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A Little Touch October 22, 2013

It doesn’t take much. A pat on the head. A scratch behind the ear by the collar. An extra treat (or three). I really am a fool for the little things in life. Especially where love is concerned.

But I can’t say it’s been an easy lesson for me to learn. When I was a puppy, I learned the “how high” way of life. I jumped higher, ran faster, and dreamed bigger than any other dog I knew. It was a point of pride even, that I always had a fire lit inside me to be better. And I’m not saying that is a bad thing.How High?

To this day I startle people with how high I can jump. I can launch myself straight up into the air three or four feet. I even have this trick I learned to do with my mom where she pats her thighs and says “up” and I jump securely into her arms. These things bring me great joy that I can’t help but share with others. But bigger isn’t always better. Not everyone likes to be welcomed into my forever home with me jumping into their arms. And I’m okay with that.

I realized this tonight in the midst of a special moment I shared with mom. It was nothing new for the two of us – she was scratching behind my ear by my collar (an especially itchy spot of mine) and I did it. I wrapped my paw around her hand while she scratched. I do it all the time, but tonight it seemed to strike an emotional chord with her I haven’t noticed before. She seemed touched by my touch. It seems like such a little insignificant way to show I appreciate her scratches, yet it meant a lot to her. Certainly it meant more to her than how high I can jump on the visitors to my forever home.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things,” suggested American thinker Robert Brault. It sounds so simple, but it doesn’t take much. To show someone you care. To make someone smile. To be an ambassador for joy. I don’t need to jump five feet in the air to show how enthusiastic I am to welcome a visitor to our home. That’s not what joy from the ground up is all about. It’s about the simple little things, like the moments I shared with mom today. And a couple extra treats every now and then don’t hurt either.


11 Responses to “A Little Touch”

  1. huntmode Says:

    Wyles! You capture the feeling perfectly – is is not only love, but trust. When Elby, who is only just learning to be a cuddler, plonks down by my arm as I am trying to write, stretches out his hands and captures my wrist, being careful not to scratch, and then just leans back and rests his head on my forearm – yes, he has been successful in diverting me from writing, and he has disarmed me with his trust and love.

  2. Wiley ~ what a lovely post! Our feline Tiffy does the same thing and it melts my heart as well. I think it’s just in that special moment of enjoying the Presents of Presence and Connection that makes our lives so much richer. I’m so happy you’ve found your forever Mom and Dad.

  3. Sweet post, Wiles. I love the quote! That’s a good one. Mom is trying to teach me to sit up on my hind legs (which I keep trying to tell her, my body is NOT meant to EVER do). Each time she shows me, I hold on to her hand for balance. She laughs at my crossed paws on her hand every time. I guess she’ll be laughing for YEARS because I can’t do it by myself.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh my. Dear Cupcake, I fear I know what you mean about this “standing” trick. We are not meant to sit up like that. And yet our people seem to find such joy in trying…so we digress. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  4. I love that quote, since we got our Border Terrier a year ago I’ve had so many of those little things to appreciate.

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    I’m generally a “how high” kind of thinker.

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