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Lighting the Way January 12, 2014

It’s official. I think my people are losing their minds. Maybe it’s because of the lack of sleep. I can’t be sure. All I know is there is a new nighttime Sleep, Don't Weeproutine in the Schmidt household and I’m not sure what to make of it.

It actually starts during the day, with all kinds of loud noises, open windows and bright lights. Then at 8:30 sharp, they shut off all the lights and put baby Carter in a dark room away from any televisions or other noises. They speak to each other (and me) in hushed tones and I get scolded even more than usual for barking at animals on the television (which admittedly is one of my more unusual quirks).

Apparently it’s to do with the baby’s days and nights being flip flopped. Daytime to us is nighttime to him, so to attempt to get him on track with what my people refer to as a “normal” schedule. Tonight was the second swing at this new way of things, and I’m not sure how it will go.

Because the baby will probably do his own thing anyway. So to me it feels a bit like flipping a coin. And I found that frustrating at first because there’s really nothing I can do to help. Except there is. I don’t think my people are losing their minds. But I do think they need me now more than ever to remind them to seek out joy. From the ground up, it’s always there even when we lose our way.


18 Responses to “Lighting the Way”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    It’s a difficult time. My first baby decided to be awake most of the night, and do her sleeping during the day. A really good feed last thing can help. Take care of each other…

  2. utesmile Says:

    It is early days, sleep is rare and the good thing is it won’t last forever. Carter will be growing and will get into a routine. When he is asleep that is the time for your parents to catch up with it too. Look at the beautiful little baby and rejoice that he is a healthy sweet thing. There are frustrating times, I remember when I was so exhausted too and I fell asleep with my baby actually feeding, I was on my bed, I was glad I didn’t roll on to him. As life is new for Carter and for the parents, hormones still high…. it will change again. Be a good dog, no barking, and show your joy! I know you do! Keep the spirits up!

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  4. Wiley is a wise dog indeed. I’d say if this was a wise post or not, but I don’t know, because I know a lot more about toddlers and preschoolers than babies. So we can chat a lot in a year or two!

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  6. huntmode Says:

    Listen and pass on the wisdom of Kiwiskan and utesmile, Wyles. You saw my feeling in yesterday’s post… 🙂 You are the reminder of past, present and future – the record keeper and most important of all, the reminder of the presence of joy even if it comes in snatches or one hour of blissful quiet out of 24. How’s your Mom physically recovering from giving birth, Wyles? I imagine she has blurred out by this point – progressing for the baby kicking her ribs for a month to 13 or so hours of labor to Carter’s budding career as a high soprano with the Met. And your Dad must be all things human and good – a big task. Keep your center, read “If” by Kipling and goof ’em into laughter as only you can Wyles. I hear earplugs work a treat.

  7. Lyn Says:

    That’s not really such a bad idea your folks are trying out, but there is always the chance that Carter will get so tired in the daytime, he won’t be able to sleep at night. Whichever way they decide to go, the main thing to remember is consistency. It’s like when Carter gets older and starts school. You’re going to be waiting at the front gate at the same time every day, waiting for him to come home 🙂
    I love that new photo of you and Carter together Wiles, you look so peaceful together xx

  8. Aww, you will always bring them joy. Especially in this stressful time.

  9. Dear Wiles, your loving parents need you so much right now. I am so proud of you to acknowledge this and I know you will try your best! You rock. As for making the house absolutely quiet etc, perhaps your parents would choose to have some noise otherwise darling Carter will not be able to sleep whenever and wherever they choose! It’s a learned skill to sleep and good to be able to sleep under any conditions, ie pup barking, tv blaring etc. So no noise isn’t really conducive either! Just sayin’ as the mom of 2 who went through the same thing. I’m sending heartfelt hugs b/c sleep is so important to being able to function! xoxo

  10. I would like this nighttime routine, Wiley. It’s a good chance to take a night-walk :o)

  11. Marcie Says:

    I remember when mine were that little, they told us to put the babies to sleep in the main living areas for naps during the day during those first few months (like in a pack-n-play). Then, make sure to go about your day as normal…run the vacuum, play music, watch a show, talk in normal voices, etc. Apparently, it helps them adjust to the noise and to the day time hours. Then, like you said, during the night have it more dark and quiet in the bedroom. It worked great for ours, and they still sleep wonderfully even if there is some noise going on during the night. Best of luck getting the routine all worked out for your family.

  12. That’s a great idea. Day becomes mega-day. And night mega-night. I hope it works for Carter. Meanwhile, try not to look at the TV when it’s “night” so you won’t have to bark at the TV dogs.

    Love and licks and shhhh,

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    We all need a little light when we lose our way.

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