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It’s That Time Again August 9, 2013

Hot dogs. You’d think as a dog I would love them. You’d think as a lover of all things people food and meat related it would be one of my most favorite things. You’d be wrong.

I was reminded of it today while I kept mom company at the grill. I was in a very happy place and lost myself in the moment as I deeply inhaled the fabulous smell of people food cooking on the grill. She was grilling steak, chicken, corn and potatoes, but she wasn’t the only one grilling in our neighborhood. Somewhere nearby I smelled them. Hot dogs.

That’s when it happened. I closed my eyes and I saw him. The man with the leather belt. I flashed back to his idea of an ideal Friday night in. I’ll never forget how he would completely ignore his daughter Jo (my person at the time, and one of my most favorite little people ever). He would make a whole package of hot dogs for dinner and eat the majority of them while drinking a six-pack of beer and watching baseball on the television in the living room. I would keep poor Jo company, since he wanted nothing to do with her during his manly time.

I’ve never cared much for baseball. I’ve been known to bark at the television when people swing the bats (which is unusual for my typically silent self). I’ve even barked at dad when he practices with his bat in the backyard. I don’t like baseball bats, and I don’t like baseball. And I have my reasons.

But I kind of love American football. More specifically, I love Green Bay Packers football. Not particularly because I like watching it on the television, but because of everything it involves in my forever family. That’s why mom was grilling all of that delicious food (which you’ll note did not include hot dogs). She was going overboard, as dad says she always does, to prepare for a big night of Packer football. (Which I noted was incredibly unusual since it’s a Friday night rather than a Sunday. But I’m not complaining).

The thing I love most about it is it wasn’t that big a night to be fussing about. It is the first pre-season game. My man Aaron Rodgers only played for one drive for crying out loud. But it didn’t matter. We all got gussied up in our Packer jerseys, I got a couple samples of mom’s steak, and we watched the game together as a family. Go Pack Go!

I think that’s why I love football so much. It brings the people I love together (plus I get yummy treats). There’s so much joy in our home during those three hours. And, in case you’re curious, we lost. 17-0. It was kind of brutal. But that didn’t scare the joy away.


15 Responses to “It’s That Time Again”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Oh Wiley, you look so handsome in your Packer’s jersey!

  2. Oh that’s sad that the smell of Hot Dogs brought you such a bad memory. I hope you felt better after the “Steak-Sample”. I’m more with Winston Churchill: NO SPORTS. But whatever it is – when you can do it together as a furmily – than it is great. Ok 17:0 is not really great – but it’s just the first pre-season game – I’m sure your Packers will win the next game!

  3. Kuruk Says:

    Mama says you look super cutsie in your football jersey! xxxxx -from Mama

  4. ScottieMom Says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this picture! Where did you get the jersey? We have been looking for one to surprise Scottie Dad. He’s a huge soccer fan. Got any suggestions for us? Much love, the Scottie Mom.

    • Thank you! My parents say they bought the jersey at a place called TJMaxx – do they have those where you are? If not, I know I also had one from Target a while back, and mom informs me she’s seen them at Petco as well. Otherwise I am an online shopper – I would try an Amazon search for doggie soccer jerseys and see if you find anything. Good luck and much returned love!

  5. seeker Says:

    Love your outfit, Wiles. Very fashionable for the game…

  6. Nikitaland Says:

    Oh Wiley, I LOVE that photograph of you! You should dress up more often! LOVE IT!

  7. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    How appropriate given that it’s Packer Sunday again today! Go Pack go!

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