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Safety First August 26, 2013

Before this, it was a pretty simple battle. Me verses the toilet. Before this, the toilet is pretty much the only piece of furniture (if you can all it that) I am not allowed to claim as my own. Before this, it’s always been a losing battle for me since I don’t actually have any desire to try to spend any time on it.

Well all of that ends today. The toilet has welcomed a comrade to the mix of things, and I’m not so sure I can just sit by and let them win this one. This new piece of furniture is called a crib, and apparently it is where the baby will be sleeping.

My people put it together yesterday, and when they were finished I was certain the job couldn’t actually be complete. That can’t be right, I thought, as I eyed the high railings that start just an inch or so off the floor. So while they were away at that place called work today, I took time to think this through. Certainly it must be a mistake. There is no way for me to safely navigate into the crib, nor is there a way for me to squeeze underneath it.Life Lessons on Trust

I don’t understand. How am I supposed to protect this baby if I can’t snuggle with it in the night? It doesn’t make sense. Then again, I don’t suppose it makes much sense for me to be pairing the toilet and this new crib together on a battle against me for furniture supremacy. The truth is, I don’t mind not being able to figure out the toilet. But this, not being able to snuggle with and protect what promises to be one of the most snuggly and helpless creatures, this bothers me.

The more I pondered this situation, I was reminded of something I haven’t struggled with for quite some time. I have trust issues. They’ve long been collecting dust on one of the suppressed file folders of my little doggie mind, but they’re still there. That’s the thing about the past – it has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes. The problem is, I know it’s not my people who I don’t trust. Indeed, they are among the only people around who I wholeheartedly trust more than anyone. Clearly they know what they are doing with this crib contraption and I simply need to trust they are doing the right thing. Even if it means I can’t enjoy snuggle time with the baby who needs protecting.

So I am considering this a battle lost, and I’m okay with that (even if it means losing to team toilet). Instead of fighting, I consider the words of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who challenged “he who does not trust enough will not be trusted.” Step aside trust issues. It seems I’ll just have to find other ways of keeping my new little person safe.


12 Responses to “Safety First”

  1. Marcie Says:

    I’m sure you’ll have lots of cuddle time with your new buddy…no worries. 🙂

    • I’m sure you’re right, dear Marcie. And I sure hope so. I just can’t believe I still have to wait four more people months before I get to meet the little person! Time seems to have halted! 😦

  2. scrapydo Says:

    Everything takes time my friend. I know you mean well but human beings don’t always understand our ways of trying to protect and love the ones nearest to us.

  3. Lyn Says:

    Don’t you worry, Wiley. It won’t be too long before your new little person will be demanding that you be allowed to snuggle with them. Little people have a way of doing that. They want their furbrother or sister to be as close as possible. I know what it’s like to have your best furfriend to snuggle in bed. Cally has her half of the bed and her own pillow. She even has her own pyjamas for winter 🙂
    However, the minute I get out of bed, she wriggles across to my half of the bed where it’s nice and warm 😀
    You’re in for some fabulous future fun my dear Wiley!

    • I’ve heard this about little people before, dear Lyn. It’s hard to believe right now that I can possibly share any more love from my heart with another person, yet I know it is bound to happen. And to think the little person will feel the same about little ole me? Well, that makes my day. I’m glad also to hear you have Cally to protect you with her warmth and snuggles in the night time. She sounds like a real gem. 🙂
      Lots of love you and Cally both,

  4. Nikitaland Says:

    Wiley, you are going to be a good snuggler with the new little hoooman! Your time will come!

    • I suppose you’re right…good things come to those who wait. I can’t believe we have another four months to wait until I even meet this little person! It seems like so far away!

  5. Oh you have a crib in your crib? That’s cool! I think you should give the small crib to your new little person and you have still the big crib, the whole house. Ok, except the toilet – but if you ask me, that’s anyway a mean thingy, it spits water in your face and it makes weird noises when you push the button on the top. It’s better to stay away from that beast :o)

    • Dear brother,
      Thank you for the giggle with the toilet antics. This is true – it is a dangerous thing that causes a good deal of chaos, and yet it’s like the cookie jar you’re told not to touch. The more faux pas it is, the more you want to play with it…it’s that darned curiosity that (allegedly) kills our feline friends. 😉
      Lots of love,

  6. huntmode Says:

    Dear Wyles, when babies first come into the world, they are very fragile and parents very scared and insecure. In the beginning, you stand guard outside the crib, see. Then as the baby learns to sit up and then begins to crawl, you keep the baby company and act as a step ladder. Eventually, you will reign in that crib, but that one takes time and strategy and the kid. When he/she begins to walk and fall down, you are there to kiss and make it better, see? By the way, didn’t the test take place? Do we know the sex of this incomparable baby?

    • Dear HuntMode,
      Wow, this whole raising a little person sounds like so much fun! I start as a protector, then graduate to a friend. Sounds perfect to me. 🙂 The big test is tomorrow….I may just be writing about that tonight too since it is all my people can talk about. Stay tuned!

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