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Does That Make Me Bad? June 6, 2013

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I did something kind of crazy today. It was one of those moments when my nature completely took over my mind. And in the blink of an eye, it was too late. I peed on my mom at the dog park this afternoon. There, I said it. (Even worse, I did it).

Proud of SelfThis, from the dog who has never (seriously, never) tinkled or pooped in my forever home. I don’t even like when I can’t help it and throw up by the back door on occasion. I know the rules, and don’t make a habit of breaking them. But I did today.

I can’t explain it. One minute I was wrestling with my golden retriever pal Boone, and the next minute he was peeing on my mom’s leg. Like a fire hose. On her surgery leg. The leg that has been to hell and back in the last year and has the scars to prove it. My reaction was instinctual: back up off it, dude! That’s my mom you’re marking! My mom? My MOM!?

That’s when it happened. Up went my leg, and the rest is dog park history. I knew as I was doing it I was in the wrong. I shouldn’t have made matters worse, and yet I couldn’t help myself.

Then I remembered something. It was like a memory coming full circle. It was the day my parents brought me home from the humane society, and we made a stop at Petco (where the pets go) for a crate. Right there in the middle of the store, I lifted my leg and peed on my dad’s leg. I was so excited and overwhelmed and happy and (I didn’t know it yet) in love.

So I did something kind of crazy today. I peed on my mom’s leg. I never do stuff like that. But the more I thought about why I did it, the less guilty I felt about it. It’s the same reason I marked my dad in the Petco that day. They are my people, I love them, and I’ve peed on both of them. I’m over it. I don’t plan on doing it again (unless provoked), but I don’t regret it. Does that make me bad?


40 Responses to “Does That Make Me Bad?”

  1. No Wiley, you are not bad! You were just covering Boone’s marking and reclaiming your wonderful Mom! I’ve never peed on Mama, but as I am the protector male of the pack, I like to pee over where Nalle pees so no one can find her and do any harm to her. Gotta let others know I’ve got our neighborhood covered. Wiley you are a very good pup for protecting your mom. Woooowoooooos to yooowooowooo! Ku

    • Dear Ku,
      Thank you for sharing your story about protecting Nalle – she’s lucky to have you looking out for her! I suppose you’re right in saying I was protecting my mom – it just took me off guard how automatic my response was! Lots of love to you and Nalle!

  2. HaHaHa! I am giving this one a good belly laugh!! I’m trying to picture your Mom! I’m guessing she was thoroughly soaked! She must be pretty special.

    • It absolutely fills my heart with joy when I read that my words caused someone to laugh. Laughter is the music of the soul. And yes, my mom is pretty special…I might be the slightest bit biased, but I digress. πŸ™‚

  3. Lyn Says:

    Poor Wiley. It must have been embarrassing for you young pup, but these things happen. Same as when a human child has an accident. Now I know they aren’t marking their territory, but they still feel the same as you did. You’re still using your Mom’s laptop to write your blog, so your she has obviously forgiven you. Cally is a little girl dog, and once or twice, even she has had an accident if I’ve been away from home for more than 7 hours and she can’t get outside. She feels terrible and as soon as I walk in the front door, she stands in front of me with her head down and her ears all droopy. I just tell her it’s okay and clean up the puddle.

    • Dear Lyn,
      I didn’t think of that – mom letting me use the laptop because she’d already forgiven me – but thank goodness she did! I haven’t missed a day of blogging since I started December 20, and don’t intend to start now because of a silly accident. You’re also right about us dogs knowing when we’ve been naughty – sometimes we just can’t help it, regardless of the situation. Give some hugs and kisses to those beautiful little people of yours, would you? πŸ™‚

  4. JackieP Says:

    It’s ok Wiley. One dog I owned peed on my leg too when he felt another strange dog was getting to close to me. It happens sometimes. It’s nature taking over. No biggie.

  5. angloswiss Says:

    Wiley, don’t worry, just follow your instincts. Now if I told you where my felines pee and otherwise, then you would have problems. I have a pampas grass in the garden which only grows one sided after so many territory markings from Fluffy. Now and again Nera has a toilet accident as she has fur that sweeps the ground when she walks. – stop spitting Nera, and yes I will tell them about the two visits we had to make to the vets for a radical hair cut, although you looked good with your poodle cut. So Wiley, it’s just life and humans are also not even perfect.

    • I suppose you’re right – there is a valuable lesson to be learned from all this. Nobody’s Perfect – we all make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them that defines our character. All my best to Fluffy and Nera. πŸ˜‰

  6. No that does not make you bad Wiles, you are a little doggie after all and I’m sure your mom and dad understand that πŸ™‚

    • My mom was surprisingly understanding. I mean, I’ve seen her reaction to other things she deems “gross” (most of which I find exciting) and I was shocked when she stayed calm in this situation. It’s a good thing I’m cute, I guess. πŸ˜‰ Good to see you and your smiling face.

  7. Of course you’re not bad Wiley. You have to mark what’s yours and as far as I know, it’s a sign of love too. Pawkiss πŸ™‚

  8. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, you left out the critical part – details, details, details, dog! What did your Mom do? ‘sides which, the other dog started it, right? So, really, you and everybody above are right – you were reclaiming and owning your Mom. So. So. What did your Mom do? Best ~ Elby

    • Oh goodness, you are absolutely right! I don’t know how I left out such important details! My mom (who usually reacts to things she deems “gross” quite dramatically) took it like a champ. She yelped, but didn’t budge from the spot because (I could tell) she didn’t want it to end up on her shoes. Heaven forbid something happen to the fabulous flats. She stayed calm, and simply cleaned it off when we got home. I was proud she was my person. πŸ™‚

      • huntmode Says:

        Elby passed your response to me. Well, yeah, Wiles, of course she didn’t want the shoes trashed. Sundress? Was that poor woman bare legged? She is a Queen! Best ~ HuntMode

      • Indeed, the poor woman was bare legged! At least no clothing or shoes were harmed in the inspiration/making of this blog entry. πŸ™‚

  9. Basil Says:

    BOL um on first reading typist did think well why didn’t your mum just jump out of the way – in her head she had this image of your mum just standing still while you completely emptied your system – she what I put up with!!

  10. pjdonna Says:

    Funny! πŸ˜› have a good day!

  11. Nikitaland Says:

    You were just marking your territory! No harm done!

  12. NO! That is not bad. No one will blame a dog for being a dog. I have never tried peeing on Mom, but I haven’t totally ruled it out. The heat of the moment makes us do doggie things, sometimes….

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      I know I can count on you to be on my side with these things. Indeed – I was a dog being a dog, and the heat of the moment definitely has its power.
      Lots of love to you and your (pee free) mom.

  13. You are a dog Wiley, so you act like a dog. I did the same thing with my dad and even my granny was “signed” by me :o) I hope your mom’s surgery leg is ok.

    • I love that way of saying it! “Signed.” That is a perfect explanation! πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking about mom’s surgery leg, too, by the way. It’s doing a lot better and she can do more of her normal exercises now, but I can tell it still bothers her every now and then. 😦

  14. finnhoward Says:

    Pee happens. I am sure your Momma still loves ya!

  15. Lydia Says:

    This is a wonderful blog today. I’m sharing it with my friends.

  16. Oh WIley! Jack Henry says you were just being a good son by letting everyone know who was your Mom- your parents are so lucky to have such a loving and protective son! Hubble says a son’s got to do what a son’s got to do! Be well pup!

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    Sometimes a little crazy is merited.

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