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Fifty Shades of Grey March 25, 2014

Please excuse my French. The whole cliché about us canines being colorblind? It’s bullshit. It’s simply not true. It is true that we are limited in terms of the color spectrum. We only see a fraction of the colors humans see. But we do see color. We see differences in color. And today I saw the value of life in a world that isn’t black and white.Sunshine

It occurred to me as I sat patiently by mom’s feet as she rocked baby Carter to sleep. It was dark in the room, but I wouldn’t call it black. I would call it grey. Grey, like one of those in between colors open for interpretation. Grey, like a color that means something instead of nothing. Grey. From the ground up, it looks pretty nice to me.

Yet it seems to be one of those colors that is frequently misunderstood. It’s one of those dreary colors that brings people down instead of lifting them up. It’s a symbol of uncertainty. Of confusion. Of feeling lost.

Fortunately it’s also one of the colors I see. Because (like most things) that whole cliché about canines being colorblind is only as true as we let it be. It was another grey and frigid winter day in Wisconsin today. And it hit some people pretty hard. Because I speak for a lot of the two-legged philosophers in my life when I say they have had had enough grey. They just want it to be colorful again.

Not only can we canines see more color than we are given credit for, but we interpret color in everything around us. And, at least according to me, the colors of life are open for interpretation by anyone on any given day. A few days ago it rained. But today I found it. My rainbow. Today, as I sat in my own version of grey, I was reminded life is not black and white. It’s not about waiting for something good or bad to happen. Instead we should make it happen. Instead we should make our own rainbow. Even if it is a little grey every now and then.


14 Responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. huntmode Says:

    Yes, in deed and indeed, Wyles! You had me at the third sentence. You may be born a certain color or colors or shades, but from there on out and up, you choose your own color(s). xxoo HuntMode

  2. utesmile Says:

    Even if you couldn’t see colours, you could still feel them, a mellow yellow, a soft green, a firery red.
    Sounds probably crazy but it is like you can feel music. Sometimes you associate a situation with a colour or some sounds.
    Giving you a soft warm green hug! Crazy hey?

  3. You are a walking, talking rainbow, Wiley! From the ground up! Your happiness jumps off the page, even in the grayest of seasons. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  4. fredrieka Says:

    I can tell you are red in the face 😉 Woof

  5. I’m sure we can smell colors with our nose and we can feel all colors of the rainbow with our senses…

  6. pawedblog Says:

    Well, I am pleased you said that Wiley because I didn’t believe that you pups can’t see colour either. I definitely don’t believe that you can only see in hues of yellow and blue too (have you heard that one?). But either way, one ‘man’s’ grey is another ‘man’s’ silver!
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

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