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My Kind of Zoo June 4, 2013

My mom and I have this weekday morning routine. She usually wakes up before dad, let’s me outside and then feeds me my kibble and water. I stand guard on the bath mat (which I’m certain is laid out specifically for me because of the chilly tiles) while she readies for the day. Dad leaves for that place called work, usually giving me a healthy pat on the head before closing the door behind him. When mom is leaving, I do a circle and sit in my doggie bed in the kitchen awaiting the surprise treat she always leaves me. (I’m not one to turn down the treats, but let’s face it – a treat is no fair trade for her leaving me all day).  The New Look

Today I was mid-sit in my bed when she said the magical words that turned routine into an adventure. Car ride, Wiley? Well all right then, I thought, as I practically jumped into my leash and off we went. A few minutes into the ride, she said another set of words I associate with adventure. Haircut, Wiley? I wagged my tail wildly to ensure she knew this was a more than acceptable turn of events. It might not be the typical doggie reaction to going to the groomer, but I’m not your typical doggie.

While I’m not that crazy about the entire process of being bathed, trimmed, and brushed, I do love everything else about my trips to Paws R Us. When I get there, I’m greeted by all of my pals who hang out at the shop while the groomer named Mary does her magic. It is chaos personified, with dogs everywhere pacing and playing and barking. It’s my kind of zoo.

My time today took an interesting turn for the thought-provoking as I waited in the back room for mom to come pick me up. I met a lab/chow mix puppy named Titus who wanted to wrestle and paw at my head and bare his razor-sharp puppy teeth. I wanted to talk philosophy and dreams. (I tried telling him about my blog, but he didn’t seem to have any idea what a computer is, let alone a blog).

That’s when it hit me. I’m getting older. I used to love engaging with rabble rousers like Titus, but today I only enjoyed our playtime for a few minutes before I got bored. I guess it would be kind of like the equivalent of when a person finds his or her first gray hair. I can’t say it was a happy revelation to come to amidst the adventure of today. I even found myself having a moment of self-doubt, like maybe my forever mom and dad won’t love me as much when I get old and loose my spark.

But it didn’t take much to snap me out of that horribly sad state of mind. I saw my spark was alive and well in mom’s eyes when she came to take me home. He looks adorable, she told Mary with a humongous smile on her face. And just like that, all of my negative thoughts faded away.

This is the mom, I thought, who feeds me and walks me and plays with me and tells me she loves me. What was I thinking? I decided then and there to leave my self-doubt behind just like all my fur on the groomer table. As it should be, according to the wise words of great transcendental thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you,” Emerson once said. It’s amazing what one can learn about yourself from a little unexpected adventure to the zoo.

Before            Before and After. What do you think?                  After


25 Responses to “My Kind of Zoo”

  1. finnhoward Says:

    Looking good buddy. Don’t think too much about getting older…enjoy every minute of every adventure!

  2. Marcie Says:

    The hair cut looks great! Always a fun day when you get to hang out with others instead of staying home for the day!

  3. Wiley, you are one cool-looking Dude! Celebrate yourself today!

  4. Hi Wiley It’s Nalle and Mama is showing me this blog stuff while Kuruk peels apart the new pink ball we got at the Million Dog March and you look very handsome and cute and I wish I could play with youwoooowooooo!

    • Nalle! I’m so excited I get to “see” you twice in one day! How nice of you to let Ku peel apart such a special sounding ball. I’d love a play date with you and Ku any time! 🙂

  5. utesmile Says:

    Beautiful Wiley, such a handsome dog you are, and with wonderful inspiration! See growing older isn’t such a bad thing it comes with wisdom. Love yours!

  6. Wiley! You look sleek and handsome. Getting older is also getting wiser, so settle in and enjoy it. You’ll never lose you spark!!

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      You make me blush! With people like you keeping me going, I know you’re right about me never losing the spark.
      Thank you for being you!
      Lots of love,

  7. Basil Says:

    Of courseyour mum and dad will still love you and typist would steal you away in a heartbeat!!

    • Dear friend,
      You should know I have a habit of going with whomever seems nice – I’d probably hop into the car of a complete stranger leaving the dog park if not for the impact I know it would have on my mom. So I suppose you’re right – they will still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful. But if not, I know where I can turn! 😉
      Lots of love,

  8. Gizmo Says:

    Wiley It’s a pleasure to meet you…Thanks for popping by my blog…I see you’ve got much to share, so Giz & I will be back often

    • Hello Gizmo! I’m so happy to see your paw prints on my pages! I’ve been popping by intermittently throughout my time in the blogosphere, and you are an accomplished inspiration! I do indeed hope to see more of you and your mom again soon! 🙂

  9. I would like a day at the Zoo too – I hope the grooming is without water:o) You look great Wiley. Getting older is not always “hot” – but with every day you can collect more memories :o)

    • I saw my Weimaraner friend at the dog park today and it made me think of you pal! 🙂 You are so right – every day you can collect memories – which are such a precious gift. Thanks for your commentary friend!

  10. Lydia Says:

    BIG thumbs up!

  11. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, you always look good to us. So glad you enjoyed the beauty salon and came out looking like a successful blogger. Here’s where you nailed it, Wyles:

    “I saw my spark was alive and well in mom’s eyes when she came to take me home. He looks adorable, she told Mary with a humongous smile on her face. And just like that, all of my negative thoughts faded away.

    This is the mom, I thought, who feeds me and walks me and plays with me and tells me she loves me. What was I thinking?”

    Indeed. Here’s the truth: we all see each other as we first were when we met, no matter how much times goes by. What the time does is cement that love and wonder of having a dog in our life. Not age, Wiley. It’s time (think italics for that word….)

  12. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Funny how much things can change in a year and a half.

  13. Lyn Says:

    Getting bored with baby stuff is pretty normal Wiles. You’re a big boy and your needs are different. They’re probably even more different now than when you originally wrote this post 🙂 Our friends bought their daughter a puppy for her birthday. When Cassandra first came to pay with Cally, it didn’t take long for Cally to get fed up with her antics. It didn’t help either that Cas is three times as big as Cally. One of Cas’s favourite games was to run across the tile floor and jump on the rug, which would slide to the other side of the room. She’d do this over and over again. LOL Cally, in the meanwhile took refuge on my lap in the other room. Peace and quiet is a wonderful thing Wiles 😉

    • See, dear Lyn, I’ve always thought dear Cally and I would be pals. Reading this confirms it. 🙂 Your lap, and the peace it offers, is definitely more my speed too.
      Lots of love to you and Cally (and Cas, I suppose). 🙂

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