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Life’s Power Outages June 27, 2013

The sky cried so hard today the tears did some serious damage in my neighborhood. I usually do all right with storms, but I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced one like this alone before. My people were still at the place called work, which seemed unusual since it was incredibly dark outside. The lightning was blinding and the thunder deafening. The wind seemed to shake the house and I thought the rain was going to break into the house somehow. Then the power went out and all I could do was wait.

Everything quieted down outside, but pandemonium continued when dad got home and let me outside. Trees are down and power is out throughout the neighborhood, I heard a stranger tell my dad, and basements are flooding everywhere. We were fortunate that our basement was the exception to the rule, but our neighbors on either side weren’t so lucky. And that’s when I heard something I didn’t really want to believe. Our friendly neighbor man died suddenly on Sunday, the stranger told my dad. I remember hearing the sirens and seeing the lights on Sunday night and saying a prayer that everything was okay. It wasn’t.

I felt like I’d gotten kicked in the doggie gut. The man was fairly young in people years (in his 50s I would guess), and had been having some health problems, but I didn’t think it was that bad. They just had everyone in the family over to their house that day. I’d never seen it that busy before. And it was incredibly hot and humid on Sunday but everyone was together and happy. There was all kinds of giggling children running around and tents and food and a bouncy house. It was the perfect day. Until it wasn’t.

I’m no stranger to loss so I can say with confidence that the friendly neighbor lady the man left behind probably feels like she’s in her own kind of power outage right now. Everything seems dark around her except for perhaps the occasional unwelcomed burst of thunder and splash of lightning. Its so much easier to see darkness instead of light right now. But what matters are those flashlights and candles, those light bulbs and lanterns, who bring the light into the dark. People have been in and out of that house constantly since it happened, offering their own sources of light. Candle of Light

The sky cried hard today. It brought down some trees and power lines. We lost power for a few hours. But ultimately the power was restored. Life’s power outages can ironically be pretty powerful sometimes. Whether we are alone or surrounded by people, these storms can take away our senses and leave us in the darkness. The wind can shake us to our core. And the tears feel like they will never stop. But they will. Just as all power outages eventually come to an end, the good news is with the help of life’s flashlights, candles, light bulbs and lanterns, our power too is eventually restored.


25 Responses to “Life’s Power Outages”

  1. That is sad about your neighbor Wiley.Be sure to bring some of your light to his widow! Woowoo, Ku

    • Thank you friend. I will make a point of bringing some light to the Lady neighbor. Mom’s thinking of making one of her famous very cheery cherry pies. 😉

  2. Lyn Says:

    Saying a prayer for the lady left behind, Wiley xx.

  3. Georgia Says:

    You are so wise Wiley. I hope you can give your neighbour lady a nice cuddle and a lick

  4. Basil Says:

    Glad to hear you and the house were ok! Such a wise post again my pal, thank you!

  5. Thank goodness for the candles, lanterns, and flashlights. The ones we pull out of the cabinets to help us see in the darkness of our house and the human ones that help us see through darkness in our lives.

    Love and licks,

  6. That’s sad Wiley – and even the heaven felt sorry. All my best wishes to the Lady he left behind.

  7. You have been nominated for the ABC Award. You may pick it up at: http://chasingtheperfectmoment.com/awards/
    If you choose not to that’s okay. Just know you were thought of!

  8. Gizmo Says:

    We’ve had really bad storms here too Wiley and even lost our interweb for a couple of days…so sorry you lost your neighbor friend

  9. Nikitaland Says:

    Hey Wiley, that is truly sad about your neighbor, and so young too. Heck, I am going to be 48 in July. Our basement flooded one night this week when we got a huge thunder & lightning storm blow through here, but our power stayed on. Daddy had to stay at work until after 9pm cause their power went out and their company runs 24/7 so he had to wait to make sure everything was in order before he left. Then he came home to me cleaning out the basement filled with water. What a night, eh. Sorry to hear about your neighbor, just remember the memories you shared together.

    • What a night indeed! Those are the times I really wish there was a way us doggies could help out instead of standing around watching things. Then I remember we do help out by bringing smiles and humor to these not-so-humorous reality checks. Thanks for sharing your story, for your sympathies, and for being you. 😉

  10. […] felt completely defeated with the sincerest compassion when I say my neighbor Lady. I wanted so badly for mom to let me off my leash so I could go give her a big ole hug and some […]

  11. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Finding light in the darkest of situations is the only way to live your silver lining.

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