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A Wrinkle In Time September 14, 2013

To write is to be inspired by life. I find this happens in the most unusual of ways from the most unexpected sources. I’ve found it in everything from a stinky towel on the bathroom floor to the wind blowing delicious smells throughout my neighborhood. But sometimes its more simple than that. Sometimes it’s right there in front of our face. Sometimes we don’t even notice it because it’s something we see every day. Sometimes it’s in a word. Inspiration.Deep Thinking

I keep my most simple resources for inspiration close to my side while I write, and today they spoke to me. As I write, the following titles are within arms reach:

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, Sarah Ban Breathnach

Marley and Me, John Grogan

Poemcrazy, Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge

Inside of a Dog, Alexandra Horowitz

A Dog’s Purpose, W. Bruce Cameron

To write is to be inspired by life. To read is to be inspired to write. Each of these titles has a purpose. A reason for being by my side in my recent past, present, and future. Today’s daily writing prompt challenged us to open to the first page of the closest book, read the tenth word, and do a Google image search for that word. From there we will find our inspiration. Or not. I can honestly say this is the very first time any of these books has let me down. In the order referenced above, the words were as follows: of, years, I, at, and squeaky.

In a word, my choices left me feeling underwhelmed. Not even squeaky sparked my cerebral cortex into action. But as a picture is worth a thousand words, I found it both ironic and enlightening to find the picture below come up in response to my search for “years.”


This image can inspire all kinds of different thoughts for different people. For me, it looks like a wrinkle in time that immediately inspires hope. Faith in the future. Knowledge that the past is behind us (but still part of the journey) the present is a gift, and the future is looking pretty spectacular.

Inspiration. Sometimes it happens in unusual ways. Other times it’s right there next to us in someone else’s words.


33 Responses to “A Wrinkle In Time”

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  2. You nailed it with the inspiration of that picture, W. It is definitely looking hopeful. And what’s better than hope?? Nothing. That’s what. I’m hoping for a ride in the car today…..

    Love and licks,

  3. Maria Falvey Says:

    Awesome challenge – and I agree, To read is to be inspired to write. High paw on this post Wiley!

  4. utesmile Says:

    Love this picture and your super words!

  5. Shandra Says:

    Great post, Wiley! The title caught me today. One of my favorite books growing up. I still have a wrinkled, worn,, well loved , well read paperback of A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle.

  6. writetowag Says:

    What a lovely post dear friend!!!! We are of like minds ( as usual ) with your book suggestions…A Dog’s Purpose by: Cameron is so wonderful in every way…I cried at the end…Tuesdays with Morrie was the last book that truly touched me like that…Thank you for your ever present gift if inspiration…Love to you and your mom ( so excited for all if you )!!!! -Hugs

    • There was a good deal of tears (and extra cuddling) when my mom finished “A Dog’s Purpose” too. I hate seeing people cry about such things, but I suppose I understand the reason for the tears. Thank you for your ever present gift of encouragement. Words cannot show enough gratitude for that.
      Lots of love to you and the family!

  7. hadassaab Says:

    It was awesome post i am inspired & i loved it…………☺

  8. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, that picture makes me want to run towards the future!

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  10. […] A Wrinkle In Time | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

  11. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    What books are on your nightstand?

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