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The One With the Waggly Tail? Priceless. April 14, 2013

2013-04-14 15.26.23I heard my mom joking with my dad today about what it is I do in the bay window. Silly people. What is there I can’t do in that window, which I see as one of my most special places in this world? I can observe the general happenings of the neighborhood, nap in the sun, and guard my people’s property when I see any type of unwelcome intruder. The latter has never happened, but I often daydream of my chance to save my people from danger, so it remains in my doggie dreamscape.

I don’t know about any other doggies out there, but having a bay window at my disposal is pretty much the bees knees in terms of specialty dog moments. Albeit, I know it was not created specially for me, but I can’t help but think of it as one of those special (unexpected) gifts life occasionally grants us.

The bay window is my window to life outside. I see it as one of my emotional safe havens because it brings my fear to purpose. I am safely inside, where I know I belong. And I have visual domain over the outside, which I wish to protect from intruders. My time in the window is special to me. Priceless, one might say.

So you can imagine my thoughtfulness today when mom started singing the all-too-familiar song: “How much is that doggie in the window there? The one with the waggly tail?”

My thoughts were unexpectedly brought to purpose today when she stopped herself mid-song to say I am absolutely priceless in their lives. The moment reminded me a bit of an old-school Visa commercial, but I can’t say I minded. In fact, I found myself mentally joining in the silliness:

Three extra-large containers of peanut butter: $12.

Two packages of my favorite breath buster treats: $10.

Time with my people: priceless.

How much is that doggie in the window? Priceless? Heaven knows that hasn’t always been the case in past experience. What a blessing to be called something so sacred.


17 Responses to “The One With the Waggly Tail? Priceless.”

  1. A bay window to the world – what could be better? Enjoy,Wiley!

  2. Lyn Says:

    A bay window…oh Wiles, you are so blessed. We don’t have a bay window, just a floor to ceiling window, but one of Cally’s blankets are there, and she loves to lie there in the sun with her feline brother Napoleon and watch the world go by. LOL or wait trembling in anticipation for her Aunty Jan to arrive. May you always bask in the sun and think of wonderful posts to share with us 🙂

    • I certainly am blessed. As is Cally, as I often long for a floor to ceiling window – all of that extra viewing space is indeed a blessing as well. Thank you for the feedback and love. All my best, Wiles.

  3. I’m happy you get your little mug into the window, Wiley. This way you can bring joy to your family, AND smiles to the people who pass by and see you there. You’re priceless inside and out! I watch out the window a lot. I balance like a bridge between the window sill and the arm of the big chair. I bark at the mailman, the lawn guys, the super on the golf cart, squirrels, birds, leaves, sticks….. Takin’ care of business.

    Love and licks,

  4. Basil Says:

    Typist is very quickly falling in love with you, she would agree with your folks that you are priceless! And so loving – she sends a huge hug!

  5. Nessy San Says:

    I can relate to this, but through our cat “Booboo”! She’s the one who sits right next to the window and gaze upon the garden intruders and the barking dogs! Hahaha! Another great story Mr. Wiley – 😀 I wish you a good week!

  6. finnhoward Says:

    Hey ya! Oh man, having a bay window must be pretty pawesome. I get to look out the front door and that’s about it! Looking forward to get to know ya a little better new buddy!

  7. huntmode Says:

    Oh, Wiley… Claire and Elby wanted to know what a bay window was and then looked askance at me that we don’t have one. I pointed to the sliding glass door that looks out on a backyard filled with squirrels, mallards, a passing fox… The bedroom window that pours sunlight in for those afternoon naps they both enjoy so much. They felt much better, but I think they’ve got a bit of bay window envy. I am happy for you, Wiley, that the world is just outside your window and you’ve got your eye on it. Much better, Wiley. Keep up the good work. You are priceless, you dog you!

    • Well, friend, I almost said you should tell Claire and Elby that I have sliding door envy! Other than the bay window, all the windows in my forever home are way too high for me to see any squirrels or foxes. Why is it we always want what we can’t have?

      Then I realized how blessed all three of us are to have the windows to the world we do have in our forever homes filled with love. That brought a smile to my face! Please give Claire and Elby my best! Love, Wiles.

  8. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Second to my backyard paradise, my window is one of my most favorite places to think.

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