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The Company We Keep July 5, 2013

Advertising works. I’ve seen it happen in forever home enough to know it to be true. That latest miracle face cream appearing in the bathroom a few days after the commercial. The occasional trip for ice cream after a tempting tease between classic “Friends” episodes. Even that new kind of dog food that (definitely doesn’t taste as good but) is supposed to be better for me.

This came to my mind as I made the best of my people deciding to watch entirely too much television when they got home from that place called work today. Here it is, a gorgeous afternoon and evening, squandered away with mindless chatter. We could have gone for a walk, or to the dog park, or on a car ride! But as I’m in the habit of finding the silver lining in things, I pawed my way into the perfect cuddle spot between my two favorite people and joined in the (albeit incredibly boring) family activity.

Watching TVCommercials always have a way of catching my attention (usually because of the animal activity) and tonight I got to thinking about one particular type of commercial that used to be a head-scratcher to me. The dating sites. We all know them. E-Harmony, Match.com, OurTime.com, and ChristianMingle.com are among the first to come to mind (see what I mean about advertising working?). I used to see those commercials and (somewhat mockingly) dream up my own personal ads.

SCM (single canine male), 5 people years, 24 inches, 22 pounds, with floofy tail and point ears seeks a friend for the end of the world. (Nope, sounds too desperate). SCM, 35 doggie years, 24 inches, 22 pounds, with a heart of gold and lots of joy to share seeks a female canine to spoil with love. (Too cheesy?) SCM, mysterious, seeks someone to enjoy the journey with as much as the destination. (I kind of like this one).I'm a Half Full Doggie

All joking aside, I didn’t believe in this cyber-dating concept until recently when I found a new home in the blogosphere. We are family here, friends joining together from all over the world to comment on life’s refreshing moments of silliness and embrace each other in moments of struggle. It reminds me of one of the first moments I found myself just outside my mother’s protective cuddle zone when I was a puppy.

At first I was all alone in the tremendously bright sun feeling miles away from my mom and brothers who had all been cuddled so closely together for what felt like forever. (It was really only the first few days of my life, but time has a way of dragging when all you can do is sleep, eat, and sleep some more). In reality, I only felt far away from my family because of the closeness we had previously shared. Then I remembered I was there, out in the open, with my brothers and mom by my side. Suddenly it wasn’t so scary anymore. I didn’t know it then, but the company I kept in those terrifying moments made them worth living.

“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people,” suggested American actress Elizabeth Green. Advertising has a way of making even the least desirable things seem necessary. But when the rubber meets the road, we don’t need the miracle moisturizer, ice cream cone or even the fancy designer dog food (that tastes like cardboard). We need people in our life to share moments with, even if it means cuddling together in front of the TV instead of enjoying the great outdoors. From our everyday people to the family we create on the world wide web, the company we keep make moments worth living.


17 Responses to “The Company We Keep”

  1. Cyberspace Amigos Rock!!

  2. Nikitaland Says:

    Oh Wiley…you are so wise! This is the best post ever and I have already read it twice, just to make sure I did not miss anything. I have always felt that it does not matter “what” you are doing, but having the “right” person with you, makes all the difference. My Mommy & Daddy actually met on Match.com and have been together since 2009, enjoying life together. Then, they added me to the picture and made their life better, then added Bella to our fam to bring joy to all of us! The company you keep is important, and we always love seeing posts from YOU in our inbox, because we feel you are very special! {{{hugs}}}

    • Wow. Thank you dear Nikita! Your words touched my little doggie heart. I’m so happy to hear Match.com worked for your forever family – and that it led them to you! Lots of love to you, Bella and your Mommy and Daddy!

  3. utesmile Says:

    I wished I could be that SCF (single canine female) to spoil you. You are a very wise dog and I do share your thoughts. I also find that the friends here in blogland are priceless and give me so much happiness and company.I laugh with them, I cry with them, I feel with them and I love them!
    Love you too Wiley! ♥

  4. Gizmo Says:

    Excellent thoughts today Wiley…having the right pawson makes all the difference and i know I got very lucky when my momz found me

  5. Beautiful post, Wiley! We are feeling blessed to have such a large family of 2 and 4-legged friends on the web who never seem to be more than a few taps away. 🙂

    Nanina and Poppy

  6. huntmode Says:

    Ah, Wyles, you busted me. I have been watching entirely too much T.V. and wondering about the company I keep in the shows that I watch…. the great babysitter, I called it last night. Both Ella & Elby keep me company, snoozing through the noise or calling me to account for food time, treat time, walk time (!) – they are the company that keeps me. Best ~ HuntMode.

    P.S. – If the food is tasteless, it can’t be that good for you, Wiley. Get ’em to change it up! Oh! I thought of a possible post for you – you always ask on Facebook…. In looking at your pictures today, I noticed the green string around your neck. What is it and why are you wearing it? It has to have more meaning, if only because you, Wyles, are a snappy dresser – sunglasses, wrist watches, poses with your lap top.

    • It happens to the best of us, dear HuntMode. I don’t mean to scold anyone about it either. But it does bother me when it is a perfectly beautiful day outside and my people seem too tired (for some curious reason) to enjoy it. On the flip side of things, I do love me some cuddle time, so I suppose it’s really a draw. I’m glad Ella and Elby are keeping you company, as it sounds like they share a similar sentiment for cuddle time. 😉

      PS-I think the food is good for me, but its a far cry from the tastiness of the old stuff that had all kinds of chewy goodness in it. I heard my vet suggest I not have all that chewy stuff because it gets stuck in my teeth, so we are trying the hard stuff. I guess I’d compare it to switching from donuts to whole-grain toast for people breakfast. It’s tough, but it’s a good investment in the long run. 🙂

      PPS – Indeed, I do need help coming up with ideas (I’m thinking of blogging asking for ideas one of these days), so THANK YOU for your mention of my green scarf. I will make a note of that for my next creatively rainy day. 🙂

      • huntmode Says:

        Wyles, you are getting way too sensible! Ella said, “Are you sure he’s a dog?” and Elby said, “No, that is a dog. A cat would simply howl until they couldn’t stand the torture and gave them those cute little cans. Why don’t I get the cute little cans, Mom?”

      • I love the conversation between Ella and Elby. 🙂

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    Here is how my personals add would read. What would yours say?

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