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Defeat Meets Victory December 9, 2013

I looked into the eyes of evil today. It wasn’t pretty. There I was, face to face, nose to nose, with my arch nemesis otherwise known as Demon Dog. I could feel his breath on my face as his terrifying bark tore through the air. Worst of all, I could see the look in his eyes. It chilled me to my core. (Or maybe that was the frigid -10 degree wind chill).

What do you think?I’m not sure how it happened actually. One minute I was on my lead (which generally separates us by at least 20 feet) and the next I was not. So I seized the opportunity and ran myself right back to that fence. I don’t know what took over me. It’s like I lost all sense of self control. I shamelessly ignored the voices in my heart that cautioned me to stay. Instead I got close. I looked danger in the eye and gave it a good talking to.

It lasted only about as long as it took dad to run barefoot through the snow to grab me and haul me back inside. Boy was I in trouble. Not just because dad and mom were upset with me for putting myself in danger like that, but because I have what I have determined to be a pretty serious problem. And I’m not sure what to do about it.

I realized it tonight as I saw the darkness in those eyes. I got up close and personal with evil and I didn’t like what I saw. Defeat. On both our parts. On his, from whatever made him into such a monster. Everyone has a story and I’ve wanted nothing more than to give him the benefit of the doubt. And on mine, because I realized I don’t think I can save him. Your resident doggie optimist is throwing in the proverbial optimistic towel on this one.

And I don’t like it. Not one bit. I don’t give up – it’s not in my nature. I see the good in all people, places and things. I find the silver lining. But sometimes there is maturity in recognizing there are some things we simply cannot control. Some problems can’t be fixed. I find peace in knowing this itself is the silver lining.

“Defeat is not the worst of failures,” suggested American literary critic and poet George Edward Woodbury. “Not to have tried is the true failure.” I tried. That’s what matters. In this case my defeat can be my victory.


33 Responses to “Defeat Meets Victory”

  1. Kuruk Says:

    Wiley, you stay safe now! You have to protect the baby! Wooooowooooooo!

  2. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, I salute you being a positive force for good in this world. (I want to slap you silly for endangering yourself) – I think you learned what you needed to know. Some aren’t even necessarily evil – they are built that way or they become that way. But once they’re on the dark side, you stand clear. Think nice thoughts for the demon dog and stay away from his fence… Love you, Wyles. Love your Dad more today!

    • I do what I can, dear Huntmode, to be sure to leave the world a better place than when I entered it. But you’re right – sometimes this means recognizing that not all things can be fixed….at least by me. It’s tough to come to that point, but I don’t much like the idea of being slapped silly for endangering myself either. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  3. kiwiskan Says:

    I feel sad for that bad dog. It’s usually because of bad owners. Our little Bert found a friend today, and they had a lovely time…

  4. utesmile Says:

    Wiley that sounded scary and I am glad your family is protecting you. Please do listen to your heart don’t ignore them.
    So glad you are safe!

  5. That demon is not a happy camper, but you are not a quitter giving up on him. It’s time. From The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you are learning the difference between your Circle of Concern and your Circle of Influence. He may stay in your Circle of Concern, but if he’s out of your Circle of Influence, there should be no more time or effort wasted on him. Leave this to your parents, W. Stay safe.

    Love and licks,

    • I like this idea of being highly affective, dear Cupcake. Thank you for reminding me of these ideas. I fear you’re right about the difference between my circles of influence and concern not quite overlapping when it comes to this Demon Dog character.
      Lots of love to you and mom,

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  7. I feel sorry for Demon Doggy, wish you could find a solution for this problem together with the neighbor. I don’t know what people did with and to this dog, maybe the neighbor and the dog need help. II’m so glad nothing happened to you or to your dad.

    • My people feel the same way as you dear brother. They found out earlier this year that Demon Doggy is not the neighbor’s dog. It’s her son’s dog, and he is in prison so she doesn’t know how long he will be staying with her. She is widowed and struggles to so much as get him back into the house, let alone control him in any way. Quite the predicament, really.
      Lots of love,

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  9. Lyn Says:

    Wiley, you listen to your Mom and Dad! Demon Dog is way to dangerous. He and his family have chosen the wrong path.
    I say “and his family,” because he hasn’t been disciplined as a pup and taught the right way (same as you have to teach children the right way), are just as bad. I don’t want your Mom posting that you’ve been seriously injured by Demon Dog, or God forbid, even worse! Maybe your Dad needs to build a nice six-foot high brick fence on your side of the boundary fence. That way Demon Dog can’t see you and you can’t be tempted. Love you Wiles, stay safe, and be sensible xx

    • Sensible? Me? Dear Lyn, don’t you know me at all? I might be wise, but I’m far from sensible. 😉 Oh, I jest. You’re right though, about how the doggie wasn’t raised right and I have to recognize there is nothing I can do to change that. It’s just not easy for me to give up on someone…that’s my struggle. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  10. I feel the same as Kiwi. It usually always stems from bad owners but unfortunately it will probably lead to even more sadness for the dog. I’m pleased your safe though Wiley. Where would we be without all your wonderful Wiley stories?

    • I fear you’re right, as my people did find out earlier this year the dog has been basically abandoned at the neighbor’s house by his original owner. He is in prison, so the dog is staying with his owner’s mom, and she doesn’t have any control. It’s unpleasant and my people have been tossing around the idea for months now of reporting the situation…no one is sure exactly what would come of that, but I’m starting to think they may actually go forward with that idea. Because you’re right – not only would my stories stop if something happened to me, but I’m pretty sure my mom would be an absolute wreck. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  11. I’m assuming that you parents will have thought of this, but have you spoken to the parents of this other dog? Is there some agreement that you could come to – like could they build a better fence? I know it isn’t much help, but having a fear aggressive dog myself I would hate to think what would happen to BD if someone reported him? I’m sorry I feel bad writing this as I know your folks are amazing and will probably have tried everything 100 plus times but if it was BD…..?

    But then again your safety and that of your soon to be little one has to take priority? Sorry no help at all really was I?!

    • Dear friend,
      You’re assuming right – they have spoken to the neighbor lady. She seems to have resigned to making any sort of effort to improve anything about the situation. She keeps hoping her son will get out of jail and come get him…as she has been hoping now for well over a year. It’s kind of a sensitive issue with her, so that makes it even more challenging. I hate to think of what happens to him if he gets reported too…it’s just a tough situation to figure out! Thanks for taking time to think it through with me though. 🙂
      Lots of love,

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    I’ve seen into the eyes of evil and prospered.

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