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When You’re Down January 26, 2014

Please don’t laugh. It was a big time adventure for mom and I today. She took me with her to an especially exciting destination on what was her first venture out of the house in almost a week. The grocery store! It doesn’t mean much for me, other than a brief car ride to and from, with a quick nap on the driver’s seat in between.On the Road Again

But it was more than that. I was mom’s copilot again. Amidst the last several weeks since baby Carter’s arrival, I’ve missed alone time with her. So that made what some might call a routine drive into something kind of special for me. And then it happened.

I looked around and noticed some serious changes since my last car ride around the holidays. It was all holly and jolly with twinkle lights and Christmas wreaths and joy. From the ground up, the holiday season was everywhere.

Not anymore. Today was a dreary day in Wisconsin. I don’t even think it hit the anticipated high of 26 degrees. And we face more frigid temperatures (with wind chills estimated in the -50 degree range) in the days to come. The sky was grey. And there are no twinkle lights left to bring any holly or jolly. To be honest, it is a pretty depressing sight to be seen.

So there are no more twinkle lights. We just need to make our own. I know it’s silly, but I found such joy in my car ride today. Because I’m not in the business of all things sad. As mom went inside the grocery store and I cuddled into a cozy ball, I fought to find a silver lining in these doldrums that surround us.

I know its tough not to let such things take a negative effect on emotions. But thinking about the negative inspires positivity for me. That is what joy from the ground up is all about. When you’re down, there is no where to go but up. Or on a car ride to nowhere. That always does the trick.


32 Responses to “When You’re Down”

  1. scrapydo Says:

    This is so good to know. When you’re down there is nowhere to go but up! My mum just needed that today! Paws up.

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  3. huntmode Says:

    Divers do it with their bubbles, I am told while. Bubbles go up… (-50 degrees…? This woman is not moving to Wisconsin – at least not in winter time. Oh my word!)

    • huntmode Says:

      Well, that should have read Wyles, not while. Oops. Bubbles, back to bubbles!

    • You’re right about those divers! They know what’s up. Literally! Ha, I make myself laugh. 🙂 (And yes, it’s absolutely frigid outside tonight. Though I am sad you will not be moving to Wisconsin any time soon, I think it’s for the best with those lungs of yours…I don’t know what we would do if something happened to our dear Huntie!)
      Lots of love,

  4. utesmile Says:

    Sometimes you have to bring your own sunshine, well I think you should have it always with you, and I know you do Wiles. Even a normal typical car ride does it for you, us humans can learn a lot from you and your joy! Anyone who is down, only needs to read your words, my fantastic Wiles. High Paw to you!

    • You’re right, dear friend. The sunshine, and all of its cuddly warmth, should be with you at all times regardless of what’s happening in that great big sky. High paw to you dear one!

  5. Lyn Says:

    You’ll always be able to cheer your Mom up Wiles. You are cheerfulness and love from the ground up xx

  6. The car has to be the best place on earth. What’s outside doesn’t even matter. It’s all about the love inside. I love when it’s just Mom and me, but if other people come, that’s OK, too. Mom got a new car last week, and she let me put muddy footprints on her back seat the very first day! That’s love.

    Love and licks,

    • Dear Cupcake – you yet again have a way of taking the words right out of my heart! You are exactly right about what’s outside not mattering because of what’s inside. So true! Your mom sounds like a real keeper letting you make your mark on that new territory of the car…give her a high *muddy* paw for me, would you?
      Lots of love,

  7. Sandy Says:

    We do’t have that kind of weather in California – but I’d think having dreary snow days can makes the thought about the coming of spring and summer all the more exciing (imagine playing with Carter on a warm sunny day!) It just gives you something to look forward to. Plus, if anyone saw you in a Packers shirt, I bet you made them smile!!

    • Dear Sandy – you know me well. I do indeed function better when I have something to look forward to…it’s like a light at the end of a tunnel. I’m a big fan of living the present that is the present, but sometimes we just need to see that light. And mine is so bright! I can’t wait to get outside with baby Carter….we will have such fun together! Hopefully he’ll be a little more aware of things by then too….he’s kind of a cute cuddly blob right now. 🙂
      Lots of love to you,

  8. fredrieka Says:

    It is cold here in Michigan and mom once again is getting cabin fever. The roads are impassible so no ride if it were not for dad OI Cissy and I would not go out side much because mom is not a winter person. I get super excited when she forces herself to go outside. You were lucky to go for a ride, I love rides our windows look like obscure glass for all the nose prints

    • I know what you mean about the nose prints on the windows…I am sure to leave my mark all over the car whenever I get a ride. That’s understandable that your dear mom isn’t much of a winter person. My mom isn’t either…it’s a good time to get away to someplace warm, she always says. She has yet to actually accomplish said escape though…..maybe next year. 😉 Lots of love and warmth to you and the family!

  9. I love that you can put a positive slant on anything. Thanks yet again for making me feel better!

  10. Ah, alone time – isn’t it lovely! Winter is wearing itself out and spring will be along soon…

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    Sometimes you’re down for no other reason than to force you to look up.

  12. “You love so…so much, in such a tenderly way your mommy, baby Wiley”,…well,… as you said somewhere else, that comes with the whole doggie mental packed, and filled “from the ground up” always with “positivity”…( remember that I’m learning English??,…did I use your “new fraise”, that I like so much, correctly??). Thank you for this one too. Love you “Doggie Wise”.

    • You did use the phrase correctly, and I love and appreciate your comments so much! I’m so sorry I don’t always have time to respond, but please know you bring sunshine to my day and warmth to my heart with your words! Thank you!

  13. “Thank you”, Thank you so much “Wiley doggie”, your “doggie-words” are very pleasant to me too, you are giving a lot already to “many”, and I understand “from the ground up” how busy your life should be:..as a son,…as a brother,…as a grandson,…as a cousin,….as a nephew,… and as a friend….believe me, I can imaging your pretty occupied journey every day, and I’m pretty sure too, how efficient you are at every thing you get into, cause doggies are like that, very focus mind ( “that comes in the doggie mental packed” right?? )….so, thank you again for your doggie-words, and keep it with your enthusiasm, positivism, and wisdom, all loaded with lots and lots of “FUN”, that you bring to so many friends “out here”, but very, very close to your “doggie-heart”. “Love you Doggie Wiley”, I’ll keep in touch.

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