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Like Riding A Bike August 11, 2013

I blame my fairly parent-free puppyhood. My dad left my mom before I met him, and I lost my mom way too early. But that doesn’t excuse my selfish thinking lately. We canines love unconditionally and selflessly after all. Hard as it may be to admit, everything is not about me. There’s a nervous energy in the Schmidt home lately. It makes sense, with a baby on the way and all. But I realized today we have more than that in common. I’ve been pretty selfish, haven’t I?

I’ve been going about this (soon-to-be) big brother gig all wrong. I’ve been so worried about being a good big brother I didn’t think twice about how my people must be feeling about becoming parents. Parents. Yes, that is definitely a bigger deal than being a brother. Sure, all parts make a family whole. But being parents is one of life’s most excitingly terrifying miracles.

This all became startlingly obvious to me today when my parents were agreeing how much they miss biking together this summer. My regularly accident-prone mom is playing it safe staying away from the two-wheel balancing beam just in case her evolving center of gravity should befall her. And I noticed nerves in their conversation that I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately. No More Nerves

I wished I could jump in to remind them my mom didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle until her 27th birthday. It’s not really my confession to make, but I don’t think she’d mind. She grew up like any other child in every other way, but riding a bike was not part of her particular childhood story. I remember the day well.

She and dad came home with an air of excitement us dogs can sense in less obvious things like racing heartbeats and quicker breathing patterns. With them they brought a contraption I learned later was called a bicycle. I didn’t care for this new toy as it seemed to have a directly inverse relationship to my walks around the neighborhood. Instead of taking a walk with me, she would go off on a bike ride with dad.

Bike rides aren’t like car rides. No dogs are allowed on bike rides. But it seemed to bring them both joy, so I gradually let my feelings of disdain subside. Now it’s time to do the same with my nerves about being a big brother.

Because I saw it again today. Mom is already mothering the baby by staying away from something she enjoys that could put him or her in danger. Dad was an excellent (and incredibly patient) teacher with mom learning to ride a bike. Instead of catching the nervous contagion, I should be focusing my energy on reinforcing for my forever family the truth. They’ve already been parents. For three years, they’ve been the best parents a doggie could ask for. I don’t know what they’re so nervous about.


21 Responses to “Like Riding A Bike”

  1. You sound like you’ll give the support they need…

  2. finnhoward Says:

    As, you are going to be a great brother and your parents are going to be excellent parents for the new biped. My peeps get nervous about things too, and in the end, they turn out just fine. I dunno why they get so nervous either. Hope you have a good night buddy.

    • Dear friend – you make a good point. This nervous thing is such a people problem…us canines generally don’t worry because we know things turn out fine in the end. Blind faith comes with our big hearts I think. All the more reason for me to try to find ways to ensure my parents know they need not fret. 🙂

  3. Bongo Says:

    One of my neighbor dog’s people rides a bike on my trails and my neighbor dog runs along with him. I guess you have to be in really good shape though to keep up with a bike. I bet you’ll be a great big brother.

    • Oh wow! That sounds like so much fun! Although I can already attest to my definitely NOT being in good enough shape for that. 😉 And thanks for your kind words about brotherhood, dear Bongo.

  4. Must be natural to be nervous, but yes always wise to be careful! 😉

  5. Being doggie parents is GREAT practice. They’ve got this! No worries necessary. Of course they’ll worry anyway, for at least 21 years, but it won’t be necessary. You taught them all they need to know, W.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      I suppose you’ve made another excellent point (as usual). The worry, no matter how unnecessary it may seem to me, is not going anywhere soon. All I can do is be my usual supportive self and hope for the best for all those involved. Thank you for reminding me of this. 🙂

  6. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, m’dear, you do not have a selfish bone in your body. As Cupcake noted, they’ve got the bare minimum of 21 years of worrying. I remember my Mom saying, “The first child is terrifying – you are sure you’ll break it. The second one, not so much. By the fourth child (me), you’re good to go.” P.S. – Why haven’t they got a basket for you on one of the bikes? Now, admittedly, Ella would not fit, but you might – if you would stay put! I think the worry and nerves is Nature’s way of reorienting our systems so we’ll be ready to be on alert when the little one comes.

    • Oy, 21 years at least you say? Goodness gracious. Time to batten down the hatches (as Cupcake also said….that is one wise little doggie!). I don’t anticipate mom and dad having four little people, so hopefully they do all right with this first one. There should be a class or something. 😉 Ps-You’re right about the basket, but I do fear I would have much too hard a time turning away my every instinct to investigate my surroundings. I suppose this presents a problem. 😦 Lots of love to you and the whole family,

      • huntmode Says:

        Dear Wyles, wouldn’t riding in a basket be a bit like the car, only a 360 degree convertible? I can see the photos of you right now in my mind’s eye! Love to you and the whole family! HuntMode

      • Oh goodness…it’s funny for you to say this. I actually have ridden in a convertible. My auntie has a blue Volkswagon and I’ve definitely enjoyed a ride or two in there! Maybe you’re right that I could handle that basket idea….only one way to find out I suppose! Lots of love right back at you dear friend!!!

  7. huntmode Says:

    Stand by, Wyles – I had an elusive memory of dogs and motorcycles and I’m writing a post featuring ’em. The world can be much bigger than we think from the backyard! Giggle.

  8. […] course. Somehow, we got onto a discussion of whether Wiley, a most intrepid, loving dog, could go bicycle riding with his forever peeps, which tickled a memory from long ago of dogs and motorcycles. Naturally, […]

  9. likeitiz Says:

    It is so sweet of you to feel this way about them. So thoughtful and loving of you! Hugs to you, Wiley!

  10. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I don’t think I would make a very good parent. But my people sure do.

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