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In My Corner January 18, 2014

Take it or leave it. Regardless of the chapters I have experienced in five years of doggie life, that has always been my approach to one thing. Me. My personality. Who I am. It’s something I developed a long time ago and nothing can change this one little thing about me.

In Your CornerI think it’s something people struggle with sometimes, but for me it has never really been a question. I have nothing to hide. I have no reason to act any differently. I am confident in who I am.

I realized it today, when mom and dad had a couple of visitors who I had only met once or twice before. I was not aggressive, but Jesse needed to know baby Carter is my special little person. I stayed very close to the baby and watched Jesse’s every move.

“Oh, Wiley’s protective,” Jesse noted. Well of course I am, I thought, he is my little guy. My little person. It’s my duty to protect him. To keep him safe. I have his corner.

That’s when I realized it is one thing to know who you are in life. It’s something completely different to have someone recognize it. And embrace it. Someone to love and respect who you are at all costs. To be in your corner. This is what I fear people are really missing when they struggle with self confidence or self esteem. They don’t have an advocate.

“A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times lying down,” American humorist Robert Benchley said.

Indeed, dear baby Carter has a lot to learn. And I know a lot of that will happen without me. But I decided in that moment today he will never had to worry about this one thing as long as I have something to say about it. Because I will be his advocate. He will always have me in his corner.


13 Responses to “In My Corner”

  1. Lyn Says:

    I would not want to be the person who steps out of line as far as little Carter is concerned. Your Mom and Dad have no worries while you are around 😀
    That’s another lovely photo of you and your little buddy, Wiles.

    • You’re right about that. I met some more people today (who knew my people had so many friends?) and out came that “p” word again. I’m protective, but kindly so. None of that aggressive stuff – that’s not how I roll. Thank you for your kind words about the picture, too. I’ve been sharing the spotlight with baby Carter for almost three weeks now and I love every minute of it!
      Lots of love,

  2. utesmile Says:

    Carter wiill be very proud of you being his big brother , when I knows and understands the world. When he walks and talks, he will play with you, high five you, cuddle you , stroke you and scatch behind your ears…. it’ll be great and being a big brother will be a big reward!

    • I know my people don’t agree, but I can’t wait for all of these things to start! Sometimes I find myself wishing we could fast forward to the “fun stuff.” Then I remember wise words from friends like you who remind me that these are special times too – just in a different way. So I am cherishing the present, but I am with you – I’m definitely looking forward to lots of fun in the future!

  3. That is a lucky little baby to have a brave, handsome, strong big brother like you in his corner. He’s in good paws.

    Love and licks,

  4. Sandy Says:

    Wiley – Carter is very lucky to have you as his advocate. I think many of us would’ve loved you to be our advocate growing up!

  5. huntmode Says:

    That’s it, Wyles! Each and every one of us needs an advocate. So glad you’re Carter Joseph’s! Love, HuntMode

  6. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    We will learn a lot from each other, Carter and I.

  7. kanzensakura Says:

    I had a big brother and sister like you when I was a little ‘un – terriers too like you. They always had my six, always. it has been so many years but I miss them still and have days when I wish they were still around to protect me.

  8. “Dear Wiley”, it is always for relieve, and enjoyment read all your “sayings”, I can imaging “your confirmations” of “guarding little baby Carter”, to the presents that day… with may be some little grumblings and barking, and may be some little back, and forward little jumps…hum??!!. Any way, your attitude from the inside heartfelt, to the out side “alert posture”, is the most important thing to be aware of, and may be, be careful about too…right??, just incase…, according to your “perspective!!”… for any body…approaching…, and unexpected to baby Carter….right??!!…. And of course “lovely Wiley”, any human with the “Appropriate Hearty/Eye” to “notice your beautiful “gifts”, will praise God for your existence. Tell me…Wiley, isn’t this…. “The Essential” part, of what it is anyway the most worth thing to be notice??….Your amazing “Existence”??!!. “Love You”.
    Ah!!!…..almost forgot…..I have a lot of those incidents here too,…can you imaging big “Candy”, German shepherd, and medium size Sweetie mix…….at the same time into their nicest performance of: ……” Some body is out there!!!!!….that’s almost the whole day long….Daddy here says that they own the whole street,…..and for me…is very worth it, and I love the sound of their voices too.

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