs, loved your article give whiley a hug for me, What a cutie!

  3. Susan D. Says:

    LOL! I just wrote a post about being able to tell some one how you feel. If only everyone was like a dog. There is never any doubt when you look on their faces!

  4. Lyn Says:

    Ya know Wiley, you look as though you might be related to Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi’s somewhere in your family line. My fur child from years ago came from that same royal line and bears a striking resemblance to you. Although I have to say, you have a more regal bearing than she did.

    • Well my dear Lyn, that is probably amidst the nicest compliments I have received! Not only to be thought of as resembling someone of royalty, but having a regal bearing? You most definitely made my day! 😉

  5. Wow what a pawesome photo of you in the snow Wiley! I’ve NEVER seen real snow…. I really really want to! You seem to be great at games to me! Sunshine making is a great skill too! Bisous Bailey

    • Sunshine making is indeed one of my favorite games. That, and fetch. 😉 It’s so strange to me you’ve never seen real snow – it’s in such abundance here! You’ll simply have to come visit me sometime. Shine on, friend!

  6. You are one wise little Wiley. You also seem to have your parents very well trained 🙂 Thank you for sharing your sunshine and smiles gift around the world

  7. Hey Wiley, thanks for popping by The Scottie Chronicles!

    ArrrooooooOOOs, Stuart

  8. Dogs live in the moment enjoying life, what ever they are doing at the moment is their favorite thing. Keep up the giving of joy, one day us humans might figure it out. 4/4 paws to you.

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  10. You made us feel sunshine right through the iPad today, Wiley! You rock! That icy rain outside cant touch us!

    Love and licks,

  11. utesmile Says:

    Let the sun in your heart shine! xx always

  12. Basil Says:

    I love the idea of throwing something at the staff to get their attention, I will have to do this!!

  13. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Wow. That’s odd. My reblog and new blog have similar names and I didn’t even check out the re-blog title until AFTER I posted the new one. I think it’s a sign. We must find our own sunshine from time to time. Whether its a hug or game or anything you see fit – make some sunshine today.

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