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A Piece of Art August 18, 2013

It’s a big question with a big answer. Which is funny to me because it’s coming in such a little package. But I’ve been hearing a lot about it around here lately, so I can say with some authority that it is very important to my parents to make the right decision. There’s just one thing I’m not understanding. Call me a simpleton, but hasn’t the sex of the baby pretty much been figured out since he or she was conceived? Sure, the identifiable organs only formed recently, but it’s been a little person boy or little person girl all along. Decisions, Decisions

So what’s the big deal? They cannot seem to decide whether or not to find out the sex of the baby at the upcoming ultrasound. The funny thing is, I sometimes think I know them better than they know themselves and I think deep down they both wan to know. I feel like they’re both mentally counting down the days until they can find out. There will be no waiting until January 16 for these two.

Meanwhile, as the (allegedly) unbiased observer, I hear the points on either side of the decision. Mom doesn’t really like calling their future little person an it. Dad has thought from the beginning that it’s going to be a girl (mom’s not so sure). It would be nice for them to buy gender specific clothes and things for the nursery (formerly known as Wiley’s room, but I’ve made peace with this). Then there’s that one thing. That one little word that means so much. Surprise. This is the word that (I think) has (almost) won my mom over to the waiting side. God only gives us so many happy surprises in life, and this is one of them, as dad’s aunt told them.

Well, I’ve got a bone to pick with that. It’s a big question with a big answer. And it’s going to be a blessed surprise either way. But the way I see it, so many times the “right thing” is what is in our hearts, not in what people tell us. Besides, my (albeit romantic) little doggie heart has this theory about surprises. Sometimes life’s greatest gifts are a surprise regardless of the timing of delivery.

As French playwright Francoise Sagan said “art must take reality by surprise.” Well, I love surprises. And whether I found out soon or later – whether it is a boy or girl – this little person will be a piece of art to me.


33 Responses to “A Piece of Art”

  1. Kuruk Says:

    I think it will be a girl tooowoowooowoooo. Wiley, you’ll get to share your room with a cute baby either way. Woooooowoooooooo, Ku

  2. Surprises are great, but I like my surprises sooner rather than later. I voted to find out. Be surprised at the ultrasound! It’s still a surprise – it’s just a sooner surprise….

    Love and licks and I think it’s a boy,

    • Shhh! Don’t tell my people but I am with you on this one. If I could vote, I’d vote yes for finding out. We shall see what happens next Thursday! Big day around here. 🙂
      Love and licks and I think you’re right about it being a boy,

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  4. Lyn Says:

    Oh dear, what a dilemma! To know or not to know, that is the question. I didn’t vote because I can’t make up my mind. When my youngest daughter was having a baby (they have four children now) my son-in-law guessed correctly each time whether they were having a boy or a girl. Maybe your Mom and Dad should paw…I mean write a list of pros and cons and decide that way. Either way, I think it is so exciting you’re going to be a big brother, Wiley 😀

    • Indeed – I love the Shakespearean tone you took with this big question dear Lyn. To know or not to know? 🙂

      It’s good to know that boys might be more skilled at guessing the sex ahead of time (in which case I will definitely be having a little sister). You’re right though – either way I can’t wait to be a big brother!

      Lots of love to you and the whole family,

  5. angloswiss Says:

    Today we are spoilt by medical progress. 42/39 years ago there was no choice, no possibility to find out. Ultrasound was in the baby shoes, so you just got on with what arrived, and at the time of arrival you were just glad it had arrived. I had two boys (no Wiley – no cats or dogs) but it was fun all the same. And when he/she arrives, just follow your doggy nose as I am sure you will. Have a nice day in Wisconsin.

    • You’re so right, dear friend. The wonders of modern medicine are amazing to me. I do think you’re right about just being relieved the baby arrived – I can see that happening regardless of the sex. What a blessing that day will be. Lots of love to you, the boys and the felines. 😉

  6. It’s a tough one Whiley! I think your humans should do what you decide! =^.^=

    • I think that is a very good idea. And (shhh! don’t tell anyone) my vote is yes they should find out. So perhaps I will have news for you sooner rather than later. 😉

  7. Basil Says:

    I know they won’t be remember it’s not always 100% right, one of my neighbours was told he was having a little boy and was so pleased as I think he had always wanted a son. You could see the disappointment in him when he turned out to be a she!

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  9. huntmode Says:

    Dearest Wyles, I voted No. I am always the first to try to tease answers out of someone or something, yet this is one of those life events where I delight in whatever Gift of God comes. Knowing you three, however distantly, whatever the sex, that child will be loved head to toe and to its smallest cell and atom! Love from the HuntMode Family.

    • Dear HuntMode,

      You’re absolutely right that we will delight in whatever Gift of God comes. Moreover, your words of kindness about knowing us, however distantly, made my day. Thank you (as always) for being such a close friend (albeit half a country away).
      Lots of love to the HuntMode Family,

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  11. likeitiz Says:

    Nothing wrong with knowing beforehand. They will love the little bundle when it comes anyway, no matter what, right? I found out accidentally ahead of time. I was sent for an ultrasound by my OB-GYN. While having the ultrasound, the tech doing it knew I was an MD so she turned the screen so I could see the images. I knew it would be a girl! I tried to hide it from my hubby in the beginning but he kept pressing me because he felt that if I knew already, then he should too. He was overjoyed!

    • You’re absolutely right. I overheard them talking today about how it could be an alien at this point as long as it’s healthy. This bothered me at first, but I know they’re just being silly. 😉

  12. ksbeth Says:

    i liked the surprise of it all and love the quote. thanks for reading my words and i look forward to reading more of yours – beth

    • Dear Beth,
      Thank you so very much for stopping by – I love new paw prints on my pages and hope to see a lot more of you! Thanks also for weighing in on the poll. I now know the results since the ultrasound was last week, but I’m keeping it secret until the right time. 😉
      Lots of love,

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    Mystery becomes us.

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