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Us Against The World April 11, 2013

The sky is crying today. Teardrops from heaven have been pouring down on and off all week, in fact. I’d say I do pretty well with the whole lightning Smiling Some Sunshineand thunder bit compared to most dogs I’ve met. But I’m not going to lie: this soppy cold mess of a weather pattern is downright dreary.

It has been raining constantly since Monday, and the forecast calls for more of the same all of next week. I told myself I wouldn’t comment on the weather again after my recent rant about what an awful weather person I would be, but I digress. This is some kind of awful that needs to be talked about. I can honestly say that I cursed under my little doggie breath when mom let me outside this morning into the frigid rainy wind that has been outside the last several days.

It actually reminds me a bit of a Coldplay song. “And if we could float away, fly up to the surface and just start again, and lift off before trouble erodes us in the rain…Through chaos as it swirls, it’s us against the world.”

Indeed, it is us against the world on days like today. Mom came home looking a mess, complete with frizzy hair and soaking wet pant bottoms. I could tell she was freezing cold and frustrated by whatever problems she had encountered today. I know it’s harder to keep your head up when there’s nothing pretty to look at, so I can only imagine all these dreary days are taking a toll on her and my dad. What’s worse is knowing that as certain as the rain falling from the sky is the toll its taking on everyone who is experiencing the dreariness that is this weather situation. As one who strives to share joy with the world, I would be lying if I said these days weren’t a serious challenge to even my resolve.

But then I remember something very important. It’s us against the world on days like these. So the sky is crying, and it’s not stopping any time soon. It is gray and dingy outside, but that does not stop me from finding my silver lining. Dreary or otherwise, I find inspiration in the sky. And when it withholds sunshine, I make my own.


25 Responses to “Us Against The World”

  1. Wiley, my Mama says that when it rains the heavens are cleaning things for us, but I have to say it was a mess when we lived in Seattle where it rains all the time. Even with our raincoats, Mama had to dry us and then clean the floors a lot. I hope the sun peaks out for you soon! Wooowooooo! Ku

    • My dear Ku!!! Bless you, friend, for the sunshine I’m sure you bring into your mom’s life! I’m sure she needs it with all that rain you get in Seattle! I’ve got to say, I definitely love that perspective that the rain is heaven cleaning things for us! I might just tweet that to whoever listens. Love and my best to you, dear Ku!

  2. We’ve had a few days of this ourselves in Texas this week. Most unusual for April – but we got our sunshine back today so we’ll send some your way! Stay dry…

  3. We’ve been very lucky and had no rain for a quite a while – but now it’s back! Tut! Putney doesn’t care for wet weather much either, so the silver lining for him, Popper and Chey is that, after a brisk walk (or as brisk a walk as Putney can muster in the rain – it slows him down!) we stay all cuddled up together on the sofa 😀 Hope the weather perks up for you all soon 🙂

    • I love that silver lining too! There is indeed much more cuddle time when the weather encourages it! No complaints from me on that! Say hi to the boys for me! Love, Wiles

  4. Your beautiful post brought tears to my eyes. Keep smiling, Wiley!

  5. You sure do make the sun shine, Wiley. You are a little sunshine factory, and looking very handsome in your scarf. I was afraid of the rain when I was little. Then Mom bought me a raincoat, and I was afraid of the raincoat!! Now I am fine with it. It keeps me from having to lick every inch of my fur when I come in, or worse yet The Towel. Hang in there, buddy. There could never be a rainbow without some rain. xoxo

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake! You are so kind to call me a little sunshine factory! That is my absolute strongest and most powerful passion in life, so “hearing” you say that made my day! I know what you mean about The Towel….I’d take the raincoat too! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that rainbow….Hugs to you. Love, Wiles

  6. It’s miserable in my part of the world as well. I was wondering why you and not your person have this great blog. I look forward to what you have to say each day.

    • You are not the first person to inquire about why I have this blog instead of my person. We like it that way. 😉 Thank you so much for being a regular reader….I celebrate every new follower, every comment and every piece of sunshine that somehow finds its way back to me. Thank you for being part of my beautiful blogosphere!

  7. I am here in Seattle and it does get a little tiresome sometimes to have so many cloudy days, rainy days and days when it just sulks. So I just think of the rain as liquid sunshine. We do have bits of sun and I thoroughly enjoy it. Right now we have things blooming, in spite of the rain – I like the quote I read a long time ago “The Earth laughs in flowers”. This too will pass – though maybe not as quickly as you would like.

    • Oh goodness, I can only imagine you are adjusted to having so much rain. I love your comment about the Earth laughing in flowers – what a blessing that following a year we had a drought here, we have all this rain to bring life to everything around us! I appreciate your silver lining. Shine on!

  8. Here too, Wiley. It seems that the sky never stops crying.. but, to be as positive as you are, let’s make our own sunshine 🙂

  9. Lyn Says:

    Grandma says it’s going to grizzle for the next five days. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to grizzle for five days, then I realised she said “drizzle.” But that’s okay by me, ‘cos Grandma loves it when it’s raining; she uses it as an excuse for not having to go anywhere. That means I can curl up next to her in her recliner all day 🙂 I don’t like thunder or lightning either, Wiley, but Grandma just holds me close and kisses me and sometimes gives me extra treats. It’s like the sun is still shining.

    • I LOVE your take on this, my dear friend!!! You are absolutely right about the extra cuddle time, kisses and treats being sunshine of their own. Way to find the silver lining! High paw and lots of love to you!!

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  12. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I do love the idea of being on a team with my beloved forever people.

  13. Tons of rain here as well! Does this mean you get out of bath time? 🙂

  14. kiwiskan Says:

    sounds like you’ve been having the same problems as us. We’ve all got cabin fever…

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