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Another Man’s Trash May 14, 2013

The great and infamous “they” say one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure. Well, us canines are masters at making treasure out of life’s most unusual garbage. While some of us are more subtle about it than others, we canines do some pretty good treasure hunting. From garbage cans to discarded Kleenexes, we have a gift of finding gold in the most unusual of places.

Treasure SeekerI got to thinking about this earlier today when laying on the bathroom blanket my people refer to as a bathmat. (I’m so blessed to have people so considerate to lay down this thing called a bathmat specifically for me because the bathroom floor tiles are chilly. I’m sure it has nothing to do with keeping the water off the tiles.) Every morning the Schmidt bathroom offers a myriad of scents and aromas I can’t say I appreciate.

Lotions and potions and perfumes, oh my! It is so confusing to me why my people try to hard to mask their natural (in my opinion beautiful) smell. In the shower they go: body wash, rinse, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse.  Then after the shower, there’s lotions and perfumes (or colognes) and deodorant. It’s exhausting to me.

Why not find treasure in the garbage? Why not embrace one’s natural scent rather than masking it with various lotions and perfumes? I wish I could explain to my people that is why I obsessively roll around in clean clothes and dirty towels. They don’t smell like home. Call me crazy, but I love the natural smell of all my loved ones. Dogs and people alike, I prefer them in their most natural form.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus,” said American author Mark Twain. My eyes, nose, and imagination are finely tuned, if I do say so myself. To me, another person’s garbage is only an imaginative thought away from being my treasure.


14 Responses to “Another Man’s Trash”

  1. Us humans are pretty weird. Life would be so much simpler if we took your advice Wiley!

  2. angloswiss Says:

    Tabby sends her best feline wishes and agrees. The bathroom mat is the best in Winter when.the floor heating is running,

  3. Good thought on the smelling Wiley! I smell always like tuna and I feel like a fish in the water. Pawkiss 🙂

  4. That same kind of scent-masking craziness goes on around here. I try to help Mom by licking the Cocoa Butter Lotion and Calvin Klein Eternity off her as soon as she starts rubbing and spraying. She thinks it because I “like” it, but NO! It’s, what you said – I’m trying to restore her real smells. Why can’t she smell like sauerkraut and poop, like I do??

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,

      I got a giggle out of your story about your mom’s lotion and perfume! I’ve done the same thing for the same reasons! What do they say? Great minds think alike. 😉 Love to you and your mom!

  5. Basil Says:

    Stupid typist missed the point of your post and decided to focus instead on how impressed she was that you humum puts lotion on every morning – she can never be bothered!

    See what I have to put up with??!! Another brilliant post pal!

  6. I agree Wiley …from the bottom of my heart :o)

  7. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I like trash. There, I said it.

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