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On Morality and The Good Life June 24, 2013

I did the right thing today. It went against everything my terrier nature told me to do. And it wasn’t easy, which is why I know it was right.

Dad was using that scary loud contraption called a lawnmower in the backyard when it happened. He came across something on the ground that prompted him to turn off the machine and stare. Which prompted me to investigate what he was staring at. Sure enough, the rabbit I’ve been seeing a lot of in our yard lately suddenly appeared from beneath the ground and darted away. I chased her, but she was too fast for me and quickly ran beyond the length of my lead. I’m certain she was hoping to cause a diversion, as dad and I quickly discovered she left behind two little rabbit babies (each no larger than the majority of my chew toys) and they were both in my reach.

In that moment, I was faced with a decision. Do what came naturally to me as a terrier or do the right thing. I knew immediately what I was going to do so (in spite of my dad scolding me and pulling me away) I simply sniffed at the little guys and wished them well. Life's Big Questions

It goes back to my first moments after I was separated from my birth mom and brothers. I know what its like to be in their teeny little rabbit paws in that situation. They were me today, lost and afraid and uncertain of what the future holds for them. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy, let alone two helpless little rabbit babies who may or may not reunite with their mom. To make matters worse, I watched in horror as they each scurried off in their own separate way. I know it should have made me want to chase them, but watching everything unfold the way it did actually just made me sad.

Still I know in my heart that my birth mom would be proud of what I did today, wherever she is. She is the reason I believe no character comes into our life without a good reason, without a message or life lesson. Her brevity in my life made my moments with her that much more valuable, and I can say with honesty that I remember the majority of what she taught me. Some things made sense immediately: dream big, love bigger, never take no for an answer. Others didn’t make sense right away (as these things never do when we’re to young to understand) but these are the things that seem most important now. Love your neighbors as yourself. Strive to be a servant leader. Do the right thing even if it hurts.

“Aim above morality,” American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau suggested. “Be not simply good, be good for something.”

I did the right thing today. I was good for something. And it was far from easy. But if there is anything experience has taught me its that usually doing the right thing is most important when it hurts. These are the moments when learning comes full circle and we truly understand morality and the good life.


27 Responses to “On Morality and The Good Life”

  1. You are very good for lots of somethings Wiley! I hope the bunny babies found their mama! Wooowoooo, Ku

    • Your words make me smile on an almost daily basis, dear Ku. Thank you for that. I will keep you posted about the rabbits – I too hope they have a family reunion really soon.

  2. I hope you got a big treat for doing the right thing. I myself LOVE rabbits. I find them most fascinating. I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a baby one. You are one good pup!

    • I did get treats. They were special yummy ones mom got at Fido Fest over the weekend. I too love rabbits (mostly for chasing though), and it was surreal coming across baby ones. They were so cute, but so helpless…I hated to see them get separated from their mom.

  3. That was a wonderful thing you did Wiley.
    We loved the story.

    • Thank you!!! I love telling stories, I just wish this one had a happier ending. I didn’t see the reunion I hoped to see today. I’m going to keep watching for it though.

  4. writetowag Says:

    You are good for something…every single day my friend!!!! You brighten my day!!!!

  5. Misaki Says:

    You are so good xx

  6. You are a good guy – maybe you will get a plush rabbit or a squeaky-rabbit :o)

    • Ohhhh! Yes, that would be swell! I hope my parents are reminded of my awesomeness the next time they are wherever they go when they come back with toys. 🙂

  7. Basil Says:

    I hope all the rabbit family will soon be reunited!

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  9. We are ALL proud of you, W. Doing the right thing is sometimes difficult. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I don’t do the right thing too often…. You done good, buddy.

    Love and licks,

  10. I’m glad you did the right thing Wiley! Let’s hope the bunnies have good lives wherever they went! 🙂

  11. OH MY DAWGNESS! That, my friend, was certainly difficult. Whew. You’re quite the better person….uh….better dawg for having done what you did.

    Me? I’m not quite sure. I think I would have….uh….not done what you did.

    AroOOOOs, Stuart

    • Stuart! So nice to see you again! I’m not so sure you wouldn’t have done what I did. Those little guys were so cute and little and helpless. Though the more I think about it the more I wonder how I had that kind of restraint, regardless of what they looked like….oh dawg.
      See you again soon!

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  13. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I can’t help it. Thinking about this post makes me think of One Republic’s song “Good Life.”

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