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Riding in the Backseat March 14, 2014

This whole time I thought I had them both trained. Hoodwinked, if you will. In most respects, it is me they have trained, but not this one. This one was mine. This one I had in the bag. At least until today.

For almost four years, I have had my choice of seating on car rides. Front seat. Passenger seat. Back seat. They were all mine for the taking, regardless of what person of mine may be also occupying that spot. And it has been a variety of folks – from my great-grandparents to my new little person, it has been a variety of folks to share my place with. I just shove my cute little behind into the spot and give the person “the look” and they can’t say no.

That all changed today. Today I got in the car to discover some sort of seat contraption that appeared to be crafted in a way to limit my seating choices. The way it was installed communicated that I was to stay in the backseat regardless of my previous communication of appreciation for the front seat. I very much liked my spot with mom and/or dad in the commander seating that is the front seat and felt like I had been somehow disbarred.

That is until I remembered it isn’t just mom and dad anymore. Now it’s mom and dad and baby Carter. My little person. And he is safely secured in what I can only describe as an incredibly sturdy space shuttle of a car seat in the back seat I formerly despised.

I will be honest – I still prefer the front seat with my forever mom and dad. But at least the silver lining of this newly enforced regulation seems to be two fold. First, that dad insists its safer for me than if I were in front in the case there would be a crash. And second, that I get to be with my little person.

He’s not very aware yet, but he’s getting there. He’s started smiling responsively to my people, which makes them happy, which makes me happy. And I hope someday soon he responds to me like baby Alexis who smiles and giggles with glee in my presence.

Until then, I’m still happy to be sharing the backseat with him because I know there is more to it than that. From the backseat I can be his buddy. From the backseat I can be his friend. Really that is what matters in the long run. Amidst all that I can’t even remember why I cared about the front seat so much anyway.

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14 Responses to “Riding in the Backseat”

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  2. utesmile Says:

    I think it is great to share the backseat with smiley Carter, what a sweet picture. It is foremost much safer there and you two have each other as you say as buddies. You two make a great team and I am sure soon he will be smiling and giggling at you too! Big cuddles for you both!

  3. Aww Wiles, big hugs to you. xo

  4. Sandy Says:

    I had to laugh at your “Being Bad” picture. Boy, you sure know how to use your eyes. I think you will help keep Carter company in the back which will be good for both of you, especially as I know you will be looking out for him. Plus I understand that babies (toddlers?) sometimes get snacks like Cheerios while in the car and I think Carter might share with his best buddy.

    • I am so happy to hear I made you laugh with my eye skills. They do indeed do a number on my peoples’ heart strings on a pretty regular basis. 🙂 I also am overjoyed to hear again of these snacks I have to look forward to. I can hardly wait for those times! 🙂
      Lots of love,

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