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The Color Blue December 2, 2013

There is usually crying. And some yelling. And some choice words. It’s not a pleasant thing to witness, and yet I am at the mercy of those engaged it the middle of it all. I have no choice but to stand by and observe. Arguments.

They doesn’t happen often in the Schmidt home, but when they do they definitely fall into a category of conversations I would prefer to never have heard. Yet I remain by both mom and dad (a tricky place to be in such situations), steadfast and true. I love them both with equal halves of my heart and never take sides.Listen Here

Except for once. I remember because it was a dreary early winter day like today a few years ago. The grey mood of the sky was directly reflective of the emotional context of my forever family. Mom had been blue for a while. And not blue like the color. She was sad. I think I knew it before dad because us canines have a way of sensing these things. She was tired a lot. She wasn’t as responsive to my attempts to engage in chase or pickle in the middle. It seems that place called work was among the things that had worn her down into a shell-like version of herself.

So I sided with dad the day he confronted her about it. I hated seeing her that way, and she needed to hear everything he had to say. It wasn’t comfortable for any of us, yet I know that was a day we will not soon forget. It will stick with us for all of the right reasons and none of the wrong. And it wasn’t fun.

Crying, yelling and choice words were among the key players. I remember wishing I could be somewhere (anywhere) else but in that room. But then I remember the color blue mom was then and see how happy she is now and I realize how important those conversations can be.

“The character of a man is known from his conversations,” suggested Ancient Greek dramatist Menander. In that case, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that sometimes the toughest conversations are the most important ones to have. They show love, not hate. They show concern, not contempt. And ultimately they lead to joy, even if it doesn’t seem that way in the moment.


16 Responses to “The Color Blue”

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  2. kiwiskan Says:

    even the best relationships have those moments

  3. huntmode Says:

    Ah, Wyles, the good news is, you had to reach back in memory to a couple of years ago. Some couples and canines would have more recent, if not daily reminders of things they would rather not hear. I had a cat who would come running into the room when my husband and I argued and she would stand off to the side and mrawr at us. We would stop, reassure her all was well and would be well, and then continue arguing. But, see, clever feline, she interrupted the flow….

    • When it comes to these sorts of things, I will take any good news I can get my paws on. I appreciate all forms of the silver lining you shared with me, as they are all so very true. We are blessed. I love the story of the cat’s reaction to arguments – she was quite clever indeed. Must have gotten that from her mom. 😉

  4. Sometimes only those we love the most can tell us what we need to hear especially when we don’t want to hear it!

  5. I really enjoy your posts. You captured your canine’s voice.

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