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A Little Dream January 10, 2014

It finally happened. I’ve been thinking about it for months. But I didn’t want to push my luck and try it too soon. So I waited. Perhaps not as patiently as my forever mom and dad would have liked. But I waited. After almost ten months of waiting, that’s saying something.

Well today I got my chance. And let me tell you something. It was worth the wait. Today I got to cuddle with my new little person. It was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. He was warm. And I could hear his little heart beating. Peace. From the ground up, that’s what was contagious in the Schmidt house today.Peace.

So there we were, snuggling ourselves into the nap world, when things took a turn for the unexpected. For this I was not prepared. It was fleeting. If I hadn’t been peaking at Carter out of the corner of my eye at that exact moment I would have certainly missed it. But I didn’t.

The smile. I can’t explain the joy I felt in the moment I saw that peaceful little smile. I knew then that he was dreaming and selfishly hoped that just maybe he was dreaming about me. Because when I closed my eyes again, I dreamed of him. I saw us together playing catch in a new fenced-in backyard I didn’t recognize. He was laughing, and I was wagging and all was well with the world.

I dreamed this little dream as I napped with baby Carter this afternoon. And it made me realize maybe us canines are more capable of being patient than I thought. “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet,” as 18th century Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggested.

I waited almost ten months for the cuddling I enjoyed today. All that waiting fulfilled in a single sweet moment. It was worth the wait.


24 Responses to “A Little Dream”

  1. huntmode Says:

    One dream come to fruition, Wyles, 99,999,999 more to come. xxoo HuntModes

  2. Awww. What a beautiful dream-come-true. And there are many more to come – including that fenced in yard!

    Love and licks,

  3. Lyn Says:

    Oh Wiles, that was so beautiful. Seeing you cuddled up to Carter like that brought tears to my eyes. xxx

  4. fredrieka Says:

    awesome and beautiful

  5. Oh yes, it was totally worth the waiting. Wiley that picture is so beautiful, I’ve got some tears in my eyes as I saw it. It’s wonderful :o)

  6. Awww…love the photo and the post…you are blessed Wiles. ♥

  7. How could anyone cuddle with you and not smile?

  8. Sandy Says:

    That is lovely Wiley. And maybe Carter smiled because of you as he felt good, warm and secure? I love your picture – you are a great big brother. Your patience really paid off!

    • Oh goodness, Sandy, you make a doggie blush. I can only hope he smiled because I was his cozy buddy keeping him warm and secure….maybe someday when he can talk he’ll tell me so. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  9. Kuruk Says:

    You’re taking pawesome care of your little one Wiley! xoxoxo, Ku

  10. utesmile Says:

    So worth the wait as you say. the picture is so lovely, showing the 2 beauties of the Schmidt houshold (sorry mum and dad 🙂 ) Handsome Carter looks so relaxed and peaceful and it is great you 2 dream about each other 🙂 You are blessed with the best family!

    • Dear friend,
      Did you ever notice that I prefer to use the word “blessed” instead of the word “lucky.” I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in the wonderment of life’s little miracles. I am blessed with peaceful moments like these with the most fabulous family a pup could ask for.
      Lots of love,

  11. Nikitaland Says:

    So worth the wait! And so many more good times to come for you Wiley! That is such a sweet photograph!

  12. So very precious!! 🙂

  13. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    Peace. From the ground up, that’s what was contagious in the Schmidt house all those days ago when Carter was so small.

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