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Let’s Start With Forever June 29, 2013

It has been suggested that a canine’s greatest fault is our short lifespans. At an alarming rate that runs roughly seven times faster than people time, I can’t say I entirely disagree. Man’s best friend shouldn’t get taken away from man any sooner than both parties are ready. But would we really ever be ready?

I wondered this today as I caught my mom indulging in what she admits is guilty pleasure entertainment. From witches and warlocks to dragons and vampires, all things supernatural have become very popular lately in literature, television, and movies. And while my mom tends to side with vampires (more often than not) on their seemingly endless mythical feud with werewolves, I can’t say I agree. This may not come as a surprise as I am obviously a (very distant) canine relative of sorts, but that is not my only rationale. Sure, vampires have immortality on their side, but from what I can tell living forever has its fair share of cons. I Choose Life

Artistic interpretations of vampire life continue to evolve over time, but the basics remain. And while it’s not always the case, many interpretations paint vivid portrayals of vampires who long for a chance to be human and live a normal human life. This leads me to believe immortality might not be all its cracked up to be. In contrast, werewolf life somehow strikes the perfect balance between natural and supernatural, allowing for a normal human life and (along with that) a susceptibility to death.

To me, death is just as important as life because it is our constant reminder to cherish what we have. I believe in the gift of each morning, living each day like it could be my last, and dancing like no one is watching. I believe in James Dean’s suggestion to “dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” None of that would remain a priority if I were miraculously granted immortality. And if it did, I can honestly say it would never be the same.

While I don’t necessarily disagree that a canine’s greatest fault is our short lifespan, I also can’t say I would change that if I was ever afforded the option. The truth is I don’t think anyone is ever really ready to lose a loved one. It doesn’t matter whether someone dies unexpectedly or inevitably loses a hard-fought battle with terminal illness. You’re never really ready. And neither way is easier on those left behind. But just as it is for people loved ones, the relationship between a person and his or her dog is priceless even after the dog moves on to doggie heaven. Just ask someone who has lost their best canine friend – those paw prints remain embedded on their heart forever. I’ll take that over immortality any day. That is my kind of forever.



23 Responses to “Let’s Start With Forever”

  1. So wise Wiley! And so true! Big brother Simba lives on in my and Mama’s hearts. He lives on through us. Wooooooowoooooooo, Ku

  2. Beautiful post and great advice!

  3. likeitiz Says:

    Such wise thoughts, Wiley. I’m not sure immortality is so great either. I’m reminded of Achilles’ comments on the movie Troy. He said that the gods are jealous of humans because we are mortal.

  4. Mom says her old dog Smoki helped her find me and now Smoki lives inside me. I think she’s in my belly because Mom keeps kissing me there. We all stay alive somewhere….

    Love and licks,

    • Your words are inspiring to me on such a regular basis. You’re absolutely right – we all stay alive somewhere, whether its in a person’s heart or their new pup’s belly. 😉

  5. Susan D. Says:

    How fitting I am reading this on the 4 year anniversary of our beloved Duffey parting this world. We miss him every day. But, tomorrow we start a new chapter in our lives, as our two NEW fur-babies join Happy Monkey Land.

    • Dear Susan,
      I’m sorry to hear about Duffey, but I’m so excited to hear everything about the new fur-babies in Monkey Land!!!!
      Lots of love to you and the new pups!

  6. Geraldine Says:

    what a wise and adorable doggie you are. 😉

  7. You are very wise, Wiley. We always think a longer life is better for our dogs, but I always imagine the grief when we finally do part would be that many times worse.

  8. huntmode Says:

    Wiley, there was a popular TV show called Hercules with a brave and brawny and beautiful (!) hero. One of the plots was on what would happen if death ceased. I don’t recall all of it, the impression left was a point not often brought out – we assume immortality means good health, but what if it didn’t? Death can be a gift in bringing an end to pain and suffering. Not to be grim here, just saying. Within the two or three months of one another, I had to let my two kids (Dyssa, the Cat and Claire, the Greyhound, go forward without me. While I miss them, I didn’t want them to live at any cost – gives me the shivers thinking of it. Now, I have two new kids, Elby That Cat and Ella, the Greyhound, so utterly different than Dyssa and Claire, yet so wonderful to have in my life. I love you, Wyles. HuntMode

    • Oh, how I’ve missed you dear HuntMode. It’s not the same around here in the blog world without you. I know what you mean about a person’s decision to prolong life or prolong death. I hear that people can choose to take loved ones off life support…that sounds so awful and yet seems to be such a blessing for some. You’re not being grim either, dear friend, just honest. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m so very happy to hear all is well with the new kids on the block, though I know you sorely miss dear Dyssa and Claire. Lots of love to the entire HuntMode family tonight!

  9. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    All things supernatural seem appropriate to comment on this time of year. 🙂

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