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Our Little Guy October 11, 2013

That didn’t last long. Less than ten days ago, I (figuratively) raised a scruffy paw in favor of staying scruffy for a cause. There was only one flaw in my plan. There is no really good way for me to communicate these kinds of choices I make with my forever people. They clearly didn’t get the message.

Before AfterThe good news is I saw my beloved groomer Mary and all my Paws R Us pals this week. The bad news? I’m no longer a participant in Scruffy September. Sure, I went a tiny bit longer without my routine visit to Mary. And I remain committed to the Out of the Darkness cause regardless. But I can no longer call myself scruffy.

At first I was kind of bummed out about it. Then it happened. Dad said it out loud. The news I have been dreading (and mentally denying) for the last eight months or so. You see, dad has been having awful itchy red eyes for some time now at seemingly random times. It’s not exactly constant, but its bothersome frequently enough he finally went to see an eye specialist today. And she confirmed the truth.

Dad, my forever person, is allergic. To me. I listened in horror as dad explained the outcome of his appointment to mom over dinner. The doctor apparently went as far as to inquire whether they-my people-would consider finding me another home. I felt like I’d been kicked. Hard. Right in the heart. My mind raced with questions I couldn’t ask. Silence was not my friend. And time seemed to slow to an absolute crawl.

I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to hear dad laugh.

“I told her there is no way,” I heard him say as he looked down at me. “He’s our little guy and he always will be, won’t you buddy?”

Relief does not even begin to describe the feeling that washed over me in that moment. Seconds earlier I had been temporarily paralyzed with fear (that I would have to go back the humane society again, would never see my beloved people again, and would never get to meet my new little person). Now it was like I had the life breathed back into me.

They went on with their conversation, strategizing about ways to more effectively control my dander like vacuuming and brushing me more frequently. And I thought to myself “self, it’s not so bad being groomed more frequently if it means you get to stay a part of this family.” And it’s not. I quite enjoy seeing Mary and my pals. I will do anything I can do to help control this pet dander that is apparently contributing to my dad’s painful allergies. Because I love him, and (even though he never will admit it) he loves me. And, as Mahatma Gandhi so aptly observed, “where there is love there is life.”

So what if Scruffy September for a cause didn’t last very long. Because dad’s love for me clearly will. And that means the world to me.


72 Responses to “Our Little Guy”

  1. Kuruk Says:

    Who could ever let you go Wiley? We all love youwoooooowooooooooo!

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    …there are some very good eye drops available for allergies… πŸ™‚

  3. You are a forever dog, Wiley!

  4. Sandy Says:

    That was scary for just a second there. If it helps, I found out I was very allergic when we were fostering Toby (who became our forever cat and is our first ever cat) and the allergist pretty much said the same thing as your dad’s doctor. For a couple of years, we kept Toby out of the bedroom. Over time, I became pretty desensitized and now Toby sleeps on the bed with us and I often stick my face in his fur without problems. My husband’s eyes water if Toby stays on his lap too long, but otherwise he is okay too. We hope that your strategies for less dander work well for you too – it may just take a little time to see what works best. Here’s to family sticking together
    p.s. We eventually replaced the carpet with hardwood floors and that helped alot too.

    • Indeed it was scary! I am not too proud to say I was freaked. Thank goodness for ideas that can help like what you have done with Toby. He sounds like a keeper. πŸ˜‰ We do have hardwood. Im just the very worst kind of dog dad can have as it turns out, due to my frequent shedding of wirey fur. But we will persevere! πŸ˜‰

  5. KDKH Says:

    My allergist tried the same thing. I told her that she didn’t understand the nature of the appointment. I was there to find out how to live with my allergens (dogs and cats) NOT to get rid of them. Now, I’m on Zyrtec twice daily, which really helped. I will not win patient of the year, but I can live with my fur and feathered family members.That’s what counts! Good for you, Wiley!

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  7. Oh boy, I hold my breath while reading your dad is allergic…to you. But I’m so happy that you are the little guy and always a part of the furmily.

  8. Of course your family couldn’t let you go, Wiles. They need you to teach the new baby joy from the ground up. You are a brave boy to buck up and settle in for more frequent haircuts. You look so sweet and neat, I want to call them haircutes, instead. xoxo

    Love and licks,

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  10. Okay, Wiley, I’m crying and it is NOT because my eyes are allergic to anything! I’m so glad your dad loves you so much!

  11. akiremi Says:

    Scruffy or not, you are still adorable, Wiley. ❀ If my doctor ever say that I am, too, allergic to my dogs, I will be just the same as your dad. I won't let go. Lol. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    • Aw, thank you dear friend! I’m so glad to hear you have the love of your animals in life in spite of the allergies. From what I’m hearing, it is possible for allergies to kind of wear off over time….all with the powerful tool that is love. πŸ˜‰

  12. Dad made the best choice. I’ve always been allergic to dogs and took allergy pills when we first got Pierre. Now, I can manage the pills maybe weekly instead of daily. If anything, you’ll help Dad overcome his allergy. You’ll rescue him!

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  14. huntmode Says:

    Oh, Wyles! Your heart must have just felt like it stopped. Thank goodness you have such a wise and loving Dad – wherever would he be without his wingman? One of my friends was highly allergic to cats – probably dogs too. Events came about that she absolutely had to live with someone who had a cat. As I recall, she wasn’t a religious person, but she did send a prayer to God asking that he help her be able to do this and by golly, it worked. First with just that cat and now she has cats of her own…. true story, Wyles.

  15. writetowag Says:

    You should never ever ever worry about that sweet Wiles!!!! You are way too adorable to ever let go!!!! Trev and I would welcome you into our home in a flash…There is always Benedryl…you should have your mom take you to Walgreens and get a big batch of Benedryl and lay it in your daddy’s slippers so he sees it first thing in the morning…Giggles!!!! On a loving note, I sure hope your daddy finds the right allergy meds for him…There are so many and I have bad allergies myself…Blessings and well wishes to all of you Wiles!!!!

    • I love your idea with the slippers. I am a big fan of my dad’s slippers…they smell like him! I let mom brush me today, so I guess I’m doing my part to help out. Dad also came home that day with four kinds of eye drops so fingers (er, I mean paws) crossed. Lots of love to Trev and family!!!

  16. utesmile Says:

    Love conquers everything, as you see again! And I can see why, we all love you Wiles! β™₯

  17. Basil Says:

    How’s your dad doing, hope the eye drops are working. I did suspect that not for one second would your parents give you up!

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  19. Oh Wiles, you are so blessed. One of our family members just found out he’s allergic to our beloved kitty Tiffy, but she is staying as well. We will be doing what your forever home is doing except Tiffy hates baths, so we will have to figure out something else for her. Our Chessie Cat loved water and ice cubes, but Tiffy’s not so fond of them. I guess everyone has their own preferences. I am happy to hear that your forever home is still your forever home. xo

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    “Where there is love there is life.”

  21. KDKH Says:

    My allergist made the same suggestion. I’m allergic to cats and dogs and have plenty of each. I had to tell her: “That’s why I’m here. It’s your job to help me find a way to live WITH them. How can we deal with the allergies. I’m not getting rid of my fur family.” She didn’t like it, but we settled on a regimen that really helps (zyrtec twice a day). Our recent efforts to replace the carpet with tile or wood has also helped. No matter how much we vacuumed or shampooed the carpet, it retained a lot of dander. Good luck with the allergies. So glad you recognized what was REALLY important!

    • So glad to hear we’re not alone, but also that you’re fighting just like my dad is. Us fur babies really appreciate it – trust me! I’ve also tried this stuff you spray into my fur (I think it’s called Aller-pet or something like that) that really helps keep the dander down. Best of luck to you and lots of love as well!

  22. kanzensakura Says:

    I’m sure dad’s doctor or an allergist can help with this. The fact that he said no right off the bat says many good things about him and the rest of your forever family. You’re their little guy and a part of them. Bless you and them.

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