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Accidents Happen February 5, 2014

Left behind. That’s how I felt when mom packed up baby Carter to go on a car ride without me today. The way she was bustling around the house, I knew adventure was on the horizon. And where there’s adventure, there’s Wiley if I have anything to say about it. But when mom left, I wasn’t on the car ride manifest.

Instead there I was, in my beloved spot in the window seat, left behind. I felt pretty bad about it too, at least until mom came back earlier than I anticipated. I could tell right away something was wrong. It wasn’t until I heard the story that I understood what happened.
It's All Right
Mom was in a car accident. She rear-ended a car on an off ramp of the freeway on her way to the mall (where she intended to window shop with Carter). We got snow last night and the ramp was not salted, she explained to whoever she was talking to on her cell phone, so there was nothing she could do to stop in time. I felt my heart jump into my throat as I listed to her recall the experience.

Something pretty awful could have happened to my forever mom and my little person today. And here I was feeling sorry for myself being left at home. I certainly learned my lesson, but there’s more to it than that. Again I observed mom disappointed. Upset. Crying. I really hate when she cries.

Suddenly I didn’t feel left behind anymore. I realized with a start that these things happen. Accidents. They have a way of happening at the most inconvenient of times and bringing people down in the process. But they do happen. It reminds me of something I’ve seen on a commercial for Suburu. The accident that happened today wasn’t nearly as intense (or scary) as the ones highlighted in the commercial, the lesson remains. They lived.

It was awful. It happened at an inopportune time. But they lived. That’s what matters.


17 Responses to “Accidents Happen”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Oh Wiley! That’s terrible, but I’m so glad your Mom and baby Carter are okay. I can imagine what a shock it must have for her. Watch her closely over the next few days, Wiles, she’ll probably find aches and pains in places she never knew she had. The third day is usually when it kicks in. My love to all of you xxxx

  2. huntmode Says:

    Wyles, Lynn in the #1 position said everything I would have. Give you Mom a kiss and hug. While you didn’t say, I assume your Mom came home with Carter? Lyn called it right with bruises and aches, as well as adrenline. Love to the Schmidts, The HuntModes

  3. utesmile Says:

    Wiles I am glad your mum and Carter are alright. I guess in this winter with snow it is too risky to go out by car. The car can be fixed. Give your mum and Carter a big cuddle , so glad they are ok. Big hugs for all of you!

  4. angloswiss Says:

    I certainly do not envy your weather conditions – we hear a lot on our european news. Glad your forever mum and baby Carter were OK, that is the most important thing.

  5. Basil Says:

    Glad everyone got home ok!

  6. fredrieka Says:

    I will sometimes cry when mom leaves. It feels better when she comes home

  7. Glad they are both back with you safe and sound! Probably better you didn’t go this time, means one less thing for your mum to worry about in that situation! Plus if it helps I know she will be as sad to leave you as you are that she’s leaving!!

    • I suppose you’re right – I wouldn’t have liked to have added any undue stress to mom’s already tough day. And you’re definitely on to something with that mutual sadness – I’m certain she is as sad to leave me as I am when she leaves. We’re connected like that. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  8. Wow. Scary. Glad everyone is ok. And they had you to come home to.

    • Thank heavens indeed. I’m glad I was here for them to return to as well. I’ve got lots of joy in my heart can conquer the emotional aftermath of such things. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  9. I am sad about your mom’s accident, but happy that she is home safe and sound with Carter. I guess that’s why you weren’t “on the manifest” Wiles. They needed you there to come home to….

    Love and licks,

    • You said it best, friend. I wasn’t on the manifest so I could be there for them to come home to. Someone had to bring a little joy back into the day, after all!
      Lots of love,

  10. Sandy Says:

    Oh my, that must’ve been scary. I’m glad that your mom and Carter are okay – if a bit shaken up. I think things like this make one grateful for everything we have and I’m glad Mom had you to come home to cry on your shoulder and hug. take care all, sandy

    • You are absolutely right, dear Sandy! I am so very thankful my forever people were okay! Especially since I wasn’t a first responder of joy to the scene. Hey – now there’s an idea for a blog post! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, and also for the card and generous Target money in the mail! My mom cried when she opened it! Silly her – she clearly didn’t realize it was meant for me. 😉
      Lots of love and thanks to you,

      • Sandy Says:

        Dogs are known to be a source of comfort (you are too young to remember, but I saw pictures of dogs helping comfort people after 9/11 and other tragedies). Glad you got the card + Target card. If I wasn’t so far away, I’d brought diapers or something else useful over plus dog cookies of course : ) I just figured there is something at Target that Carter and you can use!!

      • Oh my. I’ve heard of this thing called 9/11….mom and dad always say a special prayer that day. It sounds like what happened was pretty awful, so it brings me hope and peace to know my fellow canines were there – first responders in their own rite. How nice it would be if you were closer – mom has enjoyed having visitors since the weather has inhibited much in the way of journeys outside the house. 🙂 But the gift card will go far – mom is quite the bargain hunter. Thanks again.
        Lots of love,

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