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A Dog’s Tale May 6, 2013

I hold my breath when Aaron Rodgers throws a football down the field because I want to be sure someone catches it. I bark at the bass that Babe Winkelman and Bill Dance reel in on the moving picture window in the living room. I physically recoil when my dad takes off his leather belt or swings a baseball bat. Oh, and some of you already know this, but I have a habit of rolling myself all over clothes (clean or dirty) left anywhere within my reach.

Comedic or otherwise, there you have it. These are some of the private (but honest) truths of my life. I think a lot of people think us canines must be the best secret keepers because of the stories we are entrusted with, but I’ve got another honest truth to share with you. Dogs don’t really keep secrets. We wear our emotions on our tail. You can see it in our eyes. That’s the thing about unconditional love – it speaks a universal language directly from our hearts to yours.

That’s one of a few reasons why the cThis Face Doesn't Lieonfusion my parents have had about the main bathroom in my forever home is completely baffling to me. When they brought me here, the walls were blue. Now they are white. It sounds simple enough, but this is not a change that came easily.

Some turn to television for entertainment, but I need not look further than my forever family. The bathroom “conversation” happened about a year ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Mom and dad were talking about making changes around the house, and mom mentioned changing the color of the walls in the main bathroom. Dad questioned this, as it was their joint decision to choose the light blue color that used to adorn the walls. Mom insisted that perhaps they made the decision in haste and indeed a lighter color might be a better fit in the small room. Dad agreed. And that’s when the reality happened.

They both admitted they had hated the color of the walls for two years (two years!) and had been withholding the truth from one another in protection of the other’s feelings. I couldn’t believe my little doggie ears. Not only did they agree a change was needed, but they admitted to essentially lying to each other (for two years!) about allegedly liking this mutual decision.

It is a baffling and foreign concept to me, as a dog’s tale (er, I mean tail) never lies. While the majority of people might assume us canines to be the best secret keepers, I can’t say that’s accurate. I shared my “secrets” with the world tonight, and I didn’t stop there. I shared the “secrets” of my people too. Let’s face it, they probably won’t be too happy with me when they see I’ve mentioned my habit of rolling around in their clothes again. (I would challenge that isn’t much of a secret because they inevitably take a piece of me with them via the fur trail I leave on the clothes, but I digress.)

“To one who waits, all things reveal themselves,” English poet Coventry Patmore tells us, “so long as you have the courage not to deny in the darkness what you have seen in the light.”

It wasn’t an easy journey, but the bathroom walls that were blue are now white, the color of purity. The color of a fresh start. Truth be told, I can’t say I notice that much a difference.

But what do I know? I hold my breath when Aaron Rodgers throws a football because I believe that will help Donald Driver catch it and score a touchdown. The behavior is part of who I am and I refuse to hide myself from reality. I understand it as part of my authenticity, part of what makes me who I am. Dogs don’t really keep secrets. You can see it in our eyes, and even more so in our tails. Besides, experience has taught me these so-called secrets have a way of surfacing on their own when you least expect it. Take it from me and my truthful tail.


17 Responses to “A Dog’s Tale”

  1. Kavita Joshi Says:

    very nice post dear..thank you so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. scrapydo Says:

    Very true Whiley, people can read our minds in our tails! My tail is soooo short I can hardly feel or touch it stillmy mum can read what I mean when I move my tail! Secrets are no good, gives problems all the time

  3. very true…………………………..

  4. Basil Says:

    Your folks sounds amazing! You are all such a good match

    • I am truly blessed to have found my forever home. “They” say home is where your story begins, and I’m so happy my story found a new start here!

  5. Maria Says:

    โ€œso long as you have the courage not to deny in the darkness what you have seen in the light.โ€ – great quote Wiley and I commend you on the use in this post – Perfect. *high paw*

  6. finnhoward Says:

    We humans have much to learn from our doggies! That’s for sure. I am glad your peeps changed the color!

  7. Oh what a great post – LOVE IT!… and I agree my tail tells all …always…:o)

  8. Lyn Says:

    I think the most important thing about your Mom and Dad keeping their true feelings about the colour of the bathroom walls a secret was because they didn’t want to hurt the other’s feelings – that’s love.

    Oh Wiley, if only all four-legged friends were as truthful and honest with their tail wags as you! I was out walking one day and a dog was walking towards me. He stopped and looked at me, his tail wagging furiously and then he leapt and sank his teeth into my shoulder.

  9. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Because we know.

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