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My Little Peace Ritual May 16, 2013

I have this nightly ritual I’m certain my forever parents must think of as complete madness. Every night, my ritual starts the same way at about the same time.

Some of the Comfort CrewI grab Mr. Prickles from my toy basket (I’ll never understand the purpose of this basket other than making fun inconvenient) and take him to my favorite place in the house. I’ll suck on him for a while, but not too long. Then I’ll grab Mrs. Prickles. Repeat. Then Mr. Flea. Repeat. Then Mr. Tiger. Repeat. Then Mr. Angry Bird. Repeat. Well, I think you get the idea. If I’m being honest, this routine would probably continue all night if I didn’t run out of toys and sleep wasn’t necessary.

I’ve previously referred to these (albeit stuffed) characters in my life as my Comfort Circle and for good reason. Ever since I was a pup, I have found comfort in nursing on the soft little bodies. Animal behaviorists have linked this behavior in doggie adulthood to early separation from one’s doggie momma and abuse in puppyhood. (I unfortunately experienced both of these things). Also, I’m not sure if all people know this, but us canines store up a lot of our pent up feelings in our jaw muscles. The shoulder tension of humans is the jaw tension of dogs. It physically relieves stress when I rhythmically nurse on the joys (er, I mean toys).

I understand science and psychology have their reasons but I have one more to add to the conversation. There is something pretty great about beingMe and My Gal transported to another place and time in your mind. That’s what these toys do for me, which I’m certain is why I find peace in my nightly ritual.

What transports you to another place and time in your mind? Do you find peace there?

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake,” said transcendentalist thinker Henry David Thoreau. “As a single footstep will not make a path on the Earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

Every night, my ritual ends the same way at about the same time. Before bedtime, dad puts my Comfort Circle collection back in the basket in the living room. And every night I hop off the bed, grab whichever one is closest to the top, and bring that special pal back to bed with me. (It’s usually Mr. or Mrs. Prickles, but I mix it up so the others don’t get jealous). I don’t care if my people think it’s crazy of me to repeat these behaviors night after night. And that’s not just because I know they love me unconditionally. It doesn’t bother me because I know my ritual is my way of making a pathway to peace in my mind that brings a smile to my heart.

And I prefer to sleep smiling.


35 Responses to “My Little Peace Ritual”

  1. You look so cute with your toys Wiley! My sistah Nalle sucks on her blanket like that. Mama doesn’t know why, but maybe she was taken from her birth mama too soon. Have a good night! Wooooooo! Ku

  2. Arman Says:

    that is so incredibly cute 🙂

  3. 1annecasey Says:

    Lovely post. Sweet smiley dreams always Wiley! : ))x Monty

  4. utesmile Says:

    We should all go to sleep smiling and sleep smiling like you! You look so sweet with Mr Prickles , I am sure it is very comfy! I do love my cuddly toys too , as human not for chewing but warmth and a cuddle! 🙂

    • Yes, cuddles are always a good thing, for humans and canines alike. Mr. Prickles is indeed quite comfy…he’s lost some of his stuffings over time, but I like him just like he is. Hugs to you friend!

  5. huntmode Says:

    Dear Wyles, I sucked my thumb ’til the orthodontist took the braces off at 14 or 15. My Aunt sucked her thumb until she was in childbirth and it didn’t give her the same comfort… Claire suddenly started licking the furniture one day, just calmly, quietly and steadily… I believe in whatever gives you comfort and balance. We so appreciate you and your family! HuntMode

  6. Basil Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the toy box – although I do knock mine over and go routing through it right to the bottom! You are so lovely, typist wishes she could meet you and give you a massive hug, but as she cannot she will pass that joy to your mum! Can she give you an extra big squish tonight from her?!

    • Good thinking, knocking over that toy box! I might need to try that sometime. 🙂 Please tell typist that my mom caught the joy bug and gave me an extra hug today. Lots of love to you and typist! 🙂

  7. OMGoodness, Wiley. This is so sweet and so sad and so sad and so sweet. I am happy your toys comfort you so much. Mom says i make sucking sounds in my sleep, but I don’t suck on my toys. I mostly shake them, throw them, bite them, and try to hatch them like eggs.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      I want you to know I got a good doggie giggle out of the image of you and your toys. It brought an unexpected ray of joy into my day, for which I am so grateful.
      All my best,

  8. Nikitaland Says:

    I always grab a toy when I head to the bedroom for nighty-nite time. My mommy always puts my “special” toys at the foot of the bed so I can rest my head on them as a pillow.

  9. What a nice ritual .. it reminds me of the “Waltons” everyone gets a special “bedtime sweet” :o)

  10. Nikitaland Says:

    I just nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award today! http://nikitaland.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/dragons-loyalty-award/

  11. writetowag Says:

    Awwww…I love you Wiley!!!! Your pictures make me want to cuddle!!!!

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  13. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    What transports you to another place and time in your mind? Do you find peace there?

  14. Writing and art take me to other places, Wiley. And my dreams…….

  15. kiwiskan Says:

    definitely not crazy Wiley

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