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Better Late Than Never August 27, 2013

Belated is not a favorite people word of mine. Literally speaking, it means late or overdue. But as us canines are in the habit of digging deeper, I have to admit the meaning behind the word is one I generally can’t stand behind. It implies something important has been missed, forgotten, or set aside.

I have been all of these things in my lifetime. Set aside. Forgotten. Missed. I know what these things feel like and I wouldn’t wish the resulting emotions on anyone. But I am also in the habit of seeing both sides to a story, I am a believer that it’s better late than never.

Yesterday was National Dog Day and I completely missed it. I missed the chance to wish all of my four-legged pals well on our day of honor. Moreover, I missed a chance to talk about what this day means to me. I was confused at first about what it was we were to celebrate on this fairly new holiday. Today I realized it is a day to celebrate unconditional love. Friendship. Rescue. And none of these things can ever happen too late in one’s life.

“In every heart, there is an empty space…in every shelter…there is love in which to fill it,” suggested National Dog Day Founder Colleen Paige. “Adopt some love this day and every day.”

Rescue means different things to different people. I was somewhat startled by the honesty in one of Bing’s definitions of the word, which defined rescue as saving something. “To prevent something from being discarded, rejected, or put out of operation,” the definition reads.

It’s not fun to think about. It doesn’t bring joy to anyone’s heart. Yet I know that dogs are discarded on the side of roads every day. I know that even dogs with homes can feel rejected by their owners. And I know that dogs die in shelters all over the world at a startling rate. But it’s not too late for them. And it’s not too late for you. In every heart there is an empty space and in every shelter there is love to fill it.

Belated is not a favorite people word of mine because to me it means something must first be missed or forgotten. But maybe it’s not such a bad word after all, because in order for something to be considered belated it must be remembered. It must be found. It must be rescued. And none of these things can ever happen to late in one’s life.Love.

This post is inspired by Rescue Pledge, an organization committed to encouraging people to pledge to adopt their next animal from a shelter. They are saving lives, two at a time. Please consider taking the pledge today.


26 Responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Back at ya, Dude – Happy National Dog Day!!

  2. Nothing wrong with belated! What’s today or tomorrow in the big scheme of things! Every day is Dog Day! Hope you have celebrated in a big way!

    • I did indeed celebrate by featuring Rescue Pledge, which is such a fabulous organization for all of us rescue animals out there. It was a good day to be alive. πŸ˜‰

  3. when you are a blogging dog, everyday is national dog day!

  4. writetowag Says:

    Happy Belated National Dog Day to you too sweet Wiles!!!! Trev sends a BIG woof your way too!!!! Hugs for your mommy too!!!!

  5. huntmode Says:

    I missed it too, Wyles – thanks for making sure we knew about it. The HuntMode household is replete with two rescues – cat and dog – and, me, of course (rescued by them)! HuntMode

    • I know exactly what you mean about being rescued by your rescues. Mom says the same thing about me. Have you seen the poem “I Rescued A Human Today.” You might have to check it out. Warning: it’s best read with a box of Kleenex nearby.
      Lots of love to all the HuntMode family,

  6. That’s so true, Wiley. Being late is not perfect, but always better than never.

  7. Laura Says:

    Thank you for this! I just subscribed and look forward to receiving your blogs! WOOF-DAH!!!

    • Hi Laura! Thank you for visiting, following, and sharing my blog with those at the Rescue Pledge. New paw prints on my pages make my day! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  8. Nikitaland Says:

    Dear Wiley,
    I just want you to know how much you mean to me. Your wisdom in your posts is outstanding and it always gets me to think and also makes me a better person because of what you write. I am not sure if others get this same emotion when they absorb your words, but I do. You always make me feel so special and just sometimes, some days, you need that. I just wanted to tell you that no matter if you missed my birthday, or a special event in life, your words “today” make everything better and I just wanted to say “Thank You” for blogging and sharing with the world your wisdom.

    • Dear Nikita,
      Your words touched my heart and made my mom cry happy tears. Thank YOU for being a valued part of my daily life. You are very special to me, so it makes my day to hear that comes through in my words. And you’re right – we all always need a little love and joy – some days more than others. I’m honored to share some of my joy with you.
      Lots of love to you and all of the Nikitaland family,

  9. Thank you for reading my blog. Wiley is adorable (and smart too). I’ll look forward to reading about him.

    Linda of muttshappeningnow.wordpress.com

  10. Ian Gardner Says:

    Hello Wiley and “alter ego”, welcome to the blog Mo-ments or Idle Thoughts and may this action of yours take you [on all six legs :-)] to greater things. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Paula Perry Says:

    hi wiley, thanks for my following my blog, touch of home. congratulations on all your awards. go wiley!

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