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You Tell Me November 24, 2013

Some people call me needy. I prefer loving. Compassionate. Loyal. There’s only one problem: I care what people think. There, I said it. And “needy” doesn’t exactly sound like a positive thing.

Yet I will be the first to admit I am a self-proclaimed doggie Olympic gold medalist at attention-seeking behavior. I cuddle into the tiniest crevice next to (all right, sometimes on top of) whomever will have me. I prefer to be a co-pilot on car rides rather than slum it in the back seat. Above all, I won’t rest until I’ve made someone smile. Counting Blessings

Sure, this external locus of control on self-esteem has its downsides. (Complete and utter failure come to mind). But the joy I feel in the moments I’m sharing joy with others more than makes up for that.

I thought of this today as I watched as my forever people bustled around the house. Today dad finally finished his long list of daddy nesting projects around the house. In his eyes, the house is officially ready for our new little person. Meanwhile, something called a car seat travel system got assembled, a diaper bag was put together, and baby clothes were washed and neatly folded away. I felt blessed to be a bystander in these moments. I watched it all unfold from the comfort of my doggie bed in the kitchen. And, in doing so, I became the richest doggie alive.

For 339 days, I have shared my thoughts with the world. My 365-day mission to share my unique perspective on joy (from the ground up) has almost come full circle. And today I realized perhaps one of the most important things I’ve come to know from my experience is myself. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve learned a lot about the way I think, the way I perceive the world around me, and the ways in which my “needy” title is actually a good thing.

“If you want to feel rich, count the gifts you have that money can’t buy.” I don’t actually know who said these words, but I do know how they make me feel. I’ve stumbled upon great fortune during this journey of self discovery. Some people call me needy. I prefer to see myself as an ambassador of great fortune to all who will take it. Joy. From the ground up, that is my gift to give. You tell me whether it’s worth taking.


16 Responses to “You Tell Me”

  1. ScottieMom Says:

    Wiley, you sound like our friend Lucky the Shih Tzu. He is quick to steal hearts and is almost always the center of attention. His affectionate personality is what makes him Lucky the Shih Tzu and what makes you Wiley Schmidt! No shame to it. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

    • It sound like Lucky and I could be good pals! Except when it comes down to who wins the battle over who gets the attention. 😉 Thank you for your kind words.
      Lots of love,

  2. utesmile Says:

    We are to some extent all needy, we all want to be loved and cuddled, I am needy too and there is nothing wrong with that. You say it right though YOU have a wonderful gift you give everyday to us, to your parents , to everyone, and that is joy and love. That is worth more than a million dollars as it can be felt with our hearts. Sending you much love back! … and a scratch behind your ears followed by a cuddle! That’ll make my day! 🙂

  3. huntmode Says:

    I’ll take it, Wyles and keep on taking every second of every day you turn towards me. And Ella and Elby. We’ll take all things Wyles. Love HuntMode, Ella & Elby, That Cat!

  4. “If you want to feel rich, count the gifts you have that money can’t buy.” Wiley, that’s the best quote for life. Today I feel rich, because I had the pleasure to read your blog :o)

  5. I love your perspective!

  6. likeitiz Says:

    Yes, the saying is true. the best things in life are free, not anything money can buy. And that goes for Mastercard too!

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