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Just One Thing November 22, 2013

Two years and three months. That’s how many people years I lived before I met my forever family. I had my time (albeit brief) with my birth mom and brothers. Then there was Tiger – the single doggie dad – and his puppies, who I lived with on the streets for a while. Next came Jo and the man with the leather belt. And finally the first family who adopted me but never loved me as one of their own.

Happiness Is...Looking back on all the homes I’ve had sometimes makes me wonder what life had been like if I had been one of those fancy breeder puppies that cost all kinds of money. Even my forever people first considered purebred West Highland or Norfolk terriers before deciding to adopt a rescue dog. So what would have happened if they had found me in puppyhood? How would life have been different? Would I be different?

I may not be able to travel through time and space to make such a thing a reality, but I can imagine it. And I’m not going to lie – it looks pretty swell. I picture dad picking me out from the litter and tying a big red ribbon around my neck. At eight weeks old, I could have been mom’s birthday present for her 23rd birthday.

I would never have known the pain of losing my birth mom and brothers the way I did. I would never have seen so many things I wish I could un-see while I lived with Jo and the man with the leather belt. I wouldn’t know the rejection that accompanies being returned to the humane society. Sometimes you don’t even know you were lost until you are found.

But that time was not devoid of family. Quite the opposite in fact. I wouldn’t trade the time I had with my birth mom and brothers. She was home to me. I wouldn’t know the sincere compassion I learned from the time I spent helping Tiger support his family. I wouldn’t have the overwhelming desire to protect those I love without time with my beloved Jo.

Three years and two months. That’s how long I’ve lived with my forever family. Though there are a fair share of ups and downs here just as there is anywhere, joy has overwhelmed my time here. But I realized something today. If I could change just one thing I wouldn’t. Each of those pieces comes together into who I am. Past, present and future.


20 Responses to “Just One Thing”

  1. Laura Says:

    Wiley, you get it, don’t you? Thank you ~

  2. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, we are on the same page. That is exactly how I feel. Best ~ HuntMode

  3. So true, Wiles. Even a broken road takes us where we need to be. Mom wonders what I’d be like if I hadn’t lived 3 years on the street, in a kill-shelter, and in foster care. I guess I’d be different in a lot of ways, but that broken road brought me here, so we’re both OK with it all. And grateful that it was what it was.

    Love and licks,

  4. utesmile Says:

    Wiles you are right and because you went through a lot in your short life you do have your beautiful heart in you and the great wisdom you share. Life also for us humans is not a bed of roses, and we learn through hard times, through disappointments, through heartaches, how much we appreciate life, and what is really important now. (Well most of us).
    Have a wonderful weekend Wiley!
    Love and high paw!

  5. Me too. Wiley, I wouldn’t change not only one thing. Maybe the weather :o) Thanks for a wonderful post!

  6. likeitiz Says:

    Ahh yes, Wiley. Wisely put. We are indeed the product of all we have met.

    • The characters of our life truly play a part in who we become. I feel this way about my beloved blogoshere too. Thanks for being part of that very special cast. 🙂
      Lots of love,

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    What if I’d never been found?

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