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So Happy Together July 28, 2013

I don’t understand why people call cell phones smart. The way I see it, they distract more than they connect. They take people away from the company they’re with to a cyber place with people somewhere else. And (perhaps most importantly) they detract from my favorite time of day: family time.Family Time Please

It doesn’t happen often, but it did tonight. There we were in the living room. Together. But separate. Mom and dad both were playing around with these so-called Smartphones. I don’t know what they were doing that was so important, but it doesn’t matter to me. Sunday nights are not for cell phones. They are for family time. So I did what any dog would do: I shut that technology party down.

And it was far from easy. In addition to every single one of my toys (which I still don’t understand why dad insists on putting into a basket), I brought out some of my best tricks. I sat and stared at dad. I jumped at him. I pawed at his foot. Nothing. I stared at mom. I jumped at her. I pawed at her foot. Nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing – my mom confused all of my purposeful shenanigans as a desire to be let outside. I dutifully went outside, did my business and then scratched at the door to be let back inside so I could resume my mission. I would not be ignored. Persistence and patience paid off about fifteen minutes later when I finally succeeded in luring them both into a game of pickle in the middle.

This is a favorite game of theirs and (in spite of how frustrating it can be to always play the role of pickle) it is a favorite of mine. They always smile and giggle and I can feel it in the air. There we were in the living room. Together. Joy. In a moment, there it is.

These games never last very long, but as I am an expert in the area of people watching I know what always comes next. Family time. It never stops with the game. It starts with the game. The cell phones get put away (who are you calling smart now?), and we cuddle together as a family. We are so happy together in these moments. Now if only I could figure out a trick to get them to turn off that television.


23 Responses to “So Happy Together”

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  2. Lyn Says:

    Pssst, Wiley, I can tell you how to get rid of the television. Get your Mom to teach you how to pull the cord gently with your teeth. I’m sure your Dad does most of the TV watching. It would be a great trick, and if you learnt to do it gently, you never have any troubles with TV again. I reckon even your Dad would laugh and think what an amazingly clever boy your were.

  3. Persistence pays off! I love a story with a happy ending! Good work, W. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  4. Family time is the best “game” ever !

  5. Oh Wiley you are the SMARTEST doggy ever! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Dear Dakota,
      I don’t think I’ve ever said so before, but I really love your comment signature: barks, licks and love. Thank you for your very nice comment, and for simply being you.
      Lots of love,

  6. MaggieMay Says:

    Whatever you do: Don’t start chewing on any cables. I would miss you to much. I have missed reading about the things you have been up to while I have had some “Down time” and the need to create a new domain.. I don’t know why – but I’m guessing I’m blond for a reason.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Ah, my love hate relationship with technology.

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