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God’s Gift to Me April 20, 2013

High PawI realized today I give out an awful lot of cyber hugs and high paws lately. I love my blogosphere. Seeing it grow into a forum for sharing smiles, joy, laughter, and sometimes even a few tears has been an unexpected blessing. These are all some pretty big feelings we talk about here, which I say brings us together in a way unlike any other.

It brings to mind the thoughts of South African social rights leader Desmond Tutu, who said “you don’t chose your family, they are God’s gift to you.” How blessed I am to have so many people in my life with whom to share all my big thoughts and emotions!

God’s gift came to life in a unique way for me recently, with my receipt of the WordPress Family Blogging Award from two truly inspirational people bloggers. Thank you, Melanie and Misifusa, for what you do each day. You bring sunshine into the daily lives of so many and are truly special to me. Congratulations to both of you for a job well done. Here’s how it works:


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love

Sharing the Joy

I’ve said before that joy is best enjoyed when it can be shared, and what better way than to nominate some of the members of my WordPress family who inspire me daily.

Sheila Morris http://essayswithhumor.wordpress.com/

Rumpy Dog http://rumpydog.com/

Maria http://acceleratedstall.com/

Cupcake (and her mom) http://cupcakepetrillo.wordpress.com/

Trev http://writetowag.wordpress.com/

Lyn http://theencouragingscribe.wordpress.com/

Wendy and her Diplomatic Doggie http://diplomaticdog.wordpress.com/

Michelle http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/

MissEllaTea http://randomencountersoftheinquisitivemind.wordpress.com/

Chaing the Perfect Moment http://chasingtheperfectmoment.com/

Rarasaur http://rarasaur.wordpress.com/

Matthew http://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com/

Jump for Joy http://jumpforjoyphotoproject.wordpress.com/

Misaki http://themisadventuresofmisaki.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/playdate/

Amba http://soyouthinkyoucanthink.wordpress.com/

Huntmode and family http://chasingrabbitholes.com/best-advice-received/

Mangus http://magnuswendler.com/

Carolyn http://www.abcofspiritalk.com/

HastyWords http://hastywords.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/shattered-broken-pieces/

Scrapydo http://scrapydo.wordpress.com/

This is a sample of some of the most special bloggers in my life. Thank you also to Shaun (Praying for one day), who created this special award.

This is what Shaun had to say about this it:

“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award”

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said “a happy family is but an earlier heaven.” I don’t know how doggie heaven can be any better than this.


52 Responses to “God’s Gift to Me”

  1. Nikitaland Says:

    Congrats on your award today! How beautiful! 🙂

  2. Congratulations… to get an award is always good … like treats without calories :o)

  3. Congrats! And all of these blogs look amazing! xo

  4. writetowag Says:

    Oh Wiley, you truly deserve this awesome award and thank you for sharing the blogging love with little ol’ us!!!! You are such a treasure and inspiration to Trev and I…we are so blessed to call you family!!!! We hope your Saturday is blessed in every way dear friend!!!! Thank YOU!!!!

  5. Maria Says:

    There should be a best dog ever award.
    Thanks so much – Life is more fun with canines like you!

    • What a fun idea! And to think I could be nominated for such an honor as best dog ever? Well that’s darn tootin fabulous of you to say. Lots of love to you friend!

  6. So well deserved Wiley! The community thanks its own for everything they give and share.

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Wiley! And congratulations on your award. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  8. Lyn Says:

    Congratulations Wiley, on your award; you are truly a deserving recipient, and Cally and I thank you for honouring us by paying it forward. Bless you Wiley xxx

  9. huntmode Says:

    Wiley! Congratulations on receiving such an award and even nicer, passing it forward as you always do. The HuntMode family is delighted, though Claire is at the Vet’s today and I’ll tell her when I pick her up. If you dogs can transmit on an inner frequency, please send Claire some love ~ these visits always stress her out…

    Do we need to do anything in response, or just bask in the reflected love and hugs? 😉 All our best ~ HuntMode

    • I definitely understand Claire’s anxiety about the Vet, and will send some love her way via our special doggie frequency. 😉 The “rules” of the award are included in the post, but aren’t necessarily required. In a nutshell, you could thank me as your nominator, pass along the love to other blogs you appreciate by including their links in the post, then notify them they’ve been nominated. Oh, and you display the image on your site (again, if you’d like). All my best to the entire Hundmode crew, and especially Claire. Please let me know how she fares.

      • huntmode Says:

        Dear Wiley! My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. My notifications page went glitchy and was out for a couple of days – back on and moving forward. Thank you for going over the rules (one more time, HuntMode) – oops. For good news, Claire is doing better – at some point, she did something to her foot and was moving on three legs instead of four. The vet thinks it might be arthritis or a sprain or a hairline fracture – all of which take time to heal, so Claire is on anti-inflamatories and some pain medication. The good news is she walked out of the vet on all four feet! She said to tell you she got your good vibs. High paws!

  10. scrapydo Says:

    Oh, Whiley my good friend, my mum has big family problems and she is not reading your blog to me . I feel bad about it. Sorry my dear friend. Thank you for awarding her, I love my mum so much I don’t know what to do to help her get out of this mess! She’ll come by again, I hope very soon. Thanks for all your high paws, they make my day. LOL mr T

    • Hey Mr. T – I’m not going to lie, I am terribly sad to hear about your mum’s family problems. I know how tough that can be, and I definitely identify with wishing there was something more one can do to help. Know you do all you need in loving her with all your doggie heart. I read recently that four-legged friends are thought of by some as the best grief counselors around. Keep up the good work and know you’re doing well whether you think so or not. 🙂

      • scrapydo Says:

        Yes that’s what we dogs are made for isn’t it! Mum feels a lot better now that things have been sorted out a bit! Thanks for your shoulder I could cry on, LOL

  11. fgassette Says:


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  12. likeitiz Says:

    Hi Wiley. Great to see you again. Thanks for dropping by the blog. The girls sure had fun in Turkey!

  13. Congratulations on your award, it is a wonderful feeling to be part of such a supportive blogging community. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

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  15. Congratulations on your award! You certainly deserve it! Thank you for sending it my way also. Big hugs to you Wiley (and Mom).

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  17. You’re so sweet to nominate all those folks. Keep spreading the love, Wiley!

  18. Misaki Says:

    What a lovely award, thank you so much for passing it to me:-)

  19. Basil Says:

    Well done on your award!

  20. misselletea Says:

    Your blog deserves recognition, for spreading joy and light in such a unique fashion! Thank you for recommending me to your readers, I’m both touched and honoured 🙂

  21. kruzmeister Says:

    Congrats on your award Wiley!

  22. […] of Wiley’s Wisdom, who breathes  joy with every post, received the WordPress Family Blogging Award and, in keeping […]

  23. Congratulations to you, and Thank You so much for the award; I’m delighted…! 🙂
    Your blog is one I’m really enjoying… Thank You, again… 🙂

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  26. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Any day is a good day to stop and give thanks for the people who make the world a brighter and happier place.

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