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Look No Further August 1, 2013

I enjoyed a paradise for the senses tonight. The birds were singing in beautiful harmonious surround sound, accompanied by the faint chiming of wind chimes. The sun warmed my soul just enough as I inhaled the smell of people food on nearby grills through the cool breeze. If summer could be captured in a moment, I had it in the palm of my paw today.Joy

It was the very antithesis of misery. That’s the word my mom uses when nothing seems to be cooperating. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it happens it throws both dad and I for a loop. I’m not sure whether to steer clear or offer my sincerest of condolences, and I can tell dad feels the same.

It happened just the other day, when mom woke up with a terrible headache (which I’ve never experienced but I gather is quite painful), and nothing went right from the moment she got out of bed. She cut herself in the shower (heaven knows how), burned herself with the hair iron, spilled lotion all over the place, and then ripped the shorts she intended to wear to a family gathering that afternoon. And that’s when the crying started. It lasted longer than usual, and dad didn’t know what to say. (He usually doesn’t, poor guy, so I often find myself wishing he would just follow my lead).

I stayed my distance at first, but cuddling my condolences seemed the preferred method of recovery for this particular instance of misery. It passed as it always does, and I didn’t think anything of it. Until tonight, that is. I found myself reflecting on this thing called misery in a moment of pure summer perfection, when everything seemed to align into a happy harmony.

I’ve seen it happen far too many times – simple things (like lotion on the floor, hair iron burns, and ripped shorts) can really bring the spirit down when they all happen at once. But one of life’s most precious gifts is that of balance. Fortunately for us that means the same can be said of the positive impact of simple things (like birds singing, wind chimes clinking and people food grilling). Joy. Sometimes we need to look no further than our own backyards to find it. Whoever said good things come in small packages sure nailed it on the head.


32 Responses to “Look No Further”

  1. Wiley, that was beautiful. I’m sending your post to friends today.
    We all need occasional reminders to count our blessings!

    • I have to admit — as it is my ultimate goal to share joy with others (who share joy with others) you can imagine my overwhelming excitement in hearing you shared this with your friends!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Kuruk Says:

    Wiley, you are a great thing in a small package! Woooooowoooooooo, Ku

  3. Oh I hate it when bad things happen in a row… I’m so sorry Wiley’s human and glad Wiley knew how to make things right for you 🙂

    • I hate it too…though I do sometimes get an internal giggle when it is all such silly things in the grand scheme of life. The world will not end because of some ripped shorts. 🙂

  4. huntmode Says:

    Ummmm, Wyles, my first thought, after wincing for your Mom’s day, was “Wow, she got it all done in one shot and then she got to enjoy a perfect evening, even if it wasn’t the same day.” I’ve notice the more often people focus on the positive, the negative hits them much harder, simply because they have had so much more time spent in beauty and joy that they have become allergic to the “dark side.” What we could tolerate before becomes tougher because we have experienced the glory and joy of beauty and love in the present for longer periods of time. S’okay. We bounce back.

    • Dear HuntMode,
      I appreciate your commentary on the positive and negative things in life. I think you’re right about it being possible to become allergic to the dark side and I would really rather be that way…but I suppose you’re right. We do bounce back. Thank goodness for that. 😉

  5. Wiley, you are definitely a good thing in a small package! It stinks that the pure joy doesn’t last forever, but it’s a good trade off since the misery doesn’t last forever either. Whew!

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      You know a thing or two about being a good thing in a small package yourself, don’t you? 😉
      I do enjoy your truth about the trade off of goods and bads…neither last forever, and what fun would life be without balance?
      Lots of love to you and mom,

  6. utesmile Says:

    I think it woudl be great if you could talk to your mum, she woudl understand you and you would make her feel better straight away. You are such a great dog!

    • I do so often wish I could talk to my mom. To tell her how much I love her, and how she’s NOT fat, and that this too shall pass. Instead I have to rely on my cuteness, which isn’t always easy as I’m sure you can imagine. 😉

  7. writetowag Says:

    Oh Wiley, love to your mom…I have chronic migraines :-(…I understand her pain…I couldn’t make it without my Trev…You are such a blessing to your parents and everyone you come in contact with…Thank you for that!!!! -Hugs

    • Oh chronic migraines! That sounds terrible! Thank goodness for Trev…I’m so glad you have him because I know how us doggies can offer support and “be there” like no people. Lots of love to you and your beloved doggie.

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    Joy is sometimes right in your own backyard.

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