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The Perfume of Life June 12, 2013

Dog noses can pick up some pretty incredible scents. We can be trained to hunt for illegal drugs and missing persons. We can find buried treasures in the backyard we stowed away for a special occasion. We can smell that pepperoni pizza before the pizza delivery guy even gets out of his car. Regardless of what we use them for, the dog nose is a pretty priceless asset to us canines.

I use mine for all sorts of good (and evil…that garbage can never sees me coming!), including breathing in all the fabulousness of life I can handle. The fresh green grass after dad finishes with that loud contraption called a lawnmower. The bacon I occasionally get to sample after Saturday brunch. And (perhaps my favorite scent of all) the smell of my people.

I’m not talking the smell after they do their ritualistic readying routines involving various forms of scented shampoos, hair styling products, perfumes and lotions. I’m talking about their natural people smell. It might sound weird, but that is one most heavenly smells to those of us who are fortunate to find forever homes. To us, that is the smell of happiness, love and true joy.

Jess (at 10 weeks) and IAll of this came to the forefront of my doggie heart tonight when we got a visit from my mom’s good friend Jessica (also known as mom of my doggie pal Diesel). From the moment she walked in, I was absolutely enamored with her smell. And while my mom immediately attributed my obsessive sniffing to smelling Diesel, I knew better. I knew better seven months ago when Jessica was frequently visiting my mom after her knee reconstruction surgery, and I know better now. She smells like life. And I’d choose the smell of life over that of any designer perfume.

Sure, there was a faint underlying sense of vanilla and cocoa, but my heart paid no attention to that. She sat on the couch and I couldn’t help myself from sniffing all over her rounded tummy and nuzzling up against her hair. I only half heard the conversation she was having with my mom about how she is feeling with just a few days left before the baby is born. She can’t wait to meet the baby, and (to be honest) neither can I. It smells so good already and it’s not even born yet!

I don’t think I realized it until today, but this smell of life might be my new favorite people smell. It’s not really something I’ve been exposed to in the past, and I’m not likely to be exposed to it too often in my doggie life. So today I breathed it in with all my might because it truly is special. I was reminded at some point amidst my epic sniff fest that a dog’s nose can smell some pretty spectacular things. There are many moments in a dog’s life that we unconsciously give thanks for our gift of smell, but today surpassed that for me. This was no buried bone or pepperoni pizza. I smelled life today. And it smells fabulous.

This post is dedicated to my pal Diesel, who in a few precious days, will become a big doggie brother to baby Sternard. Congrats dude!



12 Responses to “The Perfume of Life”

  1. scrapydo Says:

    I love the way you explain our doggy smell and perfume way! My mum and those who love me smell awesome to me. No doggy smell but human smell 🙂

    • Trompie! So good to see you, my pal! I think of you and your mum often, hoping things are better. Are they? Lots of love, Wiles

      • scrapydo Says:

        Yeah, It’s going better Mum got her pension on Thursday now we can breath again. I am still worried when she is not doing her usual things you know. We dogs have this intuition of what is happening or going on in our loved ones brains! LOL and licks to you.

      • Oh good! I’m so glad to hear things are better, albeit not quite back to the usual. I know all about that intuition, so I know what you’re gong through trying to be her lantern of love right now. Keep it up pal! These are our moments to shine!

  2. Congratulations to Diesel. What a fun big brother. I’ve never smelled that almost-a-real-baby-smell! You described it beautifully! I do love babies and little kids, though. They smell delicious – like sweat and gum. Yummy..

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      I’ve heard that little people smell (and taste) delicious because of all that sweat and gum. And jelly. And cake frosting. And pretty much anything they get their cute little people hands into. 🙂
      Lots of love to you,

  3. Life smells fabulous – you’re right! Sometimes it smells like adventure and mystery and sometimes it smells like home :o)

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  5. This post was very smelly Wiley. Wait a minute, I smell tuna, that’s good too isn’t it 🙂
    Congratulations Diesel 🙂

    • You’re so funny, friend! I will be sure to pass along your kind sentiment to my dear friend Diesel. Update: still no baby though she was almost induced today.

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