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I’m No Fool April 1, 2013

I don’t encounter many people in my average day. Generally, I see my adoptive parents and whoever mom and I run into in the neighborhood on our walks. I realized today one of many reasons that is simply not enough people time for me: I can’t share my joy with the world if I don’t encounter people with whom to share it. What a heartbreaking thought on this April Fool’s Day, a day traditionally reserved for happiness and merriment.

So I began this most recent holiday weekend with a challenge to myself to count every person I encountered. I wanted to bring joy to each of them, and count their smiles and laughs and successes on my mental scorecard. I may have lost the battle, but I most definitely won the war. While I was able to spend time 23 people who are blessings in my life, it was impossible to count their smiles and laughs. But I don’t see this as failure. I’m no fool, after all.

Twenty three was a pretty magical number for me this weekend. I eavesdropped on exciting conversations about career changes and upcoming confirmations, as well as sadder news of the recent funeral of a member of the extended family and word of an uncle being in the hospital. I performed tricks, played games and enjoyed more than my fair share of pets and love from every single person. I am exhausted today and I know exactly why that is the case.

As I half-daydreamed and half-napped my way through today, I realized something. I suppose it takes a certain amount of creativity and imagination for a dog like myself to blog. There’s definitely some who believe it’s silly of me to have Twitter and Facebook pages. And little ole me, publish a book? Forget about it. Here’s what all of those with little faith need to know: your doubt does nothing but fuel my passion to share joy that much more. I celebrate every single new follower on Twitter and Wiley’s Wisdom and do a little dance for joy when I make a new Facebook friend. Better yet, I embrace those who use social media in similar ways and listen with eager ears and a open heart to what they have to say. Hard at Work

The truth be told, I simply don’t see as many people as I wish I did in an average day. Please don’t misunderstand this as a complaint about my life in my forever home. I know it must be that way for other doggies and people alike. My dreams in life pour from the windows and doors of this place into a childlike vision of creativity and imagination into the wonderful world of social media where I too can be the difference I want to see in the world.

All Fool’s Day is a day to engrave the wisdom (of self-discovery) on our hearts, Sarah Ban Breathnach suggests in Simple Abundance. “It’s a perfect day for us to remember the importance of lightening up. A lighthearted sense of spontaneity is aligned with Spirit.” This is something I choose to not only remember today, but every day as I share my gift of light with the world.




23 Responses to “I’m No Fool”

  1. Omg!!! Wiley that is by far my favorite picture of you so far, you are just way to adorable for words! PS- You should enter our giveaway we just put up today…if ya want! Happy April Fool’s day!

  2. I believe it was Sargeant Hulka from Stripes who said, “Lighten up, Francis.” Humans take themselves and other things too seriously. -BB

  3. That is to say, I agree.

  4. huntmode Says:

    Wiley! So great to catch up on your recent posts ~ you wise man. Got to agree with kirbydawg about the photo – just terrific. Someone once asked, “Do you know why Angels can fly?” “No.” “Because they are light! Lighten up, dude/dudette!” – You always show the way, Wiley – thanks!

    • Hey pal! I love that quote!!!! You might just see that concept make an appearance in a future blog post, thanks to you! Thanks also for the commentary on the photo. You make me blush. 🙂

  5. Love this pic and even though you can’t see them, you bring smiles to a lot of friends in cyber space!

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  7. I love that picture of you Wiles. You are by far one of my most favourite doggy bloggers!

  8. eastwitching Says:

    Fun and sweet – I hope droves of people now start coming to your door Wiley!

  9. Nessy San Says:

    You rock Mr. Wiley! More and more people are discovering your blog here, I am one of them as of recent. Good luck blogging and Happy Spring!

  10. A Says:

    Wiles! I see that your blog is now a huge hit! 🙂 You totally deserve all this adoration 🙂 Cute pic. I was just reading up on publishing and such, because my Dad plans to publish soon. Let me know if you need any help. I think you would make a brilliant author 🙂

    • Dear A! I see you’ve changed some things up about your blog as well! 😉 Good to see you back dear friend. I would love some help/guidance with publishing. You should know you made my day with your comment about my potential as an author. Hugs and licks and love to you!!!

      • A Says:

        I just recently sent my dad a mail with all the info I could gather about agent and queries and such. Let me know if you want me to mail it to you. It’s not much, but it’s a start 🙂

  11. Fab picture! Priceless

  12. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    April Fools!

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