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Seeing Through the Fog December 4, 2013

I can’t see a thing. This has been among my first thoughts of the day for three days in a row now. The days have begun like any other, except for when mom lets me outside in the morning. It’s been so unbelievably foggy, I feel completely blind. It’s a good thing I know my way around my backyard paradise so well.Seeing Through the Fog

Being encompassed by a dense fog like this reminds me of what it feels like to be overwhelmed. The fog can seem to close in from every direction. And you can’t see. You’re blinded by the realm of possibility. It doesn’t happen to me often as I’m fortunate enough to have a pretty simple life. From (albeit dreaded) regular visits to the veterinarian to the food in my bowl every day, my parents take really good care of me. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed.

Thank goodness for that because I don’t think I’m much of a fighter. I’ve always thought of myself as more a peacekeeper than anything else. But when I think of the fighters I’ve known in my life, one face comes to mind every time. Tiger. Now he was a fighter. I remember watching in disgust as he violently fought with other dogs for anything from a bone to a loaf of bread. He was always one step ahead of me when it came to finding the best food scraps in the neighborhood and I hated him for it.

That was, until I found out what he was really fighting for. He was providing for a small litter of puppies after the family lost their birth mom. Just like I had lost mine, only my deadbeat dad had left long before I was born. Tiger wasn’t like that. He stood by his family and fought for them in every sense of the word.

He was away hunting for food one day when the fog closed in on me. He’d left me to watch over the little ones before, so it didn’t seem like a big deal. But it was. That was the day one of the dogs Tiger had made an enemy decided to seek revenge. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed in my life. I was blinded by all the devastating ways I knew the story could end. But I couldn’t let that stop me. I needed to see through the fog. I needed to persevere.

So I used the only weapons I knew I had in my arsenal capable of defeating this strange dog with the crazy eyes. My brain and my heart. And (with a little help of a feline friend of mine), I won that particular battle. The puppies were safe. I was safe. Looking back I know it is because I decided to see through the fog to the heart of the matter. Maybe I’m more of a fighter than I thought I was.


25 Responses to “Seeing Through the Fog”

  1. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, you dear dog… your picture on this one had already wrung my heart and then to read your post…. so glad a feline helped – Elby is strutting around the room “Who’s the man? Who’s your daddy?!” I don’t know where he gets these lines from… maybe he’s watching TV when I’m out of the house?

    I understand the doubt you had (and maybe still do) re having the courage to defend those you love – whether you’d be equal to the task. It’s not to be confused with courage – you have heart, you have courage, especially for those you love – these are unquestionable. Anybody can be beaten by a more skilled fighter, Wyles. But remember one thing: it is a battle axiom: the battle is the hardest when attacking on an opponent’s home ground.

    I had no doubt you would rise and in the rising, meet the foe head on. The rest – that is in God’s hands. Our job is to stand and be counted. Best ~ HuntMode

  2. You are an amazing guy, Wiley. So strong and so loving – two wonderful traits. Max says you are his hero (mine, too) 🙂

  3. writetowag Says:

    You are a hero sweet a Wiles, the best way to express that is by saying, I love ya!!!! Your pic melted my heart!!!! Trev sends a HUGE high paw your way!!!!

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  5. utesmile Says:

    It is always good to have a bit of a fighter in you, you may never know when you need it! Same for us humans, there are lots of different fights we have to tackle. With love we can tackle them. Love you Wiles, you are great and a fantastic picture of you here too!

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  10. You have a great comparison about fog and being overwhelmed. Sometimes its hard to see past the situation. Glad you made it through the fight.

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  12. I think a great and brave heart is one of the best weapons ever. And you have it, Wiley. and you are really a hero.

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    Maybe I’m more of a fighter than I thought.

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