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The Day I Met Myself January 9, 2014

Wiley C. Schmidt. That is the name engraved on the new tag I got from my forever mom and dad recently. It was my Christmas present, mom said, a replacement for the one they got me the day I went home with them from the Oshkosh Humane Society. That one had tarnished over time to the point where a stranger would no longer be able to read mom’s contact information. (Heaven forbid!)

Just call me WileyI was surprised at how bittersweet it was for me to see that old tag go (I think mom put it with a memory box or something with my name on it). It also said Wiley C. Schmidt, and to me it symbolized something. A fresh start. A second chance. A new life. It was all of these things and more. Because that day when I walked into my forever home I felt like I met myself for the first time.

I think this happens to all of us at one point or another in life. We continue along the path, sometimes veering off on our own, other times stopping entirely. Along that path we find out what challenges us, what brings us joy, and what we absolutely cannot handle. And, whether by our choice or the strong encouragement of others, we find out who we are somewhere along the line.

That’s what happened to me that first night in my forever home. I made up my mind this would be my new life, and while there were plenty negatives in my old one, there were lots of positives to incorporate into my new future. Take my name, for example.

That was part of my old life that brought me into my new life. My people opted not to change it when they adopted me, which I appreciate. Because on that day all those days ago I knew it. I was Wiley C. Schmidt. I knew who I was and I was not afraid of it. So while it will always have a very special place in my heart, I know now I don’t need that old tarnished tag to remind me of who I am. Because I have that on lockdown in my heart.


22 Responses to “The Day I Met Myself”

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  2. huntmode Says:

    Best end line, Wyles!

  3. […] The Day I Met Myself | Wiley’s Wisdom […]

  4. utesmile Says:

    You can be proud of who you are Wiles, proud to be your own person, well canine in the family, well respected and loved. Ejoy your life fully in the now and the love you get. Not eveyone is so fortunate! Love you Wiles!

  5. Geraldine Says:

    what a beautiful doggie you are Wiley! 😉

  6. Wiley, I’m always touched when I read the last sentences of your posts. You have it on lockdown in your heart, how wonderful. Bravo, Brother!

  7. Can I ask what the c stands for??

  8. I love the photo that accompanies this post Wiley! You look so adorably happy! Remember that moment my friend. xo

  9. A new tag is like a new outfit! And you look fabulous in it!

    Love and licks,

  10. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Along that path, we find out what challenges us, what brings us joy, and what we absolutely cannot handle.

  11. “Lovely wiley”, is been days, since I don’t write down for you some heartfelt words, but I did dedicated to you, many moments ,( I always do) of really cozy, and warm hugs from the loving heart/mind place that you have in my soul ( what ever the word “soul” means, right?… as you always say with that sincere, and funny awareness characteristic of yours, about your limitations, that teaches us so much about “Humility”…(what ever this Humility word could signifies too)….but I’m completely sure that, with your so very, nicely designed doggie abilities, you are totally capable of catching up, that something, very good has been said…I can see it in your face in the photo of that Christmas Day, so… Thank you so much for your wonderful, and appreciative “understanding”,….. and ….what ever…bla…bla…that…, right?).
    Well,….”.that is so true”, (what you just shared in your Blog today), I’ve heard that, “that” is actually the most important thing to discover for every human been, before we go to the other “Eternal Home”, with God. Something that seems so easy to you, like it is already imprinted in your awareness, with no layers to go through, to get to the core of that realization, and manifest it, you doggies,are just born with that “knowingness”,… “Jesus”,…”what a “paradox!!!”..(what ever…bla…bla,..that…bla..means, right?).and we human generally have a long path some times till we get to the answer to that question…… What I really think Wiley is,…that you are right, you seem to be always right… yes…because even though sometimes we tend to stand frustrated in front of some challenges, even though that we know that certain specifics things produce joy in us, and a special connection, and some things are totally out of our capacity to handle them, our right attitude would be look at them, instead of as limitations, as specific features that define, determine established abilities in each one of us, but you know what…I think that there is something even more profound that shouldn’t escape to us, besides the particularities of each human been, and that would be that every particularly featured human been, should have a profound consciousness of his “Human condition”, then those particularities would be placed in the right direction to use them, and would acquire their real meaning. I think , that with out this essential connection, any particularity or ability, will result in a waist of human been material. So… what we got here is,…. that the combination of the awareness of the different abilities, the profound consciousness of our” human condition”, and the awareness of the “prime mission” of this human condition in our Planet, would be for me the complete result of “who I am”. More a lot work to do, than you doggies, but don’t feel any alarm for such complicated looking thing, its just certain different mind features that differ some what, from those of doggie’s. We have the capacity to reflect, to look at our self, we have the free will to decide if we are going to go along with our precious mission as “Human Been”. That is certainly a difference in mind from that of doggies, who know that already, right?. But we both, human and doggies, are very aware that this doesn’t represent any threat, or anything like that ( God forbid, right?) on the contrary, this difference justify the why are we so very tide, and essentially connected. ” For ever together”, “Best Friend”. “Loves”.

  12. “Thank You” for liking the comment, “Lovely Wiley”…Lots of hugs, and hugs…., and scrapings…., and a lots of kisses in your forehead. ” Together!!!”.

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