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Our Own Light September 30, 2013

The light turns on at the flip of a switch. The food in the fridge tonight will most likely be the same food in the fridge in the morning. My toys will not come alive and run away while I sleep. These are all pieces of life that seem obvious. Given. Understood. Yet under the right (or wrong) conditions, it could all change in a moment.

Life has taught me a very important lesson about this: don’t take a single thing for granted because you never know when electricity will fail, the food will spoil and the toys will wreak havoc on the world. All right, so the last one seems pretty impossible, but so does what is happening in our beloved United States of America tonight.Standing For What's Right

United we are not, at least right now. As I type, the possibility of a government shutdown looms on the minds of Americans. Something that seems so given, so understood, so basic – it could literally shut down tonight. I’d rather not get into the politics of the situation because I don’t believe in fighting for something one way or another that you don’t fully comprehend. Instead I find myself wishing I could somehow pause real life and spend some time living in the White House tonight. I’d get to know Bo (the First Dog) and we could brainstorm together on how to keep things light amidst a challenging situation.

I guess that’s what I think is important in times like this, at least in my humble doggie opinion. When the given becomes a question and the norm shifts, it’s how we persevere that defines what comes next. Sure, it would probably be pretty easy for Bo and I to get carried away playing chase and causing trouble, but that’s not what anyone needs right now. People need joy. Faith. Hope.

It’s all to easy to get swept away with the politics of it all, but the concept remains the same as if that switch doesn’t turn on. We must make our own light in these situations.  We must rise above and learn from our mistakes. Because sometimes our biggest challenges morph into fundamental building blocks of personal identity. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the American government in the next few days, but I know what not to take for granted. Character. Integrity. Honor. These titles are earned. Not given.


13 Responses to “Our Own Light”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    …and of course it has happened. I cannot believe how irresponsibly some politicians act

  2. Politicians can be so irresponsible, sometimes. I need a cuddle.

    Love and licks,

  3. I cross may paws that they will make a wise decision, I always have hope. maybe that’s my light in the darkness? btw: I’m glad my toys will not come alive – bet they would clobber me for the damaging :o)

    • Indeed, dear brother, this is something I feel we have in common – we have hope and that is our light in the darkness. No one can burn that out. And we definitely can’t have those toys clobbering you, so let’s just push that idea out of our minds. 😉

  4. huntmode Says:

    God bless you, Wyles and your loving family. Love HuntMode, Elby That Cat, and Ella, the Greythound.

  5. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    These are things we should never take for granted.

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