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Worth The Wait September 28, 2013

I’m definitely with mom on this one. Pregnancy math sucks. Leave it to people to make something so simple into something so complicated.

The way I understand it, science dictates the pregnancy actually starts two weeks prior to conception and runs for forty weeks. So you get a two-week head start but (this is where I get confused) because of it you’re actually pregnant for 10 months instead of the nine months with which every woman is familiar? That seems cruel enough on its own.My Lamp Is Lit

Add to it the way us canines process time and it makes sense to me why dogs only carry puppies for a little more than two months. But (as I understand this is something I most definitely cannot control) I begrudgingly digress.

Instead I focus on the real problem at hand. I simply cannot wait a moment longer to meet my little person. I have big ideas. Grand plans. Games I’ve developed in my head. None of which I can put into action until I meet the new addition to the family. We’re going to play chase around the house, and share food, and (obviously) become best friends.

Yet (at least from what I’m hearing around here) mom has 16 weeks to go. 16 weeks! That feels like a lifetime. But as I am in the habit of finding a silver lining I realized something today – it’s not a lifetime I intend to waste. Instead I shall continue scheming and dreaming.

The idea came to me today as I was feeling especially philosophical in the backyard. It was a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin and (as I rested my eyes) while lazing in the grass, my thoughts turned to the future. The backyard has this funny impact on me on days like today – like all of the stars align and it can somehow transport me through time. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Nonetheless, my images of the future were all happy ones. My little person and I are playing together in the grass. There is giggling and wagging. There is nonsense conversation (as the little person is no more than two years old). There is friendship and love. There is joy from the ground up.

Frustrating as pregnancy math may be, it reminds me a bit of the words of Christian author Tertullian who once said “hope is patience with the lamp lit.” I certainly can’t wait for three years from now when all of these dreams come alive. Heck, I can barely wait three (or is it four?) more months to meet the little one. But my lamp is definitely lit. Hope is in my heart. These dreams will come alive. I know they will. We will be best friends. And it will be worth the wait.


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  2. Aww that is so sweet. I hope your little person becomes an animal lover because of you. Best wishes to your mom on a safe delivery.

    • Thanks for your kind words dear friend!!! I hope you’re on to something with your idea on influencing baby on being an animal lover…it would be the least I could do. 😉 Good to see you by the way!!! Lots of love,

  3. kiwiskan Says:

    love that saying about patience. I’m feeling a bit that way as well as I’m waiting for a phone call to say whether we can have a puppy or not…

  4. Nikitaland Says:

    Good things are worth waiting for!

  5. If you think the 16 weeks to SEE the little nugget is long, wait till you have to keep paws off for a couple of years! It’s good that you can spend the waiting time well. There’s a lot of it! And a lot of dreams to dream up.

    Love and licks,

  6. Maybe it needs such a long time, till the humans are sure about the name of the new family member? I think the new brother or sister has to wear it for ever, they can’t change it as easy as we dogs :o) But if you ask me, I can’t wait to hear more about your new family member LOL.

    • I think you might be right about the name game. I’ve heard so many talked about that it makes my little doggie head spin! And it seems we have something more in common-you can’t wait to hear, I can’t wait to share. 😉 Lots of love to you dear brother!!!

  7. Veronica Says:

    I love reading your thought each day. Very sweet. Hope your “little person” will arrive healthy and safe.

  8. Sandy Says:

    Wiley – you are going to be a wonderful doggie brother! I love the thought of you and the little one playing chase and sharing food and secrets. I know the wait seems like forever, but it is going to be worth it : ) Plus I’m sure you will be a great help to your mom and dad as you help watch the little one.

  9. […] Worth The Wait | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

  10. […] Worth The Wait | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

  11. writetowag Says:

    As always…you said it perfectly my friend!!!! I know it seems like forever, the waiting, but please breathe in, breathe out and enjoy every single second…It’s no fair just how fast the time flies!!!! You blink and a year has passed!!!! Every bark you make, your sibling hears you…They know your voice!!!! So happy and excited for you and your growing fam…Happy day to you always dear one!!!!

    • Hello friend,
      You always know just what to say to help a pal put things in perspective. And I didn’t know that about the baby hearing me! That is great news!!! Now if I could figure out a way to bark withou getting scolded. 😉
      Lots of love dear friend,

      • writetowag Says:

        Wiles, you made me laugh out loud!!!! Thank you!!!! Yes, that little one sure knows your bark…when you get in trouble, just say I’m barking for the baby!!!! Giggles!!!! Forever hugs to you and your mom!!!!

      • Laughter is music to my little doggie ears. So it seems we have made each other’s day. Which warms my heart. Man, we are on a roll! 🙂

      • Also, your comment about barking for the baby reminds me of mom’s increased appetite for donuts. “For the baby,” she says. Veeeery interesting. 😉

  12. huntmode Says:

    Barks and donuts – this is already a fascinating child in the making! Confusing re the pregnancy math – who came up with that calculation?! I am just willing to bet the ob/gyns (doctors, Wyles) were once like the weather men and women – predicting the date and being off by two weeks – do not do that to a woman in her ninth month – they do not find that amusing, so they back date it. Huh. You will be magnificent and a hero to the youngest of the family – I know it. 🙂

  13. huntmode Says:

    Um, January 16, 2014 – A Capricorn and the baby’s birth number adds up to the number 6 – the higher harmonic of harmony…. Never ever underestimate your Mom – is she thinking sooner or later?

    • Wow. This news is definitely worth sharing with mom. How interesting!

      • huntmode Says:

        Capricorns are famous for being little old people growing up – full of rules, seriousness and responsibilities. It is only after about 30, they reverse the clock and start learning to play. Up to you, Wyles, to teach your little one how to laugh and play right from the gitgo!

      • I had no idea I had such work cut out for me with baby Capricorn! Thank you, dear friend, for the heads up. Now I can start preparing for all the fun we’re going to have! 🙂

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    What do your images of the future hold?

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