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On Three Strikes: Angels and Demons April 15, 2013

Angels And DemonsSome believe in the Holy Trinity. Others (who don’t) still see three as a sacred number. Little ole me? I believe the opposite of the baseball metaphor that you’re out after three strikes. Indeed, I would argue that three is a Holy number that enables the magic to happen. The third time was the charm in my life and I can’t say I’d change that.

The way I see it, I’ve had three real “homes” in my life.

The first was the home I had with my mom and brothers before we were separated. I was so happy there, amidst my true biological pack. I would wish we had never been separated if not for the happiness I have in life now.

The second was the home I had with Jo and the man with the leather belt. I know most dogs (and maybe even some people) would question how I could possibly see this stop in my heritage as a home in my life. But I also know I’ve said before that home is where the heart is, and (while I lived there), my heart was home with Jo. I loved her more than most canines I’d ever encountered, and I know she loved me. It wasn’t always the most pleasant experience for me when she squeezed me so hard I thought I’d surely lose an organ, but at least I knew in those precious moments I was loved. She was home to me, and that was enough.

Finally (after a couple of stints in the humane society), I found my forever home, and (let me tell you) that has been pretty darned special. My forever mom sometimes hugs me as hard as Jo did, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of Jo in those moments. I hope from the bottom of my doggie heart she is thriving in the world and has found something to do that brings purpose to all that love in her heart.

Thinking about Jo and my birth family make me realize the only demons I encounter in my present are from my past. But (as with anything) I do my very best to find joy in even the oddest of places. Demons don’t scare me anymore. Instead I see the less-than-favorable demons of my past in the light of the angels now, as I find joy in all experiences that lead to learning and the betterment of my general well-being.

I wouldn’t be the dog I am without being separated from the emotional steadiness of my birth mom and brothers. I wouldn’t have the heart I do without my time with Jo and the man with the leather belt. And I certainly wouldn’t know true unconditional love if not for my current situation in my forever home.

I’ve said before that I am a believer in second, third, fourth and fifth chances. Furthermore, that I believe the opposite of the baseball metaphor that you’re out of chances after three strikes. Instead, I would argue that three is a holy number when the magic happens. The third time was the charm in my life and I can’t say I’d change that.

For me, the third time has been the charm. I don’t care if my mom sometimes hugs me so hard it hurts my little doggie lungs, because I know that is my own personal sign of progression in life. I may not always have had it this good, and now I am loved enough to get my fair share of regular hugs. Forget you, demons of my past. I’m a much bigger fan of the angels.


25 Responses to “On Three Strikes: Angels and Demons”

  1. Great post, Wiley! As usual, full of wisdom. It is interesting how one’s past affects their thoughts, views and perception of their current experiences. Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Oh Wiley, we all have so much to learn from you. Letting go is truly the path to freedom. You are one smart dog!

    • Dear friend, while I know you are right in your reflection of what I have to say, I know it isn’t easy. Please know you are loved (by me) and that all letting go is easier amidst loving company! πŸ™‚

  3. Maria Says:

    ” find joy in even the oddest of places.” Wise dog!

  4. Wiley, you are one lucky dog and you are wise enough to know it! The Red Man says take all the strikes you need since you’re not a baseball player!! πŸ™‚

  5. Good wisdom, Wiley. Mom says the angel of her old dog, Smoki lives inside me. (I think she’s in my belly, because Mom keeps kissing it.) Smoki helped Mom find me and she helps me be a good girl. I look back a little (to my old life), but I look ahead a lot (I’m going to the park today)….

    Love and licks,

    • I bet Smoki was something pretty special too. I know she’d probably be so proud of the joy you bring into your mom’s life. I went to the park today too!!!! We were together in spirit. πŸ™‚

  6. ilovecats Says:

    Aww *gentle hugs* I do believe in many chances. I have a rescue cat that went from a feral mom to a foster home to me. And I have an adopted girl cat who was feral and has auto immune issues she’s had pain from her health problems and things are looking up for her. I believe in lots of chances and lots of love makes the world a better place.

    • Well said with your belief that lots of love makes the world a better place! Hugs to you and your cats! I’m sure they show you how much they love you, but please know they wish they could say so! πŸ™‚

      • ilovecats Says:

        I have one cat that arches his back and shakes his tail when he sees me.. from what I’ve read that means he’s crazy about me. I get headbutts from the other boy and the kitten gets cuddles on demand. I’m careful with the girl kitty because she gets scared easily but I do pet her and give her kisses and tell her I love her.

      • Speaking as a fellow member of the animal family, I think you’re absolutely right! Your cats adore you. πŸ™‚

  7. Janice Finke Says:

    TY…i am glad i read w.w. in blocks so i can cry all at once. mom

  8. […] On Three Strikes: Angels and Demons. […]

  9. writetowag Says:

    We’re sending a BIG hug now…you are your mommy’s charm!!!!

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    What do you believe?

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