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Listen Up, World July 22, 2013

I’ve got something to say. It’s nothing new or out of the ordinary. It’s nothing I haven’t already said before. But that doesn’t negate its meaning.

I love you world!I took a moment to pause today to reflect back on the last seven months of blogging every day. Like any journey, there have been high and low points. There have been days that overflow with inspiration and ideas, and days I’ve written about chasing flies. (It’s a truly fruitless task that never seems to end well, yet I can’t seem stop writing about it). There are days I am proud of my words and days I struggle to believe anyone wants to read what I have to say.

Yet all of these stops along the way lead back to a common theme. All of my most popular musings have something incredibly obvious in common. Love. For family, friends, the blogosphere, and life. Love. Shared with whomever will take it. Love and the role it plays in life. It’s no surprise to me that love is the tie that binds, but the way I see it that’s not really the point.

Here we are in this big (occasionally scary) world and we’re hungry for it. We long and lust after it. And, as Mother Theresa accurately suggested “the hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” We hunger for this love, this essential ingredient in a healthy diet of life. I find this both ironically sad and inspiring, as it demonstrates a desperate need that can so easily be filled. The invigorating power of love lies within each and every one of us – all we have to do is find our own unique way to share it.

It doesn’t have to be big showy love to make a difference either. A little goes a long way. Take it from me, a dog blogger with a dream to share joy with the world through these very words. Blogging every day for the last seven months hasn’t always been easy, but it’s how I’ve chosen to share my love with the world. A dog’s life is about as simple as it gets, based firmly in this most basic of human emotion. Love. A little goes a long way.

Listen up, world. I know nothing I’m saying is novel. It’s nothing I haven’t already said. And it’s nothing big coming from a five-year-old rescue dog living happily ever after in suburban America. But I still think it needs to be said as often to as many people as possible. Great Indian thinker Mahatma Gandhi once said “where there is love there is life.” Listen up, world. I love you!

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16 Responses to “Listen Up, World”

  1. Love is the only thing that money can’t buy. If you love yourself and have friends and family who love you back than you are truly rich.

    • Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, my new dear friend! This is true – money can’t buy love…or happiness…or the happiness that accompanies love. And with love you are indeed rich.

  2. I wuvyooowooooowooooootooooowoooowooooo! Ku
    p.s. Mama says you look so cute she wishes she could just grab you through the computer and give you a big big kiss!

  3. Basil Says:

    Another brilliant post, and I love that you are a little bit of positive in my life every day!

  4. Love is a very important thing – if we have a heart full of love there is no room for hate and bad things.
    You are a wise doggy, Wiley and all your post are worth to ponder a while about.

  5. Right back at you, W! A little love does go a long way, but LOTS goes even farther.

    Lots of love and licks,

  6. Amen to that Wiley!!

  7. Ruby Says:

    This is a great post! I’m happy to have found your blog 🙂 Kudos to you for writing every day, whether the topic is exciting or mundane being able (or willing) to do it every day takes a lot of discipline. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    • I am so happy you found my blog too! I love seeing new paw prints on my pages! It brings the purest warmth to my little doggie heart. Please come back and visit me some more soon! 🙂

  8. huntmode Says:

    Dearest Wiley, you help fill my heart with love. Thanks, dear dog! HuntMode

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