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Just Want to Have Fun January 24, 2014

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It doesn’t take much. A little bit goes a long way. And it’s kind of a big deal. Fun. From the ground up, it is a necessary piece of the emotionally stable puzzle. I know songstress Cyndi Lauper said its girls that just want to have fun, but I beg to differ. Though some need more than others, we all need a little silliness in life from time to time.

Baby Carter simply refused to nap today. All day long, the three-week-old stinker snacked and grunted and cried and mumbled and mom could not figure out what to do to help him take a much-needed snooze. After hours of this song and dance (literally – mom tried dancing and singing with him too), it finally happened. Mom talked back to him, tickled him, and sang to him and finally he fell asleep. He just needed a little playtime with his mom, I realized, and I guess we can’t fault him for that.Having Fun

But the whole process took its toll on mom’s emotions, which takes its toll on dad’s emotions. It’s a pretty vicious cycle. So it’s a good thing there is another kind of cycle that is just as powerful.

Finally Carter napped. While he napped, my people played a silly video game called Guitar Hero before I initiated a game of pickle in the middle – the longest since Carter was born. And I realized something about the fun my family was having.

It doesn’t take much. A little bit went a long way. And it is definitely necessary. Fun. From the ground up, even the littlest bit of silliness can be just want the doctor ordered. For Carter, it was mumbling back and forth with mom. For my people, it was some alone time together doing something they did for fun long before Carter was born. And for me, it was that favorite game of mine. Because it was more than that. That Cyndi Lauper lady got it wrong. It’s not just girls that want to have fun. It’s all of us.


14 Responses to “Just Want to Have Fun”

  1. huntmode Says:

    You got that exactly right, Wyles! High Paws Five!

  2. writetowag Says:

    Hi ya Wiles!!!! I have been ill and have a long way to go still but am trying to get caught up…When you wrote I can’t fault Carter for that…I totally cracked up!!!! So I’m sending love and hugs your way tonight….We all truly need a little fun and you are a blast!!!!

    • Do you know that song from Disney’s “The Lion King?” Can you feel the love tonight? I think it was talking about a different kind of love, but your thoughtfulness still made me think of that song because, dear one, I could feel the love in your words! Thank you for coming back and saying hi. I hope all is well with the whole family!

  3. Fun just follows you around, Wiley! Whether you’re “in the middle” of it, initiating it, or just watching it happen, fun surrounds you. And you’re such a smart boy to know how important it is.

    Love and licks,

  4. Yes, we all want to have fun! Please make a video Wiley, when your pawrents play guitar hero the next time :o)

  5. Geraldine Says:

    doggie browsing…I love it!

  6. utesmile Says:

    It is good to hear you are having fun and that your mum dances with Carter, I am sure he really loved that. I do like the song, and I agree with you that also boys need to have fun…. Everyone no matter what age needs sillyness and fun, totally agree! I am sure I would have so much fun in your family too. You are the best!

  7. Reblogged this on Wiley's Wisdom and commented:

    I never realized how valuable sleep could be to people until Carter was born.

  8. “Lovely Wiley”, you go it right,…oh!!…you noticed that too!!.. Wow!!!…about the emotional chain reactions, hopefully there is always somebody to stop it, even with a big “silly joke”,… that’s even better, I think. Cause immediately every body’s mood changes in a blink of an eye. I really love those silly moments, and it doesn’t diminishes at all the seriousness of any situation, it just adds a bunch of relaxation, and new healthier points of view, and generally nobody forgets the subject…. “from the ground up”!!!,….Hey!!, you know what too, “I love your new fraise”, for me learning English, it sounds really cool, and can help me add like mass??, volume, or sizes right??, it is …well… a metaphoric way to… add…hummm… to embrace the whole dimension of what is going on?… well, “Wiley wise”, thank you for that too. And yes always add a silly joke, I love to learn having fun too. “Lots of hugs”, and Hi!!!, from “Sweetie, and Candy”.

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