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The Mouse Will Play August 23, 2013

From sneaking people food right off the dinner table to jumping four-foot fences, I used to fancy myself a master of mischief. Somewhere along the line, I determined it was best to use my God-given brains to cause trouble because it triggered attention from people. Sometimes it was even the good kind of attention. Though they were few and far between, occasionally my behavior merited a “oh, that is so cute” comment in place of the dreaded “bad dog” nickname.

Me? Sassy? No...But something changed for me the day I escaped through the doggie door and jumped the fence of my first adoptive family. I remember feeling so disappointed when they found me and brought me home, and then (almost) relieved when they took me back to the humane society. (This ended up being a very positive thing because I met my forever people a few weeks later as a result). Forever changed for me that day as I wandered the streets of Port Washington exploring my newfound (short-lived) sense of freedom.

I’ve had it all wrong, I thought to myself when the people drove me home. “Bad dog, Zorro,” I remember the woman saying. In that moment, I realized was tired of being called a bad dog. And despite my best intentions at being bad, I was terrible at it. It was work. I don’t know why this came as such a surprise to me, since us canines tend to wear our hearts right outside our bodies for all the world to see. We can’t lie – our tails, our ears and our eyes give it away. No one is as mysterious as they think they are, especially when they have four legs and a tail. So I resolved that day to give up mischief forever. From that moment on, I would use my God-given brains to do only positive things for the world. No more bad dog. Naughty dog was a thing of the past.

But no one’s perfect. And experience has actually taught me we all need a little mischief in our lives every now and then. I know it’s happening with my people when my people call me a “little stinker” or “ball of sass.” I don’t mind – I know these are pet names, employed when just the right amount of mischief has been applied to a situation. Like when I make “the face” at mom when she’s eating a steak. Or when I paw at dad’s foot to let him know it’s time for our nightly game of fetch. And (let’s face it) I do my fair share of things that merit the occasional “bad dog” or “naughty dog” sentiment. (Barking madly at all variations of animal life on the television comes to mind). I might not be perfect, but I can say I no longer fancy myself a master of mischief. I’d much rather be the administrator of joy from the ground up.



17 Responses to “The Mouse Will Play”

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  2. We all definitely need a little mischief. It sounds like you’ve found the right balance of mischief and cuteness, W. …all surrounded by joy and love. Perfect.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake,
      Us terriers have that gift I think – the gift to balance mischief and cuteness in the right setting filled with joy and love. That reminds me, how is your mom’s knee recovering these days?
      Lots of love,

  3. […] The Mouse Will Play | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

  4. Zorro?? I can see it, Bro. But Wiley suits you better.

    • Hey thanks! It’s mysterious, right? But I agree Wiley’s a better fit. Wiley Coyote Schmidt is what has been on my collar for the last three years, so it’s definitely sticking with me. 😉

  5. Nikitaland Says:

    I can’t ever see you being a “Zorro” cause you don’t wear a black cape & mask, but you are the most intelligent doggie I have ever seen. I love your posts and they just keep getting better. You are a good dog Wiley!

    • I’m with you on my name not working as Zorro, but it’s true – they did try it for me when I lived there. Crazy hey? Maybe I should go as Zorro for Halloween this year… 🙂 Thank you, dear Nikita, for your kind words as well. Comments make my day – comments like this…well, they warm my heart. Lots of love to the whole Nikitaland family!

  6. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, you always make me think and sometimes, remember. I think I am too serious most of the time for mischief, though I love watching others do it for April Fool’s and other such shenanigans. I do remember when I gave up the easy one liners – where actors trump each other. That works when the rules are understood, but unfortunately, I was witty at a civilian’s expense and I remember seeing the look of hurt on that person’s face. Oh, the regret I felt that I had cause someone pain. I’ve never done it again – I’d rather be through a happy do gooder naif than a clever witty person at someone else’s expense. Thanks, Wyles! Keep up that joy from the ground up! Love HuntMode

    • Dear HuntMode,
      I hate to think of you being too focused to enjoy some good shenanigans, but I can appreciate your mention of one-liners gone wrong. Like you, I can’t stand seeing people in pain. I think there’s definitely something to be said for being compassionate in place of witty. Well said, as usual, dear friend!
      Lots of love,

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    Mischief is a dog’s best friend. And worst enemy.

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