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The Love Tree October 13, 2013

Normally I don’t care much for those things they call Smartphones. They draw attention away from where it belongs (i.e. the company we keep, namely me). They distract people on car rides. And I don’t think they are really all that smart.

But today I witnessed firsthand what I suppose would be the one silver lining within these things called Smartphones. Randomness. This may come as a surprise given my open belief that everything happens for a reason, but it is a concept I can appreciate (and even find some humor in) within the right context. Today, for example, the context made for a pretty special moment of randomness even I could appreciate.Who do you love?

“I love you.” That was it. That’s all the text message contained. And (to be honest) that’s all it needed to say. Mom received that message from her little sister Morgan this afternoon and I’m pretty sure it made her day. Which made my day. Which got me to thinking (of course) about this people theory of randomness.

As I basked in the warmth of another unusually warm fall day, I took note of the tree (my favorite in my backyard paradise) above me. I looked up at the branches, each reaching out to the next. Connecting.

It reminded me of the random bit of love mom received from Morgan. Morgan shared love with mom, who shared it with me, and now I’m sharing it with you. Random? I’m not so sure. But love needs no explanation. And each bit of random love is like a branch, reaching to the next. Connecting.

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit,” Lebanese thinker Khalil Gibran suggested. Well then (I thought to myself as I drifted away into the fabulous dreamland of my second afternoon nap) we must do all we can to share random moments of love with those around us. Heaven forbid anyone experience a life without love.

Morgan shared it with mom, mom shared it with me, and now I share it with you. Please consider reaching out to someone sometime soon. Connecting. Whether in person, on the phone or (gasp) even in a text on one of those Smartphones. Tell them they are loved. Because as ancient Greek theologian Saint Basil proposed, “a tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”


25 Responses to “The Love Tree”

  1. Kuruk Says:

    Love is all we need! Wooooowooooooooo! Mama says you look very cute in your green shirt!

  2. kiwiskan Says:

    …love the post. It’s so true – and if I had your address I’d send you an All Black coat 🙂

  3. utesmile Says:

    It is so wonderful to shae love! Thank you Wiles. You look great on this picture rather smart! 🙂

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  5. And as God said through the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:7, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
    We need to love and pass that love to others while we have the time! Great wisdom, Wiley!

  6. Expressions of love and always random. And never random. They’re perfect whenever they pop up.

    Love and licks,

  7. huntmode Says:

    Good thoughts, Wyles. Here’s one for you: I love you. Love, HuntMode. Grin.

  8. Love is all you need! Thanks for sharing! Love to you too! ♥

  9. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    An exception to my general rule regarding (not-so) Smartphones.

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