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All the Small Things April 28, 2013

I figured it out! I know what we have to do. World peace is at our fingertips people! All we have to do is hug one another. All right, all right, I know I’m likely not the first one to throw this theory on the table, but please hear me out. The power is in the numbers.

Today I enjoyed 76 different petting sessions, made close to 20 people smile at least once, and spent more time being hugged and played with than by myself. That, my friends, is a good day. I’m certain I didn’t make anyone’s problems disappear, but peace was in the air in my favorite kind of way today.Small Smiles Make A Big Difference

All kidding aside, my experience today led me to wonder what the world would be like if we all committed to the theory to kill our enemies with kindness rather than violence. Perhaps one of the reasons the world is in the state it’s in is that people have stopped caring for each other. Something as small as a smile can make the day of the stranger on the street or a hug to somehow that just lived through an embarrassing moment. But not everyone chooses to engage in such the small things that make the world go round. It makes meΒ squirm sometimes when people miss opportunities to bring light to the lives of others.

Again, I turn my simple mind to the simplicity of the minds of the little people in my life, who never cease to educate me. The best kinds of children’s entertainment are put together by people as wise as the little people they inspire. American writer Shel Silverstein is no exception to this rule, with his powerful poetry that speaks to the heart as well as the mind.

“I will not play tug o’ war. I’d rather play hug o’ war,” Silverstein wrote. “Where everyone hugs instead of tugs, where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug, where everyone kisses, and everyone grins, and everyone cuddles, and everyone wins.”

In retrospect, I won some pretty easy battles today. I was surrounded by family who have a culture drenched in love for each other. The same isn’t always true in an average day, and those are the days to make it count. Hugs and smiles probably won’t solve the problems of the world, but all the small things aren’t so small to me. So today I share my 76 petting sessions, more than 20 smiles and all of my hugs with the world in hopes that my small contribution makes a difference.

“Be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies,” Mother Theresa once said. It’s our world…why not make it shine?


23 Responses to “All the Small Things”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Wiley – it is Shadow again from Brookfield, WI and I was talking with my mom today of why we have to be so mean to one another – you use so much more energy being mean than being nice and kind and you get so much more out of positive sweetness! My mom was sad because one of her sister’s friends died this weekend at the young age of 46 – leaving two little boys with dad – and you think of all the fun happy things that we would all just want to do one more time…why not do those happy fun loving things everyday than you never have to wonder why did I not….ok I need to go see my mom right now and give her a big sloppy kiss!

    • Hi Shadow…you’re doing the right thing giving your momma some love tonight. It sounds like she needs you now more than ever! I love what you said about the extra energy it takes to be mean than it takes to be nice. Truer words were never spoken! Lots of love (and extra hugs) to you and your mom! Love, Wiles.

  2. Treating each other with kindness. Can’t be reminded too many times…

  3. scrapydo Says:

    Bow wow, I agree do what you can now not later or tomorrow for in case tomorrow never comes. LOL

  4. angloswiss Says:

    Wiley do you give lessons to three felines to show how to be considerate and kind? Hugging might result in a scratch, a tear in the pullover or in the worst case a teeth imprint to show who is the boss. I have three customers here that could only profit from your look on life.

    • Dear friend…felines have not always liked me very much so I fear I wouldn’t probably be able to offer much solace in that area of things. But I do enjoy bringing fear to purpose in life, so I accept the challenge! (Assuming you’re ever in Wisconsin). πŸ™‚

  5. Sonel Says:

    You are doing a great job Wiley and you look absolutely adorable there at your laptop! πŸ™‚ *big hugs*

  6. Thank you for this very uplifting post, Wiley. Here’s a big hug, a πŸ™‚ and a Pawkiss from me πŸ™‚

  7. Brilliant Wiley! We only have to huge each other…I send you a hug :o) and a shiny world with hugs and smiles would be wonderful :o)

  8. How true, how true. All I have to do is tell Emma, my golden retriever sister, to be nicer to me. She is always trying to hug too tight while she is pulling my tail. I don’t know where to go half the time. I usually book it to my mom so she can protect me. That’s what people are for. Thanks for the post. Cooper (terrier mix)

    • Cooper! So nice to meet you, pal! I love making new friends! I know what you mean about the sometimes lung-crusher hugs…and I’ve had my fair share of tail yanks in my time as well. Indeed, our forever people are good protectors, providers, and sharers of joy, from the ground up! Welcome, and I hope to see a lot more of your paw prints on my pages! Love, Wiley.

  9. I love bringing smiles to people. If it were up to us pets, the world would be a MUCH better place. I try to leave every place I go happier than it was before. Thanks for another xoxo post, Wiley!

    Love and licks,

    • Oh Cupcake, I knew we’d share this outlook on hugs and smiles. You’re so good at doing both yourself that I feel blessed to have you in my life. Lots of love, my friend!

  10. Simply brilliant, Wiley! You’ve got the right idea.

  11. utesmile Says:

    Oh lovely , I would give you a cuddle any time Wiley and you would make me happy. You are aon lucky dog with that many petting sessions…. I never get that many… well I am not a dog but I can use it too to feel good! higs and smiles are my philosophy too! Big hug from me! Ute πŸ™‚

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